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Welcome to the Street Smart Wealth Experience, show # 336, Today, let’s talk about What does it really mean to Market your network marketing business? And, any business, for that matter.


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First, I’d love to share my experience from attending and speaking at the Lemongrass Spa conference this past weekend in Orlando.


Hot, man is it HOT!


Topic - Million Dollar Secrets to Social Selling


Proof - Kathy Yellets and Jennifer Dooza - podcasts and training. Made me refocus on this podcast. I have dropped the ball for no other reason than not making it a priority!


Company Culture, Products, Warmth


ABCs, Video Marketing, Challenge, B game vs A game


I’m doing 3 follow up zoom workshops for them on Social Media


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Let’s talk about What it really means to Market your network marketing business? (and any business)


What You’ll Learn:


What is Marketing

How to Meet People

How to Tell Them What You Do

How to Make an Offer




What is Marketing


Marketing is the lifeblood of your business.


80% of your time.


It’s not advertising. but that is a part of marketing. It’s sharing your business in a way to creates interest.


How to Meet People - you MUST be meeting people. And, if you are struggling with this, then working on your belief level is going to be a huge part of what you do. Meet as many people as you possibly can. Tell them what you do, in a way that creates interest. Make an offer to share more details with them.


Manage your mind! Seriously. Manage your thoughts around everything you experience. Check in regularly and ask - What am I thinking about my business? How am I feeling? And how is that showing up in my actions, which create my results.


Meet as many people as you possibly can. Network online and offline. Network as the business owner that you are, not your day job, if you have one. It can feel kind of fraudulent at first, especially if you haven’t had any fabulous results.


Sometimes this feels uncomfortable. However, the practice of meeting and sharing will move you forward to living the life you want.


Excuses will never get you where you want to go. For every excuse you have, there is someone  with the same obstacle who has pushed beyond it.


Meeting people will expand your network, and remember, they all know about 250 people. Even if the person you meet is not interested, when you MARKET in the right way, you can easily get referrals.


Build your on-line network more quickly by attending offline networking events and making friends on social media. Begin building that relationship online, too.


You are creating an audience and a tribe. When you do this, the right people DO show up!



How to Tell them what you do, in a way that creates interest.


Are you telling people what you do? Have you learned how to position yourself and your offer?


This is what takes you out of sales mode and gets them to lean in. What is the challenge they have and what is the solution you offer?


Set a goal to tell everyone you meet what you do, in a way that positions it effectively.


Get the guide.


Believe in your ability to get people results. Get yourself results first. People are looking for change. For transformation and they want to believe that the solution is out there for them.


So practice telling and sharing what you do and the type of transformation you assist them in creating.


Now, for my network marketers, you have two products to offer. Your actual products and services; and your opportunity.


You can share both, and you must do it in a way that doesn’t sound like snake oil. It has to flow naturally off your tongue and be positioned in a way that creates interest.


Remember, so many people are not happy in their life; in their careers.


When you are confident, that energy comes through.  And, you don’t need to sell. You just share like you would a new restaurant.


You aren’t TRYING to “get” anyone. No one else does this in business. So don’t pitch. Spend some time developing your belief in what you do and the language around sharing it smoothly and with confidence.


Let them keep asking you questions. Take the pressure off of yourself to sell everyone.


When you meet enough people and keep practicing sharing your intro-teaser, you’ll attract the right people. This grows your energy level which grows your success; and when you grow your success, you grow your energy level.


Remember - I help people…..XYZ


I teach people sales and business.


I teach people how to create new warm market with social media.


I teach people how to use their minds to master their success.



How to Make an offer to share more details with them.


It’s not what you say, for starters. It’s not how they find you; it’s not your social media posts; your IG TV details, or any of that.


It’s what you are thinking and how you are feeling when you make an offer.


An offer is your way of asking - May I help you solve the challenge you have?


You simply must ask.


And, you must position it in a way that is top notch; high quality.  That is not about GETTING someone; or being too self focused.


Approach your business and your offers from a place of service, of offering value; of being a win win solutions provider.


You are here to serve and help.


Now, take a look ate your products. How do they serve and help? How can you offer them in a way that showcases this?


Same with your opportunity.


Again, You are here to serve and help.


Imagine there are people out there who desperately need your help. You have the golden ticket, How will you share it to make a difference?


Work REALLY hard on the language you use to position your offers






What can I say, consistency is everything.  It doesn’t happen overnight but it will happen!


It’s not the best that succeeds, it’s the most consistent.



Remember this - 80% of your time should be spent marketing your business. Ideally, a mix of active marketing or prospecting - face to face, phone to phone, zoom to zoom and passive marketing - online, podcasts, emails, blog posts.


Meet people and meet more people. Offline and online.


Consistency is the biggest thing that separates the masters from the strugglers.


Mastering Practice. My focus word for 2019. Know what needs to be done and then do it.


That’s how you master the skills of business, and that’s what creates success.



If you are struggling with getting where you want to go, let’s have a conversation to see where you are; where you want to be, what’s working and what’s not working and talk about a plan to get you out of stuck, if that’s where you are spinning your wheels.


Get it booked today.

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