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Focus Word 2020 - How to Choose it and Use It for its highest effectiveness in achieving your goals. - Focus Word 2020 How to Choose it and Use It for its highest effectiveness in achieving your goals. Here are some ideas:


Choose intentionally. Don't just pick a word because you heard someone else using it; or because it's trendy. Reflect on your past year; what worked and didn't work; and your intentions and goals for the next year, 2020.


What is a word or phrase that will support you in those goals?


Once you've chosen your word, reflect on it first thing each morning and last thing at night and measure your plans and "to do" list for the day and then do a check in on whether your actions for the day were in alignment before you end the day.


Set your marketing plans and calendar up to use this word as much as possible.


I have my 5 Favorite F Words -








These are the 5 areas of my life that are my priorities and focus.


My word for 2020, as you'll see in the video, is accomplished. (And, you'll see how I selected it.)


I can weigh in on what I am doing in each of these 5 areas and see how I've set myself up to be and feel "accomplished" each day and in the best ways possible.


Other words I considered were -







Accomplished was 4th on my list.


Remember this - Discipline is the path to freedom.


I’ve launched a new site,


I invite you to watch my free 4 part video series, and complete the action guides that go with them, to see If any of this resonates with you.


You can access it quickly at

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Success leaves clues.

Show notes - 

My Routines and Systems -


First, I do a  thought download every day.


Set a timer for 5 minutes and just free flow write.


The power in writing it down in your handwriting vs an app or typing. The imprint in your mind and psyche is powerful.


Choose a small notebook that fits in your purse or briefcase.


Gets stuff out of your head, onto paper and releases it from you; and gives you the ability to look back; find patterns and identify what’s critical and what matters and needs your immediate attention.


From there, I create a prioritized “To Do” list and then I always know next steps.


2019 has been about change for me.


My products, programs and coaching, and cleaning up my 3 different websites.


My site will become more of a resume and resource page, which will guide people where they need to be. - still my favorite name and site, and my first one.


I have moved my blogging, coaching programs and future podcasts there.


And, the where I am coaching on confidence in business and relationships.



I have a number of business cards and funnels I use online and offline and so I really needed to get things cleaned up so I was not confusing my audience.


So,  my thought download is what allowed me to just free flow write out what needed to be done; so then I could prioritize it and get busy and get it done.


The challenge many of us have is getting bogged down and over analytical with our process of developing anything, in our business; fitness; most areas.


I’ve let go of the word balance and I focus on harmony in the areas of my business.


My thought download on a daily basis allows me to create more harmony.


I use my 5 Fs in the process.


Family and Friends





I weigh in on what needs to be done in each area of my life; and then I can create my marketing and social media content calendar based on these areas.


Makes everything so much more simplified!


I ask myself daily:


What do I want in each area of my life?


How do I want to be showing up in my faith?


How do I want to be showing up in my relationship with family and friends? With my husband? My coaching clients?


How can I make each day and all that I do fun?


Next is fitness, and fitness encompasses a lot of areas for me. Certainly Health, Wellness and Fitness; from a longevity perspective and operating at Peak Performance.


I’m fully committed to 10,000 Daily Steps as an average, as well as working out 5 times weekly with weights, sculpting and toning my body and muscles.


And, fitness in eating well, to fuel my body and not just stuff it with food.


My own version of Bulletproof Coffee, which I call Fat Blaster, Brain Booster coffee, and high quality, organic meals as much as possible.


Finance is my final area, and that is my business and all that goes into the money side of life.


In addition to the thought download, I also journal daily. This is where Gratitude; days events; goals and other things go.


Vision and clarity is such a very big part of what is needed for success.


And, Clarity is

So, my daily routines and systems from a business perspective involve 3 key areas -


Programs and Products - what do I sell? Are they created?


Marketing Efforts - how do I find and attract my tribe to me, to create sales?


Follow Up - this makes those ongoing sales.


And, consistency is key always!


Create, Market and Close Sales


What do you sell? Do you know? Are you clear and know how to communicate it?


Once you know what you sell, how are you marketing it? Online and offline?


Are you involved in Networking? BNI, the Chamber of Commerce and other areas?


Online - what are your strategies for marketing your business online and building relationships?


Create themes for your marketing plan so you know each day, week and month what you are creating content around?


You want your messaging to build a pattern of consistency in your messaging.


This leads very naturally into Authentic Selling, which I teach specifically in the Street Smart Wealth Academy.


Your messaging, when clearly laid out, is strategic and streamlined, and creates that slight edge mentality that will create top performer status for you.


So your marketing calendar will help you develop those routines and systems ahead of time so you are set up for success.


Do you have a plan? Is it clear? Are you consistent in executing it?


It’s not the smartest, fastest, sleekest, thinnest, etc., that wins in the end. It’s the most consistent.


Sunday’s are planning days for me. I sit down with my calendar and themes and develop my marketing plan and execute it for the upcoming week. It takes me a short amount of time when I have planned ahead with my themes.


Content ideas are then easy and again, that buzzword - consistent!


Start with your morning routine and thought download.


Prioritize those areas that need action right away. Watch for some things to take care of themselves naturally.


Ask this as you begin your thought download:


What do I need to know today?


What actions should I be taking?


And, how can you multipurpose your content creation to work for you?


This video started as a Facebook Live; then edited slightly and uploaded to Youtube; Blog post created and sent to my email list.


And, it’s also a podcast, which is how you may be listening to it!

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Fear and Failure

We all have thoughts around fear and failure that keep us stuck.

All fear is rooted in a past experience…

Other than the startling reflex, we are born largely fearless.

Failure is not in our vocabulary and we are confident we can become and achieve whatever we want -

Astronaut    Wonder Woman 

What happens to detail us from these positive beliefs?

Here is a definition of fear -

"Fear is an unpleasant emotion based on the belief that there is danger, pain or a threat that is imminent... "

Emotion won't kill you, even the most negative ones...

How will you overcome the WORST emotion you might feel?


Emotions aren’t real. The feeling feels real, but most fear is not actually happening in the present moment.


Close your eyes and imagine your life without fear. What action steps would you take? What would you do differently?


Real fears - fire, physical threat. True danger or threat and happening now.


What are your fears? Be honest, take an inventory and write them down. Get out a piece of paper and let’s journal and write out our fears.


What fears do you have in your business?


Rejection   Hearing No   Social Shame   Haters and Trolls  Failure


What is REALLY a rejection of you? What really has to do with you?


What fears do you have in your life? Relationships?


When you feel fear, ask yourself -


What is the emotion I am feeling?


Is it real? OR am I asking “what if….?”


What if it did happen? What’s the worst that could happen?

On a scale of 1-10, how does this emotion feel, with a 10 being the worst feeling.


Will this feeling, even as a 10, kill me? Can I survive it?


New Mantra



What if we make this slight shift in how we SEE and handle fear?

What if we took the time to evaluate what is really going on; what is true and not true, and, the story we make up about it?

We are going to re-educate our minds to shift from thinking that we must overcome FEAR, and realize that fear is a fact of life, and NOT a barrier to our success.

When you take a chance, and get bold, and take steps despite your fears, you begin to change the way you experience fear, and the hold that it has on you.

3 Levels of Fear

Level 1 - facts of life fears and action fears

Fact of life fears are things like aging, children leaving home, death and dying, natural disasters. They are things that happen, and are often inevitable and out of our control.

Level 2 - Action fears are those things we must take action on in order to experience - rejection, success, failure, disapproval, loss of self image.

We must DO something in order to actually experience this fear as a reality, and not just think it will happen.

Level 3 fear is one thing - I won’t be able to Handle it!

And, when you break it down, all fears come down to this ONE thing - I won’t be able to handle it!

I won’t be able to handle rejection!

I won’t be able to handle the death of a loved one!

I won’t be able to handle it if someone says something negative about me and my business.

Who knows why we stop trusting ourselves, but often we do.

Let’s just change that from here going forward.

New Mantra - Whatever happens to me, in any situation, I can handle it!

IF we wait for our fears to go away before we take action, we will never advance, because fear does not go away, necessarily.

5 Truths About Fears

Truth #1 - Some degree of Fear will never go away, even as I am growing and moving forward.

Truth #2 - The only way to get rid of the fear of something is to just go out and do it! Take action.

Truth #3 The only way to feel better about myself is to go out and do it!

Truth #4 - Not only will I experience fear whenever I do something outside of my comfort zone, so does everyone else! Discomfort is okay. In fact, it is necessary for success.

Truth #5 - Pushing through fear is less frightening than living with the underlying fear that comes from feeling helpless!

Shifting from Pain to Power

Fear is not the problem. How we feel and hold onto fear is.

Shift your self talk. What are you unable to do vs unwilling to do?

Change - I can’t to I won’t

Change - I should to I could

Change - it’s not my fault to I take responsibility

Change - life’s a struggle to life’s an adventure

Change - it’s terrible to it’s a learning experience

Rate each fear on a scale of 1 to 10 and work to move toward a 10 each day.

Each day, do something that you once viewed as scary, or risky. Take small baby steps and see how you feel!

Get my confidence series -

Let’s dig in more deeply to what is really holding you back and keeping you stuck.

It’s not lack of knowledge about your business; your relationships, etc.

It’s fear and other emotions.

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On today’s show, I’m going to share what I’ve learned over the last 14 years of coaching others to transformation and success with confidence, business and Social Media; and where I am today.

My hope is that you will find some tools  to assist you in your growth.

You’ll find the show notes at -

I’m Jackie Ulmer, a business and confidence transformation coach. Entrepreneurs and Leaders coach with me to help them shift their negative thoughts around body image, comparanoia, imposter syndrome and feelings of not being good enough. We reprogram their minds and beliefs, allowing them to thrive in life and business. Social Media has done a head trip on a lot of people when it comes to comparison and measuring up.

Here are the key points we’ll cover:

Confidence and the struggles so many have

Body Image Confidence and the disruption this plays in our lives

Social Media and the toll it has taken

Mindset and Beliefs

My business focus today

Grab your favorite beverage and let’s get busy!


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We Don’t get our Goals - We Get our HABITS!

There is one major reason for setting a goal - what you must DO to accomplish the goal, and who you will become along the way.


Jim Rohn’s quote!

What are your Dreams and visions?


What would you do if you knew it were absolutely possible? Knew you couldn’t fail?

Let’s explore a “goal setting, goal getting” paradigm shift!

Our current way of approaching goals gives us one of two scenarios:

Reach our intended result or FAIL.

Either feel GREAT or like feel like a FAILURE..

How motivating is that for setting big goals?

Questions to ask yourself for reaching your top goal:

Ask is it possible to achieve this goal?

Is it Probable that I will?

Who will I become in the journey to the goal?

What are the qualities, habits and characteristics of a 7 Figure Income earner?

I would need to be a Person of:





Overdeliver Value

Willing to learn

To be bad, and then good and then great

Have a Written Marketing Plan

Be unstoppable

Act in spite of fear

Apply CTFAR process to your goals:


Thoughts about it.


Actions, based on feelings

Results, based on actions.

Your results will always be determined by your actions.

Full show notes -

Follow me on Instagram @jackieulmer

Get my confidence building video series:


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