Peak Performance Habits - Jackie Ulmer
Getting Past a Slump in Your Direct Sales Business Most of is feel like there are times in your business when we just get out of synch, and can’t seem to get back in the groove. Right before the holidays and during the holidays. And, then there is the ole picking things back up AFTER [...]
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The Differences Between Internet Marketing and Network Marketing   And, how the two blend together beautifully to build a fabulous “pinch me” business…when done right!   Recently, I had the chance to interview David Frey, who I have partnered with to combine what we believe is a perfect match of online Network Markting, and have [...]
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20 Hours to Develop Your Business Skills   What would you like to master in your life? In your business?   There’s so much to do, and so little time. Have you ever had this thought? What things are out there that you want to learn, experience and even master?   Two things hold most [...]
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Productivity Time Suckers   In today’s show, I have some great tips to take you even further in making your business and your life more productive.   Last week, we talked about Planning and Productivity, and what a difference this can make in your business and your success. IF you haven’t listened in, do so [...]
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Planning and Productivity to Launch 2014   Happy New Year and welcome back to another year that promises plenty of awesomeness for each and every one of us! So, how are you feeling about the year? Are you ready to make it YOUR YEAR? Have you said that before? I know, I can relate. I [...]
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