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Narcissism is a term that is bantered around quite a bit. What is the true definition of a Narcissist ? How do you watch for the traits?

Joining me today is Del Adey-Jones, a relationship coach, who shares her riveting story of growing up with two narcissistic parents, and how that led her to replicated the same in her own adult life in relationships.

We cover:

The true definition of a Narcissist 

Traits to watch for

Agreements vs Expectations

Healthy Boundaries

And so much more!

Learn more about Del here!

This topic started on the Pilot Wife Podcast after being highly requested. The question - are pilots all narcissists - came up a number of times. Pilots can easily be lumped into that category based on certain aspects of their job, compartmentalism and other traits required of a successful pilot. We cover this inside, too. While you may not be in a relationship with a pilot, aspects of the job relate to other professions, too.

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