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Focus Word 2020 - How to Choose it and Use It for its highest effectiveness in achieving your goals. - Focus Word 2020 How to Choose it and Use It for its highest effectiveness in achieving your goals. Here are some ideas:


Choose intentionally. Don't just pick a word because you heard someone else using it; or because it's trendy. Reflect on your past year; what worked and didn't work; and your intentions and goals for the next year, 2020.


What is a word or phrase that will support you in those goals?


Once you've chosen your word, reflect on it first thing each morning and last thing at night and measure your plans and "to do" list for the day and then do a check in on whether your actions for the day were in alignment before you end the day.


Set your marketing plans and calendar up to use this word as much as possible.


I have my 5 Favorite F Words -








These are the 5 areas of my life that are my priorities and focus.


My word for 2020, as you'll see in the video, is accomplished. (And, you'll see how I selected it.)


I can weigh in on what I am doing in each of these 5 areas and see how I've set myself up to be and feel "accomplished" each day and in the best ways possible.


Other words I considered were -







Accomplished was 4th on my list.


Remember this - Discipline is the path to freedom.


I’ve launched a new site,


I invite you to watch my free 4 part video series, and complete the action guides that go with them, to see If any of this resonates with you.


You can access it quickly at

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Success leaves clues.

Show notes - 

My Routines and Systems -


First, I do a  thought download every day.


Set a timer for 5 minutes and just free flow write.


The power in writing it down in your handwriting vs an app or typing. The imprint in your mind and psyche is powerful.


Choose a small notebook that fits in your purse or briefcase.


Gets stuff out of your head, onto paper and releases it from you; and gives you the ability to look back; find patterns and identify what’s critical and what matters and needs your immediate attention.


From there, I create a prioritized “To Do” list and then I always know next steps.


2019 has been about change for me.


My products, programs and coaching, and cleaning up my 3 different websites.


My site will become more of a resume and resource page, which will guide people where they need to be. - still my favorite name and site, and my first one.


I have moved my blogging, coaching programs and future podcasts there.


And, the where I am coaching on confidence in business and relationships.



I have a number of business cards and funnels I use online and offline and so I really needed to get things cleaned up so I was not confusing my audience.


So,  my thought download is what allowed me to just free flow write out what needed to be done; so then I could prioritize it and get busy and get it done.


The challenge many of us have is getting bogged down and over analytical with our process of developing anything, in our business; fitness; most areas.


I’ve let go of the word balance and I focus on harmony in the areas of my business.


My thought download on a daily basis allows me to create more harmony.


I use my 5 Fs in the process.


Family and Friends





I weigh in on what needs to be done in each area of my life; and then I can create my marketing and social media content calendar based on these areas.


Makes everything so much more simplified!


I ask myself daily:


What do I want in each area of my life?


How do I want to be showing up in my faith?


How do I want to be showing up in my relationship with family and friends? With my husband? My coaching clients?


How can I make each day and all that I do fun?


Next is fitness, and fitness encompasses a lot of areas for me. Certainly Health, Wellness and Fitness; from a longevity perspective and operating at Peak Performance.


I’m fully committed to 10,000 Daily Steps as an average, as well as working out 5 times weekly with weights, sculpting and toning my body and muscles.


And, fitness in eating well, to fuel my body and not just stuff it with food.


My own version of Bulletproof Coffee, which I call Fat Blaster, Brain Booster coffee, and high quality, organic meals as much as possible.


Finance is my final area, and that is my business and all that goes into the money side of life.


In addition to the thought download, I also journal daily. This is where Gratitude; days events; goals and other things go.


Vision and clarity is such a very big part of what is needed for success.


And, Clarity is

So, my daily routines and systems from a business perspective involve 3 key areas -


Programs and Products - what do I sell? Are they created?


Marketing Efforts - how do I find and attract my tribe to me, to create sales?


Follow Up - this makes those ongoing sales.


And, consistency is key always!


Create, Market and Close Sales


What do you sell? Do you know? Are you clear and know how to communicate it?


Once you know what you sell, how are you marketing it? Online and offline?


Are you involved in Networking? BNI, the Chamber of Commerce and other areas?


Online - what are your strategies for marketing your business online and building relationships?


Create themes for your marketing plan so you know each day, week and month what you are creating content around?


You want your messaging to build a pattern of consistency in your messaging.


This leads very naturally into Authentic Selling, which I teach specifically in the Street Smart Wealth Academy.


Your messaging, when clearly laid out, is strategic and streamlined, and creates that slight edge mentality that will create top performer status for you.


So your marketing calendar will help you develop those routines and systems ahead of time so you are set up for success.


Do you have a plan? Is it clear? Are you consistent in executing it?


It’s not the smartest, fastest, sleekest, thinnest, etc., that wins in the end. It’s the most consistent.


Sunday’s are planning days for me. I sit down with my calendar and themes and develop my marketing plan and execute it for the upcoming week. It takes me a short amount of time when I have planned ahead with my themes.


Content ideas are then easy and again, that buzzword - consistent!


Start with your morning routine and thought download.


Prioritize those areas that need action right away. Watch for some things to take care of themselves naturally.


Ask this as you begin your thought download:


What do I need to know today?


What actions should I be taking?


And, how can you multipurpose your content creation to work for you?


This video started as a Facebook Live; then edited slightly and uploaded to Youtube; Blog post created and sent to my email list.


And, it’s also a podcast, which is how you may be listening to it!

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Fear and Failure

We all have thoughts around fear and failure that keep us stuck.

All fear is rooted in a past experience…

Other than the startling reflex, we are born largely fearless.

Failure is not in our vocabulary and we are confident we can become and achieve whatever we want -

Astronaut    Wonder Woman 

What happens to detail us from these positive beliefs?

Here is a definition of fear -

"Fear is an unpleasant emotion based on the belief that there is danger, pain or a threat that is imminent... "

Emotion won't kill you, even the most negative ones...

How will you overcome the WORST emotion you might feel?


Emotions aren’t real. The feeling feels real, but most fear is not actually happening in the present moment.


Close your eyes and imagine your life without fear. What action steps would you take? What would you do differently?


Real fears - fire, physical threat. True danger or threat and happening now.


What are your fears? Be honest, take an inventory and write them down. Get out a piece of paper and let’s journal and write out our fears.


What fears do you have in your business?


Rejection   Hearing No   Social Shame   Haters and Trolls  Failure


What is REALLY a rejection of you? What really has to do with you?


What fears do you have in your life? Relationships?


When you feel fear, ask yourself -


What is the emotion I am feeling?


Is it real? OR am I asking “what if….?”


What if it did happen? What’s the worst that could happen?

On a scale of 1-10, how does this emotion feel, with a 10 being the worst feeling.


Will this feeling, even as a 10, kill me? Can I survive it?


New Mantra



What if we make this slight shift in how we SEE and handle fear?

What if we took the time to evaluate what is really going on; what is true and not true, and, the story we make up about it?

We are going to re-educate our minds to shift from thinking that we must overcome FEAR, and realize that fear is a fact of life, and NOT a barrier to our success.

When you take a chance, and get bold, and take steps despite your fears, you begin to change the way you experience fear, and the hold that it has on you.

3 Levels of Fear

Level 1 - facts of life fears and action fears

Fact of life fears are things like aging, children leaving home, death and dying, natural disasters. They are things that happen, and are often inevitable and out of our control.

Level 2 - Action fears are those things we must take action on in order to experience - rejection, success, failure, disapproval, loss of self image.

We must DO something in order to actually experience this fear as a reality, and not just think it will happen.

Level 3 fear is one thing - I won’t be able to Handle it!

And, when you break it down, all fears come down to this ONE thing - I won’t be able to handle it!

I won’t be able to handle rejection!

I won’t be able to handle the death of a loved one!

I won’t be able to handle it if someone says something negative about me and my business.

Who knows why we stop trusting ourselves, but often we do.

Let’s just change that from here going forward.

New Mantra - Whatever happens to me, in any situation, I can handle it!

IF we wait for our fears to go away before we take action, we will never advance, because fear does not go away, necessarily.

5 Truths About Fears

Truth #1 - Some degree of Fear will never go away, even as I am growing and moving forward.

Truth #2 - The only way to get rid of the fear of something is to just go out and do it! Take action.

Truth #3 The only way to feel better about myself is to go out and do it!

Truth #4 - Not only will I experience fear whenever I do something outside of my comfort zone, so does everyone else! Discomfort is okay. In fact, it is necessary for success.

Truth #5 - Pushing through fear is less frightening than living with the underlying fear that comes from feeling helpless!

Shifting from Pain to Power

Fear is not the problem. How we feel and hold onto fear is.

Shift your self talk. What are you unable to do vs unwilling to do?

Change - I can’t to I won’t

Change - I should to I could

Change - it’s not my fault to I take responsibility

Change - life’s a struggle to life’s an adventure

Change - it’s terrible to it’s a learning experience

Rate each fear on a scale of 1 to 10 and work to move toward a 10 each day.

Each day, do something that you once viewed as scary, or risky. Take small baby steps and see how you feel!

Get my confidence series -

Let’s dig in more deeply to what is really holding you back and keeping you stuck.

It’s not lack of knowledge about your business; your relationships, etc.

It’s fear and other emotions.

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On today’s show, I’m going to share what I’ve learned over the last 14 years of coaching others to transformation and success with confidence, business and Social Media; and where I am today.

My hope is that you will find some tools  to assist you in your growth.

You’ll find the show notes at -

I’m Jackie Ulmer, a business and confidence transformation coach. Entrepreneurs and Leaders coach with me to help them shift their negative thoughts around body image, comparanoia, imposter syndrome and feelings of not being good enough. We reprogram their minds and beliefs, allowing them to thrive in life and business. Social Media has done a head trip on a lot of people when it comes to comparison and measuring up.

Here are the key points we’ll cover:

Confidence and the struggles so many have

Body Image Confidence and the disruption this plays in our lives

Social Media and the toll it has taken

Mindset and Beliefs

My business focus today

Grab your favorite beverage and let’s get busy!


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We Don’t get our Goals - We Get our HABITS!

There is one major reason for setting a goal - what you must DO to accomplish the goal, and who you will become along the way.


Jim Rohn’s quote!

What are your Dreams and visions?


What would you do if you knew it were absolutely possible? Knew you couldn’t fail?

Let’s explore a “goal setting, goal getting” paradigm shift!

Our current way of approaching goals gives us one of two scenarios:

Reach our intended result or FAIL.

Either feel GREAT or like feel like a FAILURE..

How motivating is that for setting big goals?

Questions to ask yourself for reaching your top goal:

Ask is it possible to achieve this goal?

Is it Probable that I will?

Who will I become in the journey to the goal?

What are the qualities, habits and characteristics of a 7 Figure Income earner?

I would need to be a Person of:





Overdeliver Value

Willing to learn

To be bad, and then good and then great

Have a Written Marketing Plan

Be unstoppable

Act in spite of fear

Apply CTFAR process to your goals:


Thoughts about it.


Actions, based on feelings

Results, based on actions.

Your results will always be determined by your actions.

Full show notes -

Follow me on Instagram @jackieulmer

Get my confidence building video series:


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I’m Jackie Ulmer and Welcome to the Street Smart Wealth Experience, show # 346, and Happy Thanksgiving!


You’ll find the show notes at -



It’s thanksgiving here in the US, and I wanted to be in your ears today! and while that may not apply where you are, every day is a day for thanksgiving, and gratitude and let me start by saying how grateful I am that you are here, and listening in now! I appreciate you.



Thanksgiving, as an acronym and how it applies to our lives and business. Thoughts, feelings and emotions that are important to our personal and professional success.



So, first we have -


T - Time - Time is our most precious commodity. WE can’t get more. We all have the same 24 hours. How will you spend it? Prioritize it? Cherish it? Who will you give it to? And, how to stop stressing over not enough time and realize that you have all of the time you need, when you master productivity and prioritizing.



H - Heart - and Happiness. Lead with your heart, always, in life and business. Give without thoughts of getting back. You will, always. Know that happiness is a choice, and life is 50/50. People will FEEL your authenticity through your essence of being when you are heart centered.



A - Attitude - attitude is truly everything. Every day, you CHOOSE the type of day you will have by what you expect; what you put your focus on, and how you react to things that go on around you. Here are some things you can do to control your own attitude.


First, spend the first few moments of each new day preparing for it mentally. Do a morning mediation, say your morning prayers, or develop some pattern that you use to start out the day feeling uplifted and with an expectation of how the day will flow.


Do a thought download daily, just asking intuitively what you need to know and focus on for the day. And, perhaps what is a limiting belief that is at the surface to be released.


A daily practice on your thoughts will create a whole new you in not too terribly long.


Check in at regular intervals and make sure you are flowing with positive thoughts and check on how you are acting or reacting to events through out the day.


A Positive attitude will help you cope more easily with day to day life. It brings optimism into your life, and makes it easier to avoid worry and negative thinking. If you adopt it as a way of life, it will bring constructive changes into your life, and makes them happier, brighter and more successful. With a positive attitude you see the bright side of life, become optimistic and expect the best to happen. It is certainly a state of mind that is well worth developing and strengthening.

Positive attitude manifests in the following ways:


Positive thinking.


Constructive thinking.


Creative thinking.


Expecting success.




Motivation to accomplish your goals.


Being inspired.


Choosing happiness.


Not giving up.


Looking at failure and problems as blessings in disguise.


Believing in yourself and in your abilities.


Displaying self-esteem and confidence.


Looking for solutions.


Seeing opportunities.


Attracting abundance to you.


A positive attitude leads to happiness and success and can change your whole life. If you look at the bright side of life, your whole life becomes filled with light. This light affects not only you and the way you look at the world, but also your whole environment and the people around you. If it is strong enough, it becomes contagious.



N - Now - everything that truly happens takes place in the present. The NOW. Too often, we continue to live with the last tugging at is; hanging on and continuing to keep us stuck; feeling out of control.


Do several NOW centering practices each day. Stop, breath in deeply. Get quiet. Close your eyes. Ask - what is REAL right now. How do I feel? Am I saw? What is great right now? What am I worried about? Is that worry REAL right now? IS it from my past or something I am projecting into thee future?


Now is ALL we truly have. Live in NOW as much as possible.




K - Knowledge - be a lifelong learner. Never think you know it all. Never think you know everything there is to know on any subject. What skills will you learn to move you forward in your business? In your life? What steps can you take daily to increase your knowledge and your skills?



S - Skills - You just need to develop the skillz to pay the billz in your business and it is just that - skill development. It can be learned and perfected and anyone can do it if he/she commits. Most of us come from an employee mentality so we are not really up to speed about what a lot of that means.


As an entrepreneur, there are a few skills to master - know what you are selling; the solution you provide and how to communicate that clearly, with ease, and in a way that gets your tribe to lean in. You must know how to ask good questions; answer objections before they are even asked; know the natural sales process of what you offer and how to navigate your prospect through it; and how to ask for and close the sale.


Again, all learnable skills.




G - Generosity - we are paid based on the value we deliver…or give.  We also attract love, relationships and friendships through our generosity. Have a giving nature and

know that you will always be reciprocated by the universe. It’s a natural law.


Brainstorm ways you can be generous. This is not just giving money. Time, compliments, sharing knowledge, making introductions - these are all great examples of generosity.




I - Imaginative - a strong imagination, combined with your intentional thoughts and feelings will create anything in the world for you. Everything in the world EVER was first created in the mind. Someone’s. The smartphone you are listening through or the computer. It didn’t just happen. When you engage your imagination, you can create powerful things.


Start each day with a 10 idea download. In addition to your thought download, write down 10 ideas each day. They don’t have to be different each day - just the 10 that come to mind. Watch for patterns to emerge and pay attention. That’s your intuition and higher consciousness talking! Creativity is based on self belief. That’s why when we are drowning in negativity keeps us from creating powerfully.



V - Vision - It’s everything. You have one even if it’s not intentional. You are currently living your vision. If you don’t like it or want to change it, create a new vision and master your thinking around it.



I - Integrity - A great definition of integrity is doing the right thing even when nobody is looking.  It’s about staying true to your word, to others and yourself. It’s backing up and doing what you say you will do. It’s underpromising and overdelivering. It’s values, truth and authenticity.


The golden rule is the best - do onto others as you would have others do onto you.


N - Neutral -  a fabulous state of being. Understanding  what it means to stay neutral. To be neutral on circumstances, and thoughts. Even feelings, you get to decide how triggered you will allow these things to make you.


Neutrality leads us to acceptance and that is powerful.  Neutrality doesn’t cause pain. We choose when to move from neutral.  We do this through our thoughts.


If I could give you a gift for Thanksgiving it would be to begin to focus on things as neutral, and then make a conscious decision about how you want to think and feel around them.


Then, learn to question your own thoughts and whether or not they are serving you.

A good way to get to neutral is to breathe. Slowly, calmly and allow emotion to leave your body.

The world presents neutral things to us and we choose to interpret them positively and negatively. Example - 9/11 was neutral. Terrorists celebrated. The rest of us were horrified. Each side placed thoughts and feelings to it to make it non neutral.


These are things we can’t control so they are neutral when they happen.


A tornado in Oklahoma is sad, but neutral to most if they don’t know anyone or have anything result from it personally.


"Circumstances are reality, and when you argue with reality, you lose 100% of the time.” Byron Katie.


Eckhart Tolle tells us that the only power we have is in this present moment. When we are spending our present moment in a fight we can't win by arguing with reality, we're always losing in our present moment. That being said, there is a huge difference between accepting and condoning. Accepting the way things are, does not mean we agree with them or condone them. It just means we're not trying to change something by pushing hard against it. We are choosing not to go to war.


Practice seeing things as neutral and see how it settles with you. And, pay attention to your thoughts.


Finally, we have


G - Gratitude - “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.” – Meister Eckhart


As I mentioned earlier, under attitude, starting your day with gratitude and appreciation can really set you up for a tremendous day. Just sit, lie, kneel and take a few moment to close your eyes and run through your mind all of the things you are grateful for in two minutes.


This is powerful because it

  • reminds you of the positive things in your life. Important to remember these things.
  • can turn bad things or potentially bad things into good things. What if the worst thing that happened to you became the best thing, through who you became and the lessons you learned; the action you took?
  • reminds you of what’s important. It’s the little things, that are the big things.
  • Because it reminds you to thank others. The simple act of saying “thank you” to someone can make a big difference in that person’s life, and as importantly, it can make a big difference in your life.


So, as we embrace the Thanksgiving week here in the US, please know I am grateful for you, and I am thanking you right now, for being here and being part of this amazing journey with me.


I hope this has been helpful and you’ve found some thanksgiving nuggets for your life.



Have you received the Confidence Series yet?



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You’re listening to the Street Smart Wealth Experience, show #345 and today, we are going to change the way you look at and DO Goal Setting..

Show notes

Welcome to today’s show and I am thrilled you are joining me. If you are new, I hope you’ll stick around, listen to some back shows, especially 334

If you’ve been with me awhile - THANK YOU!! I’ve been on a bit of a recording hiatus as I have been working on several new projects; I’ve been speaking locally and building a large client base here in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

It’s a dream come true, marketing both online and offline, and watching the two overlap. I’ve created a new video series available to you with worksheets to walk through some of the primary challenges more and more people are experiencing these days -


Imposter Syndrome

Other People’s Opinions

Not Feeling Good enough or like we measure up

Access those at

I would love to hear your thoughts.

These are the worksheets and processes that I used to grow myself and then grow my business. It worked for me and I know it will for you, too, if you do the work.

Do you get my Sunday Brunch series each week? And do you have my Social Media Success Kit?

Go to now and get added so you get the nuggets.

It’s that time of year - about to close out one year and on to a new one.

An exciting one - 20/20 - how do you feel about that? Does it feel different.

It does for me. I’m energized by it. I’ve been journaling about it for a long time. Doing my daily thought downloads and planning your the year in my 5 F areas -

Faith  Family/Friends  Fun  Fitness   Finances

It’s amazing what being intentional and consistent can create for you.

I started a fitness challenge that I put together with my daughter and it really whipped my butt into shape.

You’ve likely heard my 10,000 steps journey story and how it has changed my life.

This was more than about setting a goal. It was about a committed intention.

Do you set goals? Do you get goals?

Are your eyes glazed over, thinking about Goal Setting? You may be thinking “I have already learned this SO MANY TIMES.


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


Goal Setting From a Place of Abundance

Your First Thoughts Around Your Goals

Getting Specific

What to Watch Out For


Goal Setting From a Place of Abundance


I don’t know about you, but my goal on this earth is to be the best version of myself that I can be. To show up in the best way for myself and all who are around me.


With this thought always squarely in my mind and front and center, it makes it so much easier to direct my thoughts.


Try it - when you think about the “Best version of you”, how do you feel? Write those feelings down so you can always come back to them.


Put them on a note on your phone. Seriously get into the practice of being with these more positive feelings on a regular basis.


When I approach goal setting, I start by directing my brain specifically. And, I get into a good thinking and feeling place.


Give your brain a direction and a focus to follow. If you don’t harness your brain and your thoughts, you aren’t likely to get what you desire. Structure and supervision is critical to success.


You can predict where you will be in your life when you pay attention to what you are telling your brain. What have you told it so far?


What results do you desire in your life?


When was the last time you dreamed. Not in your sleep, but in your waking hours? Are you spending most of your time reacting and putting out fires?


We have become hard wired to think of goals and wants from a place of scarcity; of lack; in a painful way.


We’ve become afraid to dream because it feels hurtful and sad. And, getting into this place is exactly what we need to do and where we need to go so we can break through those obstacles.


We will only break through our limiting beliefs by first facing them.


Then, we can move to a place of goal setting from a place of abundance.


Your First Thoughts Around Your Goals


Typically, we think about everything that we WANT but don’t have when we start goal setting. Those are our first thoughts.


Listen to my show from Thanksgiving


Now, I want you to start the goal setting process by thinking of everything you now have that you REALLY, TRULY want and love. Not exactly from a place of gratitude, but from a true, goal setting want.


I’ll share a few of mine.


“I REALLY want an amazing marriage to the man of my dreams. I REALLY want two high functioning children who are doing good work in the world. I REALLY want a calm, beautiful space to work and live. I REALLY want to be in nature regularly. I really want to be taking care of my body and health.”


Guess what?


I have all of these things now. And, I expect them; work to have them; appreciate and am grateful for them.


When you are feeling caught in the struggle, it can be hard to see all the things we appreciate.


You may be thinking initially, “All I do is work and strive and try and never quite get there.”


Maybe you don’t like aspects of your life. I get that. All of us can find some good in everything though, when we refocus how we look at things.


Stop for a minute and get fully centered in the present of where you are now. Listen to your thoughts, feel the feelings and while staying connected, do a pattern interrupt to stop that flow.


Clap your hands. Do a quick dance. Snap a rubber band on your wrist.


Stay connected but shift the thought AFTER you own it, feel it and then decide and direct your brain to move on from it.


There are no thoughts from your past that have to equal your future or change where it is you truly want to go, YOU and you alone get to choose.



Getting Specific


What is the next experience you want in your life? Not necessarily an income goal but let’s say an experience. Travel, or something.


Don’t worry about the how.


Here’s my example -


In September, 2021, my husband and I are going on a first class river cruise in Europe. We will fly first class on American Airlines (paid, and confirmed, not free); we will have a balcony suite; and add extra time before and after the trip.


The more specific the better. Get detailed. Have FUN! Let yourself go wild!



What to Watch Out For


Guess what happens next? Yep, your brain and thoughts might try to derail you.


Negative emotions settles in - fear, doubt, self judgement….


You are going to want to find the how. That’s when your brain will begin to block you. Forget it for now. It will show up - the how. The why and the thrill of it are the most important to get your thoughts and feelings going, to move you into action and results.


“I don’t know” is a dangerous place to be. A major dream stealer so don’t go there.


Your brain always looks for what you tell it to look for, so if you are really stretching it, it’s going to immediately say - “Uh, we have not had this before so I don’t think so….”


I want you to just accept that feeling, that negative emotion and then grab back that feeling of abundance and just tell your brain - “I know, and here is the really cool thing - we are going to create a new experience and change the direction of our life.”


When you get that feeling that says - I don’t know. Maybe I can’t do this.


Now is when you get out your journal and do a download of all of these thoughts. All of the negative energy.


Then, take your mind to a future place; where you have accomplished this goal. Write it out. Read it. Feel it.


Let go of any negative that comes up in a lighthearted way. Laugh, giggle and say - oh just you wait!


It’s a lot with that like that quote, “What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail? If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?”

Think about this for a minute.

Go to the future place where it’s already done. See yourself there. Don’t see yourself where you are now.

See and meet your mind from a place of knowing. That is powerful. Then, from that place, you write your action plan. That’s the how.

When I decided to be successful in NWM, I didn’t know how. I had not done it.

Nor built online

started a podcast

built a site and blog

What I did know is that I could follow instructions; a path; someone to lead the way.

I didn’t know how to make my first million dollars, exactly. I knew it had been done, though.  So, I actually DID know. I knew if I followed someone else’s lead I could do it too.

And so can you.

It’s so very important to break goals down into small steps. If you have a year-long goal, you need to break it down by month. Then week and then day.

The more detail you can give yourself about your action plan for your goal, the better.

What are you willing to do to achieve and master your goals? Learning, trying testing and more?


As we remove obstacles and limiting beliefs, we grow in our ability to create more of what we want.


We don’t have to believe any negatived thoughts. You can acknowledge it as a thought, and then choose to change that thought.



Remember, we are giving our brain a direction and a focus. Thoughts create feelings, which drive our actions and our results.


We are going to have results, no matter what. No matter how we direct our brain, so why not CHOOSE the way you want it to go.


It’s time to step out of the comfort zone and get to where you want to be!


20/20 is coming


NOW, is your time.


Get my new video training series for sure -

Listen, watch, study, learn and apply. You will change your thoughts, results and life through this process. It’s worked for everyone who has ever truly committed to it.

Show notes -

Thanks for your time. I know how precious it is. See you on the next show.

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5 Key Ways to Find Leads for Your Network Marketing Business

Do you struggle with finding people to talk to about your business and your products? Where have all the good people gone and why is it so much easier for the top people in the company?


You’ll find the show notes at -


In those notes, I have included a guide to walk you through the entire process I’ll be sharing here today.


I’m Jackie Ulmer and I coach Network Marketers and entrepreneurs on how to be the success they want to be; make more money and not annoy their family and friends.


Learn more at


Also, are you in my facebook group?



What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


Where to Find People

Your Mindset Around Talking to People


Finding Clarity

Creating Change




Where to Find People


Now, you are going to think that this is the hard part. But it’s really not, because think about it -


People are everywhere. (Except in your home, where you might be hiding…)




You are just stumped at how to find out.


Here is a short list of where to find people -



Children’s Events

Your Job

People You Know

Your Friend’s And Family - Yikes, really?

Networking Events

Social Media


Walk into a room of 100 people and some of your ideal clients are in the room. Already. They have a need and you have the solution.


When you look at this list, it is easy to see how you can never run out of people to talk to. You just have to overcome the mindset around why you aren’t talking to people and sharing what you do.


People get frustrated when they hear me name the same old list there is for finding people to talk to.


And, let’s be logical about that.


There is no magic vending machine where the right people hang out, looking for what you offer.


Wouldn’t it be stellar if it were that simple?


So, back to the mindset piece…



Your Mindset Around Talking to People


What’s your top goal in your business and why have you not achieved it yet?


Chances are you are stuck in the spin cycle. Have you ever had that happen on your washing machine. It gets stuck and just keeps spinning, and getting no where.


It often needs a reboot, or to be reset to get back on track and do what it is supposed to do.


You may need a reboot, too.


Back to the question about your top business goal, and why you have not yet achieved it.


The only thing standing between you and the success you desire are negative thoughts, which create negative feelings, and keep you stuck in inaction and therefore not achieving the results you desire.


Let’s plug this into the CTFAR model and determine what is keeping you stuck.


Your goal is what goes on the R, or results line.


Under C, or circumstance, let’s write - People need to know about my business.


You can’t stay a closet junkie and expect to move your business forward, right?


What is the thought, or T in this equation?


Could be many -


Who’s going to listen to me?


I don’t know what to say.


Nobody I know will be interested.


Now, anyone of those thoughts will create a negative feeling. that keeps you stuck.


That feeling might be -






Let’s talk about discomfort and it’s role in the process.





Discomfort is okay. In fact, it’s necessary for growth.


It’s important that you become willing to allow some discomfort into the process.


Be uncomfortable on purpose.

Discomfort is just a feeling. It won’t kill you. It won’t make you an outcast among your peers. It won’t wreck your life.

It will allow you to grow.

Does that sound too simple? It is simple, and not always easy.

Think about the difference in short term discomfort vs. long term discomfort.

What is it costing you to stay stuck? What’s your discomfort level with your current situation; or with your lack of the situation that you desire?

How do you feel now about that?

How will you feel next year? In 5 years, 10? At the end of your life?


What regrets will you have?


Which feels worse? Discomfort now? Or for the rest of your life?


Finding Clarity


It’s important to gain clarity around what it is you want. What it is you REALLY want.


And, then how to get there.


First, brainstorm exactly WHY it is you want this goal. What does achieving it offer you? Beyond the MONEY.


People usually start there but it’s never about the money. The cold hard cash. It’s about freedom; choices; experiences.




What are the thoughts you need to be thinking to get there? Write those down.


What feelings will those thoughts create about your ability to get this done?


Now, we get to the interesting part and that is creating clarity around the action steps.


What actions are required for you to get this done? The get it done part is SIMPLY talking to people.


We are not attaching to the outcome. The outcome is not what matters.


It’s been proven over and over again that practice creates mastery.


So, step number one is creating your list of people to talk to, or determine the steps you’ll take to find people to add to that list.


Taking the list I already mentioned -


Starbucks or any where you can go to meet people. How often will you commit to showing up and starting a conversation with 1 or 2 people there?


Children’s Events - this may or may not apply to you, but if it does, set a goal to really get to know 1 or 2 people each event.


Your Job - again, may or may not apply and you must be careful in some cases. But at least make a connection and learn more, looking for that challenge they may have.


People You Know  - who’s on that list?


Your Friend’s And Family - Yikes, really? Yes, and the next part will help with this.


Networking Events - this is a gold mine when used the right way.


Social Media - again, another gold mine when used correctly.


Now that you have a list or a plan for finding people, what will you say? We’ve covered this so many times, and it is not as difficult as you may be making it out to be.


Get my guide on creating a powerful introduction. This will help you feel more confident -


Success Language is something I cover quite in depth in the Street Smart Wealth Academy. Come see what it is all about.



Finally, we come to -


Creating Change


Real change is needed here. Change in your thinking, feeling and actions.


Think about what it is really costing you not to have your dreams. It usually comes down to one of a few things -





Stuck in the past

Self Pity


All of these lead to inaction instead of driving you into the massive action that works.


Do you see where clearing up your thoughts and feelings will increase your confidence? And when we feel confident, we are much more likely to get into action.


And, action fueled with confidence is powerful.


It creates those desired results.


That doesn’t mean obstacles won’t show up. They will. Count on it. That’s how life is, because obstacles fuel growth.


And, our goal in this life is to always be growing.


I have a good friend who has had a big dream for years. First, it was to become a helicopter pilot. Then, it was to own a helicopter.


Less than a year ago, he achieved the dream of ownership.


About a month ago, that dream went up in flames, almost literally, as the helicopter was demolished in a crash.


He survived, and got out with nothing but a few scratches on the outside.


For sure, a few bigger scratches on the inside.


We had breakfast last week and talked about life’s lessons, and growth. Of finding the meaning in all that happens to us.


And, to do so in a way that is compassionate to ourselves.


What do you think your obstacles might be?


What make those challenges for you?


What do you think you need help with in these areas?


What is your plan to get the help you need?



Write them down and use the CTFAR process to work yourself from where you are to where you want to be.



Remember this - people are everywhere. Interested people are everywhere.


They aren’t different or unique, or skeptical or anything else where you live.



That’s a THOUGHT you are thinking that is creating the feeling of doubt or something negative for you that is keeping you stuck.


Shift the thought, shift the feeling, shift the actions and the results will also shift.



Show notes for the guide - 


If you take a look at where you are in your business, and you are not thrilled with it; answer this question.


What is holding you back from being where you want to be? Is it mind drama? Drama around the word no; other people’s opinions? Your own opinions about yourself?


We have a powerful module called “Managing Your Mindset” in the Street Smart Wealth Academy.


If you will spend a little time in these lessons  daily or weekly; you will see a huge shift in your business and your life.


What would that be worth to you? To have the success you desire show up easily and effortlessly?


Join us -


I’ll see you on the inside and remember this - “Hesitation NEVER cashed a check.”


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Sales is NOT a Dirty Word. Why Start w/ Sales? Social Media Oriented - Skill you MUST Nail!


Sales is the MOST amazing skill and THING when done right. With your ideal client in mind. When I learned this skill, everything changed.


Mindset - YOURS is the biggest key. Take away. Growth AREA


Our Resistance and Why - Don't Want to Sell to friends; Ick Factor; Don't Want to Be Pushy; Don't Want to look stupid!



What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


5 Step Closing Process

Where they ARE and where they want to GO

Bridge the Gap

Paint the Vision - Don’t Skip This

Listening to Objections

Handle the Objections


I’m Jackie Ulmer and I coach Network Marketers and entrepreneurs on how to be the success they want to be; make more money and not annoy their family and friends.


Learn more at


Also, are you in my facebook group?



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I’m Jackie Ulmer and I coach Network Marketers and entrepreneurs on how to be the success they want to be; make more money and not annoy their family and friends.


Learn more at


Also, are you in my facebook group?


There are some very distinct differences (and similarities) to Party Plan and Network Marketing.


I use the term network marketing most broadly, but I coach and train as many party plan people as pure network marketers.


Both could learn a LOT from the business model of the other. Especially when it comes to customers.


So, let’s talk about Your Product Customers in Network Marketing, and how very important they are to the lifeblood and longevity of your business.


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


Why Customers Matter

Sharing the Product Story

Customer Success Language

Handling Questions

Servicing Your Customers

Staying Top of Mind



Why Customers Matter


Every business needs customers. Party Plan gets this and it is their #1 goal, followed by team building or recruiting.


In Party Plan, the marketing plan is built around ongoing exposure to the products first, company and opportunity second.


Customer loyalty is ideally built, sustained and this creates a great ongoing source of stability and income, when done right.


Most Party Plan companies have monthly customer volume sales quotas in order to remain active and get paid. These are usually higher than Network Marketing personal sales volume quotas.


For network marketers? Customers - YES, there is no sin in having customers. We are moving away from just the personal consumption model, and putting more emphasis on Customers. The recent rulings by the FTC on numerous companies these past few years have more companies putting solid emphasis on customers. And, this is a great way to get your own auto ship paid for.


And, this volume and income keeps people in the game and gives them some immediate success. Immediate Cash!


Don’t be afraid to place part of your emphasis on gathering customers, who can easily turn into business builders later on, with a solid product story.





Sharing the Product Story


Stories Sell, facts just TELL!



Your background before the product. What you didn’t like about what you were or were not experiencing; how the product changed your life.


Your results, in other words.


Or, the life of someone else. Share stories.


Avoid health and claims of a cure!


We have an emotional attachment to stories; we connect with them; and this goes a lot further to bringing someone on board than patents pending; celebrity endorsements or things don't really answer the question - What's in it for me. Stories are what people take away from events; encounters; training and such.

You must become a master communicator to be successful in your business and it all starts with telling stories.

Take yourself through the exercise of creating a story and then teach your team to do this -

Here is a guideline you can use -

Tell us about yourself - just a small snippet of who you are; what you do? Be brief!!!!

Why were you looking? What was missing?

How did you find your opportunity?

Your reason why - how is it making a difference, or will it make a difference.



Customer Success Language



Customers don’t care about your story, they care about theirs. Your customer needs to be the hero of the story, not your brand. Marketing has changed, business that invite their customers into a heroic story grow.


They have a challenge, A need, an obstacle. YOU have the solution. You must position it that way.


Words sell things. If your message isn’t clear, your customer won’t listen. They won’t even realize you exist or what you do. Get clear on your message and communicate it consistently, You are in a race to communicate why your customers need your products.


Subconsciously, the brain is always scanning its environment looking for what helps it meets its need to survive.


Mistake #1 - not focusing on the part of the offer that allows buyer to survive and thrive. All great stories are about survival and thriving. Physical, emotional, spiritual, relationship, Any other story will not captivate your audience the same way.


Our brain sorts through tons of information and discards unnecessary facts constantly


Mistake #2 - too many facts, causing customers to tune us out, even subconsciously because it confuses them.

Positioning is a step you always want to take so you clearly communicate what you do and offer (product, service, opportunity; what their challenge is; and how you, your product or service can solve that challenge.)

Let’s create your Intro-Teaser:

Who hires me, to do what, because why, and the benefit is…


Direct Sales Professionals hire me to help them optimize their social media strategy because most are annoying people on facebook, invisible on LinkedIn and missing the mark on Instagram. So, we create a brand, a strategy and positioning that is attraction marketing vs push marketing. When you want to create sales and referrals, and become an influencer, I’m your gal!



______WHO______ hire me to _____What do you offer_____ because most ______What is their pain or challenge_______, so I work with them to _________Solution you provide_____ and they will benefits or experience_______.



identify wants, problems we solve and what live looks like after.


If you confuse, you lose


We all face the enemy of noise.



What we think we are saying to our customers and what they hear are two different things . Customers make buying decisions based on what they hear.


Think APPLE - YOU are the hero in Apple’s story. All that you achieve through their products - hip, trendy, a cut above


Identify what customer wants; identify their challenge; offer the solution or tool


Character - Problem - Meets Guide - Sees Solution - Calls to Action - Ends in Success - Avoids Failure


What does the hero want? Who or what is standing in the way? What will life be like when hero gets what he wants?


What do you offer? How will it make my life better? How do I buy it?


Life with the dull parts taken out - that’s a good story.


YOU are Yoda, your audience is Luke Skywalker


What is disrupting them - find the internal problem not the external 



Handling Questions


Never fear questions or objections. This is your perfect opportunity for coaching people through their objections so they feel confident in you and your offer.


The best way to deal with questions is to be a very solid product of the product yourself - USE your products and build your product story.


You may not have all of the answers and that is okay. Don’t fake it. Simply say - I’ve never been asked that before and I do not know the answer. However, I know where to find it and I’ll get back to you with the answer.


Very simple.


Never hesitate to say - what other questions do you have?




Servicing Your Customers


It’s important to provide good customer service and this can be a big challenge for many, if you aren’t skilled in this area.


Don’t be afraid of your customers.


Here is a good system.


Call or text the next day and THANK them for their order or purchase.


Once you are fairly certain they have received it, repeat the process and ask if they have any questions.


1 week later, check in again and ask how their results are. Good time to ask for a testimonial, too.


Then, when you feel they are probably ready to order again, check in and offer to assist.


Avoid suggesting auto ships or preferred customer too quickly. This can be a real breaker.




Staying Top of Mind


By checking in and giving them the VIP treatment, you will stay top of mind.


Send birthday cards, thanksgiving cards and special event/random cards.


Create a free account for this -


Check in on Social Media, too and engage with your customers. People remember this and they will offer referrals over time.



Customers are the lifeblood of any business and can easily become your strongest team partners. Share the opportunity side of the business with them lightly at first, and then proceed if there is an interest.


If one is not expressed, revisit it a few months later, once they are a raving fan. Ask for referrals.


Who else do they know who would love the type of results they are getting?


Master this process and the rest of your business will thrive, too.


If you take a look at where you are in your business, and you are not thrilled with it; answer this question.


What is holding you back from being where you want to be? Is it mind drama? Drama around the word no; other people’s opinions? You own opinions about yourself?


We have a powerful module called “Managing Your Mindset” in the Street Smart Wealth Academy.


If you will spend a little time in these lessons s daily or weekly; you will see a huge shift in your business and your life.


What would that be worth to you? To have the success you desire show up easily and effortlessly?


Join us -


I’ll see you on the inside and remember this - “Hesitation NEVER cashed a check.”



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The Drama Behind Hearing No in Network Marketing

You’ll find the show notes at - 

I’m Jackie Ulmer and I coach Network Marketers and entrepreneurs on how to be the success they want to be; make more money and not annoy their family and friends.

Learn more at

Also, are you in my facebook group? 

Few things upset a new Network Marketer than hearing the word no about their business.

Whether it’s about the products, which you are SO excited about; or the opportunity itself, which you can’t BELIEVE not everyone would say yes to.

So, let’s talk about The Drama Behind Hearing No in Network Marketing

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

Mind Drama
Stories We Make Up
Handling Shutdowns and Nos
Other People’s Opinions 
Timeline of Success
Your Posture and Follow Up
The Power of Vision = Beckwith

Mind Drama

I don’t know when or where it happens in our lives that so many of us get caught up in drama. Mostly Mind Drama.

Instead of just looking at something as it is - a circumstance with no feelings emotion or belief attached to it, we feel compelled to make up a story. For almost any circumstance or situation we find ourselves in.

This is pure mind drama and it will derail you from any goal you try to achieve if you let it.

It has many names.

It’s that small, still voice that chides you gently and reminds you that you can’t possibly achieve what you have set out to do.

Sometimes, it’s that loud voice. That monkey that sits on your shoulder.

Sometimes that voice has a name. A family member, good friend, bully from the playground.

If you close your eyes I am sure you know what I am talking about.

Recognize this for what it is - Mind Drama.

Stories We Make Up

Mind drama is what leads us to make up stories.

These stories are nothing more than thoughts we had about a circumstance, that we formed into a belief.

You have many of them, I’m sure. Especially about Network Marketing and your ability to be successful.

We start doubting one thing….and then another….and then another.

We start buying into that lie we have been telling ourselves for far too long -

That we don’t measure up; that we aren’t good enough; 

We look at what other people are doing; we look at their success; we see them on the top of the Leader Boards; crossing the stage with a big check; going on VIP cruises and trips!
We get so bogged down with the mindset pitfalls,
We MUST get out of our own head - it’s a scary place.  Because it’s in our minds that we create our own stories about experiences and perceptions.
I’m not as good as so and so…
I don’t have what it takes…
I can’t figure it out….
I should have never even started….
I’m a LOSER…..

We create big stories in our head that crush our confidence, shatter our belief and bring us down.

And, we have all been there with that small, annoying voice that whispers in our ear -
Who do you think you are? You aren’t as good as so and so…
How come YOU aren’t at the top level of your company?
You don’t have what it takes…
You should just stick to what you know…

NONE of this is true. These are just those little run away thoughts that you have let go crazy and turn into beliefs that are now thwarting your success.

Handling Shutdowns and Nos

I had a neighbor in my life, way back when I started my Network Marketing journey. She will forever be known to me as “Mean Janeen!”

Listen to the show to hear the story.

Here are some things you must know about your entrepreneurial journey,.

First, not everyone is going to tell you yes, and you may hear a few no's before you get to some yeses. If you know this going in, and are prepared for it, then you will be expecting to hear no from some who you are hoping will join you.
Can you prepare for that now? Can you handle it if and when they say no?
Here is one thing I assure you – if you will stick with your business; develop your business skills and keep following up with those who you have talked to previously, many of those will come back and say YES at a later time. That is my story. I said no WAY before I said yes. Nothing had changed in the business, products, compensation plan, etc, when I decided to say yes. What had changed was ME. I was now ready.
Remember, other people can only affect you if YOU allow them to. Their opinion does not reflect on you, your company and products, or your decision, It's simply a reflection of them, and where they are in their life right now. And, if someone happens to be mean or nasty about it, then that speaks a bit to character and their own insecurities, in my opinion. has some great training on powerful answers and “come backs” when people get arrogant with you!

So, again, some close to you will say no; some may laugh; some may be mean. NONE of them matter. Be prepared going in but understand timing and follow up. Will you prepare for that now? People will commit and then no show; they will let you down. Detach from the outcome. It is NOT about you.

Other People’s Opinions

Other People’s Opinions about what you are doing and decisions you’ve made in your life and career don’t reflect on you, your company, products or your decision. Remember Mean Janeen. 

When you start to feel down, ask yourself -
Do they make my house payment; my car payment? Send my kids to college? Pay for braces and karate lessons?

What do you do when they live in your home, and maybe sleep in your bed (spouse.) Don’t push; don’t hide; share with “I” statements. Negative reinforcement.

"You can't really have an opinion about what I am doing if you haven't even seen what it is. If you would like to look it over and then give me an educated opinion, I would love to have that conversation."

The Timeline of Success

Understand the timeline of success. In the beginning, it feels like you are doing a LOT of work for little to no pay. And, you are! It’s like a scale that is weighted at one end. Over time, as you stay consistent, it begins to balance with time and pay, and pretty soon, it tips to the side where you are working the same or less time, and making a WHOLE lot of pay.

Remember, you are building ongoing income and like compound interest, in the beginning, it seems so slow.

Also, understand the timeline of others. Some will come in right away, some will over time, some never will. Some will work their business right away, some will over time, and some never will.

As YOU stay consistent, you will create that tipping scale that leans in your favor!
Set realistic goals and expectations and avoid “buyers remorse.”
2-5 year plan and your first 90 days are critical.

Your Posture and Follow Up

We all have “Posture” when we discuss various things; especially those things we feel passionate about.
How are you showing up? What’s your posture like?
One thing I really want to stress – when people are negative or ask – is this MLM – what they want to see is YOUR belief. Make sure you have it!

Avoid making claims you won’t live up to. Team members tell me all of the time “what they are going to do” before they do it, and then they don’t. My mantra is - don’t tell me before, go do it and tell me after. It’s much more empowering for both of us.

How are you showing up? On time; keep commitments and follow ups; be bold; don’t apologize - you are not asking for a favor, you are offering a gift or an opportunity.

Posture is how you feel and how you express it. It’s in asking questions and not being defensive.

It’s not being salesy and hypey! 

And, never neglect to follow up with anyone who tells you no at first. We wouldn’t be having this conversation today had I not seen the opportunity again after I said no the first time.

Lives change; situations change; be there for that change; and keep showing up.

Amateurs show up every once in a while, they flake out on commitments, they get caught up in drama on Facebook; and make tons of excuses why the whole world has conspired against them to make things impossible.,

Now, who’s the pro?

Shows up on time, gets things done, takes things seriously. They don’t let something or someone else sweep their to do list off the table, to be replaced by meaningless junk. 

If you were the best in the world in your business or what you are working toward, how would you behave? How would you show up each day?

What would others say about you?

Are you following through? Are you keeping your word? Are you producing no matter what? IF not, you are not operating at pro level. 

The Power of Vision = Beckwith

Pain pushes you until vision pulls you.  – Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Without a vision, the people perish.

What is your vision for your life? Your Business? Your success?

Without a new, compelling one that you are drawn to, you will likely stay right where you are.

Get clear on and committed your vision today.

Mind drama will hold you back in every aspect of your life.

You’ve got to get past those false stories you’ve been running through your head. Stories that don’t serve you and make you feel bad about yourself.

Stories that aren’t even true.

If you take a look at where you are in your business, and you are not thrilled with it; answer this question.

What is holding you back from being where you want to be? Is it mind drama? Drama around the word no; other people’s opinions? You own opinions about yourself?

We have a powerful module called “Managing Your Mindset” in the Street Smart Wealth Academy.

If you will spend a little time in these lessons s daily or weekly; you will see a huge shift in your business and your life.

What would that be worth to you? To have the success you desire show up easily and effortlessly?

Join us -

I’ll see you on the inside and remember this - “Hesitation NEVER cashed a check.”

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000002D4 000002D4 00006895 00006895 001474D6 001474D6 0000B08D 0000B08D 000990Welcome to the Street Smart Wealth Experience, show # 340, and we are covering - Take Control of Your Calendar and Get Productive

You’ll find the show notes at - 340 

Guitar Blurb

I’m Jackie Ulmer and I coach Network Marketers and entrepreneurs on how to be the success they want to be; make more money and not annoy their family and friends.

Learn more at

Also, are you in my facebook group? 

School has started for many and fall, which is a busy, productive time in Network Marketing if you’ll MAKE it that way, is headed straight at us.

NOW, is the time to prepare your calendar and your productivity plan to make the most of it.

So, let’s talk about how to Take Control of Your Calendar and Get Productive

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

Your Clear Vision For Your Life and Business
Your Calendar
Getting Intentional With Your Calendar
Social Media
Manage Your Productivity

Your Clear Vision For Your Life and Business
One of the questions I am asked most frequently with my coaching and at events is how do I, personally stay on top in my business, continuing to create the lifestyle and income I want.  The answer is VERY simple and nothing magical -

I stay in VERY consistent action. My calendar is scheduled, my priorities are set, and I know each day what I am going to do for that day. I follow a very rinse and repeat system and don’t allow my self to get bogged down when things don’t show up right away or when there are dry spells. Peaks and valleys happen. For Everyone!

More than ANYTHING - my decision about WHAT I want is made; my vision is CLEAR; my belief is BUILT and I ACT!

And, I practice gratitude for all that I have NOW, and all that is headed my way.

I know you have it within you to achieve what you want. You deserve it. In fact, no one deserves it MORE than you. 

When you launched your business, you in essence took out a promissory note - a note from the Bank of the Universe. You have a dream about your income goals, which translate to your lifestyle goals, right?

Now, how to make that happen is the question, right?

Your calendar will tell you what you are currently committed to. Actions always distinguish your true commitments. Not your words. Talk is cheap. Make sure your words are valuable...

Once you’ve decided what you want, it doesn’t matter how many times you stumble or how long it takes. It is DONE. You just have to catch up. No need to re-think it. You will achieve
this! You may fall 99 times but you’ll get up 100. You’ll keep pressing toward your goal because your decision is non-negotiable. That’s a clear and powerful place to be.

“Either you run the day or the day runs you.”
— Jim Rohn

Your Calendar

You are going to get committed to your calendar and blocking out times in it for actually working your business. If it's not on the calendar, it's not going to happen, and you won't ever FIND time, you must MAKE time.

For the next week, keep a journal of how you spend ALL of your time. EVERY minute, and be honest.

Facebook, TV, surfing the web, phone time, idle time.

Success is not about huge chunks of time but rather small pockets of opportunity.

Most people fail with exercise and health goals because they take the “All or nothing approach.”

This is a big mistake. Learn the “Slight Advantage” philosophy. Small changes or habits, consistently practiced, create transformation.

15 Minutes can change your life. It has for me in terms of sculpting my body with 15-30 minutes daily of yoga or weight workouts. 

First, get a daytimer/calendar that has plenty of room to write stuff in. If you are going to build it big, you need SPACE to fill with activities.

Block off EVERYTHING that is non negotiable – work, church, car pool, kid and family activities.

Now you have time slots to work with to schedule in your business activities.

Determine what the income producing activities are that you need/should be doing daily to move your business forward.

Email and Social Media, conference calls (listening to recordings) do NOT count.

First Time Calls; Follow Up Calls; 3 Way Calls; Training; Networking Events; Follow Up after these (block time in calendar BEFORE!)

Block time slots each day in your calendar for this FIRST. Working – lunch and short breaks; evenings. Starbucks or the parking lot.

Block in times weekly/monthly for social media activities such as blog posts, live and video shoots, etc.

Track your activities in a simple 3 ring binder or spiral notebook. Just write the date, and what you did/who you called/spoke with about your business. This will tell you why you are or are not successful.
Determine your most productive/awake times of the day.

Get committed and disciplined to check email 2-3 times daily, and not during productive time. 

Don't answer the phone during Your Time.

Only be on Facebook/Social Media 5 five to fifteen minute time slots daily. Use dead time spots for this while out and about with your mobile phone.

Get in the habit of creating quick videos on your iPhone or smart phone; taking pictures of lifestyle, team events, etc. These are great for social media and your blog/site. Let go of perfection.

Know what you are willing to give up in the short term to create what you want for the long term.

Get kids involved as you can, in helping with your business and carrying their own weight around the house.

Getting Intentional With Your Calendar

Success starts with small steps and getting those small steps on your calendar go much further to making sure they are completed.

What’s on the calendar gets done. A favorite mantra of mine.

I’ve mentioned my commitment to 10,000 steps daily so this involves a walk first thing in the morning and positioning my daily action so to works for me.

It clears my mind, or mental clutter, from focusing on it not being done yet.

Then, I have a clear mind to focus on my business actions.

Those consist of -



Follow Up

Content Creation - for marketing as well as my products.

Workshops - live and online 

Everything pretty much falls into one of those categories.

So, my calendar reflects time blocks for each area each week, where necessary.

How does your calendar look? 

Easy to do, and easy not to do.

There are no shortcuts, but then do you really need a shortcut? Build momentum as you grow your own consistency chain.

Understand the power in your calendar and those single daily and weekly actions.

Understand the timeline of success.

Understand your philosophy, and the reality of CTFAR, and how it affects you.

In order for things to change, YOU have to change. And, be the catalyst for your own change.

Start now. Today. Don’t wait.



Don’t let Social Media derail your business efforts. It’s meant to be an asset, not a liability.
Develop a Daily/Weekly Strategy that takes about 30 minutes daily.
Social Media does NOT have to be overwhelming, if you have a plan and a strategy.
Like any other aspect of your business - PLAN it. Don’t forget it or disregard it.
Social Media is no longer regarded as a Fad, or something you can dabble with. Well, of course you MIGHT choose to do this, but why? 
Get my free content resource at
It’s the easiest way to stay top of mind with your Center of Influence.
Here are some things to get clear on FIRST - the ABC’s - 

  1. Audience and Awareness- who is your ideal client. Ideally, create 3 specific targeted avatar’s. Get VERY specific. When you speak to everyone you speak to no one. Create awareness through your content.
  2. What’s Your Brand - more than colors and logos - WHO are you? What do you offer, or more specifically what solution do you provide to what challenge? From that, how will you create messaging that speaks to your ideal client.
  3. Content and connection - your content should be centered around your Brand and Your Ideal Client Avatars. And should be an 80/20 mix - not just all selling or business. Using Your Values and Mission is a great place to start. My 5 F words - almost EVERYTHING fits into one of those buckets. This way, I never struggle with content. And, I connect and engage regularly with those who are my target audience.
  4. Daily Strategy - Map out your plan, Seriously, plan it out.
  5. EXECUTE the strategy and stay consistent. It’s not designed to be an occasional thing - out of sight, out of mind.
  6. Follow Up - Take it OFFLINE regularly. Social Media is a piece of it and it’s strong, but be real and in person too. Get in their mailbox; get in their phone, and text. Invite them to events, and things you see that will benefit them

Choose your platforms. You don’t have to be everywhere.
My main 4 - FaceBook, InstaGram, LinkedIn, YouTube - and I’ve been on all of these sites since the beginning mostly, so if you are just getting launched, pick one or two.
When my business thrives, I can look back in my calendar and in my Social Media activity and see one common thread - consistency.

When my business has floundered, I can look back in my calendar and in my social media activity and see one common thread - lack of consistency.

For most of us, in our solopreneur business, we need to be doing a few things ongoing -

Finding people to add to our database. This means more than just plopping in names. It means meeting, engaging, building rapport and the start of a relationship; connecting on Social Media and expanding the relationship.

Learning as much as I can about them; learning how I might be supportive and then opening the door to share my business and product offerings.

Not just for them, but also for anyone they may feel comfortable referring my way.

IT’s about building that really solid Top 100 COI. It’s follow up; and follow through; adding value in person, through direct mail; through Social Media and in ways that matter to them and make them feel special; appreciated; like more than a number.

So I’ve come up with my own acronym for how I run my business and what’s important in it -

BAMF - check the urban dictionary for another definition. I might start using the hashtag, just saying 

Follow Up

So, each day and each week I have to look at what I’m doing in each of these areas to be successful.

What areas have you defined for your business?


Get that calendar out; get serious, focused and committed and each day that you take that one action, write it on the calendar and begin to build that consistency chain for yourself.

You’ve likely heard this before - One of the greatest predictors of the ability to succeed in life is persistence:“stick-to-it-ness” and it’s that attitude and personal culture and commitment that allows one to get through the inevitable challenges and obstacles that await us on the road to success.

When we take a closer look at what’s really happening during the journey to success,  we quickly realize that success is anything but a straight line. It’s more a like a windy road of twists, turns, ups and downs, and testing and trying.

It’s only when you become aware of all of those tangles and all the ups and down – it’s only when you can see what was really involved – that it becomes obvious what the real key to success really is. And that key is persistence; successful people don’t give up. They don’t view failure as a final curtain call; they view it as just another twist in the maze. They chalk it up to experience, learn whatever they can from it, and then they move on and try again. They don’t let fear, frustration, or wounded pride give them an excuse to quit.

Things to think about - where are you falling short? Where are you persistent? Where do you only take it half way? Where do you procrastinate?

If you were to write out a short, one page action plan of what you business requires for success, how does it line up with your calendar for the last few months?

I’ve spent a lot of time myself over the last few months evaluating my own business, from start to now; what’s worked and where I have struggled and why.

Consistency, laser focus and knowing what to say yes to, what to say no to, and what to take action on each day is key.

I’ve laid out my clear plan for the future and I am excited about it.

Here are some steps to take to be more consistent -

Get clear. Get focused. And, by that, I mean TODAY.

Today. Write down something you can do each day to move your business forward. Just one thing. And, make a commitment to do it TODAY

It’s about letting go of tomorrow and focusing ONLY on today and the top priority for you today, in your business.

IT’s about building that consistency chain and being committed to not breaking it.

Manage Your Productivity

What’s in your action plan? 

What’s on the calendar?

What’s between your ears?

What’s it going to take?

If it’s not on the calendar, its not going to happen or put out slightly differently, what’s on the calendar gets done. 

So you have to make a time in your calendar for your income producing activities to move your business forward. Absolutely have to, and I say make a time as you never
going to find a time. None of us do. Is not you got the time  around, everybody is busy. 

You are no exception. Everybody is busy. Doesn’t matter what profession you are in. You’re most likely building a side hassle to begin with maybe not, or your building this is as primary business but you have many other obligations so does everybody else.

So you have to manage your productivity. 

And one other of piece of that is managing what is going on between your ears.  There is one place of your business is difficult and that is between your ears.


Close and CTA

I started with this and I’ll end with this -

Once you’ve decided and committed to what you want, it doesn’t matter how many times you stumble or how long it takes. It is DONE. You just have to catch up. No need to re-think it. You will achieve this! You may fall 99 times but you’ll get up 100. You’ll keep pressing toward your goal because your decision is non-negotiable. That’s a clear and powerful place to be.

Remember - decision, commitment, action, consistency - this is what provides the results you desire. That’s it. That is REALLY it.

The most powerful thing I ever did for my business when I was struggling to get from zero to hero was to hire a coach. Someone who has been where I was, and has gone to where I want to go.

I have 3 coaches right now for my business. 

I would love to explore a coaching partnership with you, if you are struggling. Let’s schedule a break through call to see if we might be a fit.

I love taking people with goals like mine from struggle to six figures, easily, and with joy in building something they love and that resonates with who they are and their values. 

Schedule that call and let’s see if we are a match!

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Let’s talk about Asking the Right Questions in Network Marketing (and any business)


What You’ll Learn:


Questions of Yourself

Questions About Action Steps

Questions of Your Prospects

Questions for Your Team


Let’s deep dive in, shall we?



Questions of Yourself


Why? It really does always start with the why…


Why did you look for a business? What interested you even if you weren’t looking?


Why did your business appeal to you?


What were your initial goals?


Have you achieved them?


Why or why not?


Are you where you thought you would be?


Why or why not?


If you were to rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, where do you call in terms of success?






And, again, WHY, for each of these?


When we can get really clear on ourselves, and understand and accept that WE and we alone are responsible for where we are in our lives and business.


What’s your belief level about your ability to be successful?


Asking, answering and being aware of this area of your business is your first step in being your own best coach.


Check yourself on the circumstances, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, actions and results around each question.


This will be VERY telling.


When you have a clearer understanding of YOU and where you are in your business; you’ll do much better with the next areas of questions.


Next up -





Questions About Action Steps


How do you feel about your action steps in your business; whether you are just getting started or have been working your business for awhile.


Again, use the scale of 1-10.


Businesses move forward based on sales. Sales happen when we are in conversation with people, sharing our products and our opportunity.


So, if you are less than an 8-10 on your scale, WHY? What is holding you back?


Do you have head drama about sales? Talking to people?


Are you falling into that pattern of pre-judging and assuming, as you systematically go down your list, that so and so won’t be interested; or the timing is bad; or insert any other excuse.


Remember that success comes down to a few simple tasks -


Decision and Commitment

Defined Action Plan

Execution of the Plan



That’s it. The power in repetition.


Success is sexy; the system is not. But, it is proven. You WILL get to sexy!


If there is ANYBODY in your company having success moving the products and services, you can too.


If there is ANYBODY having success building a team, you can too.


Your location, people, experience or whatever have nothing to do with it.


Your action and attitude do, and BELIEVE me - I know what a hard pill that is to swallow.


I’ve had to swallow it after making excuse after excuse and coming up GUILTY!


Get clear on your attitude and action steps and get busy.




Questions of Your Prospects


I love this next category.


How are you sharing your offer with your prospects? What type of success language are you using?


Facts? Figures? Jargon?


Good probing questions make the difference.


When you introduce what you are doing, and they indicate an interest, before you dive into sales mode, step back. Make them work for it a little, and allow them to sell themselves into their own why.


So you ask - why? What’s going on with you that has you interested in knowing more?


What else have you tried?


What was your experience?


What did you like?




Anything you would have preferred?


What solution or transformation are you looking for?


NEVER underestimate the power in asking good questions.


And, truly listen.


Ask if there is anything else they would like to share with you. It starts with being their best listener. Most people don’t feel listened to or truly heard. BE that person, and don’t rush things.


Here is the key to the success vault - sales is simply coaching. Good coaching.



You must understand the goal BEYOND the goal they share with you. Go deep with them and get them talking and sharing with you.


More than anything, people want to believe in their dreams; and their ability to materialize their dreams.


That could be based on a product or an opportunity.


After every conversation, do a personal evaluation of your performance. Be neutral but do it. Go through what went well; what went not so well; and what you would do differently next time.


This circles back to asking good questions of yourself!




Question for Your Team



Getting someone launched correctly is the best you can give them, besides the opportunity.


Really, anyone with a big why and commitment can be successful despite their sponsor, upline or what they feel they are lacking from others.


It all lies within us. After all, someone figured it out the very first time and shared it. It gets diluted and changed hundreds of times as it evolves.


Schedule a new member launch call as soon as you can.


Your first step is to Validate their decision to become a distributor. Because they may have some buyers remorse or hesitation. There is the “1/2 life of excitement.”


“You’ve made a great decision. You have taken the first step on a journey that can allow you to live a life or freedom and fun, if you will follow the path. How do you feel about it?”



2. Set their expectations and develop a launch plan.


“I want to make sure you have an idea of what happens to really LAUNCH your business. Joining is one thing, launching is another. Do you have an idea of how you want to launch your business and get it out there to the world?”


Listen and advise as needed.



Set expectations.



“I want to set some expectations for you, and you likely know this. But sometimes just hearing it makes a difference.


You will succeed in this business based on your efforts, and on the other hand, that’s what creates failure, too. You are paid based on what you produce. My goal is to train you, support you and assist you in becoming confident and independent. And, since We get paid on our team, I benefit from your success and that makes me very vested in your success. In other words, I work for you. How does that sound?


So, it’s up to you to let me know how I might serve you and be of assistance. Does that make sense?”



Let them know where to go to find answers -


“A whole lot of info on launching your business is in the (Back Office, Facebook Group, Training Page, etc.) That's the first place to look, in the files, when you are wondering how to do something. Go through the files first and get familiar with what is there, and then you'll be more comfortable going back to it when you are looking for something.”



“Okay, now as far as expectations, you probably already know that not everyone is going to say yes, and there will be good times and bad times.


Some people will think you are crazy. You may contact some people who say no, and some who never even get back to you. We ALL get that. Just let it roll off your shoulders and don't assume anything. They may be busy, distracted, or who knows!”


Some people will get started and quit.


Some stop returning phone calls and all kinds of silly stuff.


Are you prepared to handle that? Do you have a plan?


Do you understand the quick start guide and your first steps? Let’s go through that and see what you have accomplished and set a date for those things you have not yet done, how’s that?



We do two things to make money in this business -


We find customers - those who are excited to try and use the products. Some of these will re-order, some will refer others and over time, some will join the business.



We also share the exciting part of making money with this business with people.



What is your plan to get your first customers?



What is your plan to enroll your first team partners?



How can I help you earn your first commission check?



Give them assignments, based on your company and qualifications; fast start programs, etc.


Will you Check in with me daily, for the first month?  An email, text or quick call to let me know what you’ve accomplished and so we can train on it if needed.


Now you are putting the ball in their court while making yourself available.




Close and Call to Action

Remember this - Asking the right questions of yourself and others always provides the answers. Sometimes, it’s not what we want to hear, but it’s the right thing for right now.


Always weigh in on your thoughts, feelings and beliefs around all conversations and interactions. When you can become aware and committed to your own shortcomings and growth, you will begin to see success show up beyond your wildest dreams.


Sometimes your thoughts will tend to stray when you get a no; or a non commitment; or someone is downright rude.


Do this with me - shrug your shoulders and say “oh well, this means nothing in my world.”


Because it only has meaning if YOU give it meaning.


Don’t fall victim to giving it meaning such as -


My product is bad.


I’m bad.


My opportunity is bad.


I can’t win.


This doesn’t work for me..


It’s not you, so stop being VAIN.


Seriously, you aren’t the center of the universe, darn it, huh?


You can’t control the actions of others; only your own. So, focus your time and energy only on those things you control, and those things are this:


The value you offer. (Improve this through taking action and growing your mind.)


Your belief and commitment level.


Your action steps getting the word out there.


Your evaluations of every conversation and your growth through this process.


The questions you ask and how well you listen.


Your follow up.


Check in and let me know how it’s going. Join the Street Smart Wealth School Facebook group.





If you are struggling with getting where you want to go, let’s have a conversation to see where you are; where you want to be, what’s working and what’s not working and talk about a plan to get you out of stuck, if that’s where you are spinning your wheels.


Get it booked today.

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Welcome to the Street Smart Wealth Experience, show # 338, Today, let’s get to the real truth behind  Why You Aren’t Selling More in Your Network Marketing Business

I’m Jackie Ulmer and I coach Network Marketers and entrepreneurs on how to make more money, faster and not annoy their family and friends.

Learn more at

How is your summer, or winter wrapping up? I am thrilled to be out of Scottsdale for most of August, vacationing in California, Missouri and spending lots of time on a boat, with my favorite people, my family and close friends.

The best thing is that I did not have to ask any one for time off, or get the amount of time approved.

My business and income has not skipped a beat because so much of my business is automated.

Over 25 years ago, I launched my first network marketing business with the desire to create time and lifestyle freedom.

I struggled TERRIBLY in the beginning.

Can you relate? Are you in the struggle?

I hated selling, because I did not understand what selling really is.

Most people aren’t selling because they have an obstacle to selling. Even as you are hearing this, you probably have some negative thoughts and feelings coming up.

Why is that? I want you to really think about that for a minute and come up with your answer around why you feel this negativity.

We do we often lead with so much resistance to sales? This is why we aren’t selling more in Network Marketing. 

And, as you listen, be thinking about how many people you are actually sharing your offer with versus just thinking about it in your head and making stuff up. 

You know what I mean right? We make that list; we look around the room; we get out on facebook and we talk ourselves out of talking to anyone because of our fear of “selling.”

We have major head drama going on.

We’ll cover:

The “Selling” Elephant in the Room
Head Drama Around Sales
Selling is Coaching
Challenges and Solutions
Successful Selling Language
Follow Up

The Selling Elephant in the Room

This is your biggest obstacle and quite frankly, it’s the way you think about and process your thoughts around selling. And, the way you think about the person you are wanting to sell to.

In network marketing, we sell two things - products/services and our opportunity.

And, most of us don’t come from a sales background. 

We have fear around the word sales - probably why you are listening now.

Pushy, Aggressive, Manipulative, “Getting” People to do something they don’t want to do.

When you think of sales people, what image do you see?

And, does it scare you to think of becoming that person?

That is some major -

Head Drama.

So, here is a tip - DON’T. Just don’t become that person, because you don’t have to. And, you shouldn’t.

It won’t serve you or your clients. 

We buy from people we like; we believe and we trust. Focus on becoming that person in each scenario.

The way to move from a fear of sales is only done by changing your thoughts and feelings around sales.

Remember the coaching model - CTFAR

Circumstance - Thoughts - Feelings - Actions - Results 

The circumstance is this - you MUST sell to achieve what you want.

So, let’s unpack your thoughts, feelings, actions and results around sales.

You may have the thought - selling is slimy, manipulative, scary, coercion. What comes up for you?

Let’s change that thought and see what happens. We must create some income producing BELIEFS around sales, yourself and what you are selling.

Selling is Coaching

Sales is the highest paid profession. Have you ever driven around high dollar neighborhoods and wondered what the people do for a living who live there? Very often, many of them are in sales.

Imagine how different things would be for you if you began to see selling as just a simple coaching process; because that is exactly what it is.

So, let’s change how you see sales.

And, change is hard. It’s hard to even change our perceptions about something - like selling.

You have to work hard to change your belief system. 

When you think of simply coaching someone through the decision and sales process, doesn’t that FEEL a whole lot better?

Your goal is to coach someone to the solution, outcome and transformation they are looking for.

This starts with you asking questions to dive into what their desire actually is.

Understanding why they will buy is more important than you understanding “how to sell.”

Challenges and Solutions

What is the challenge your potential client has? What is the outcome they desire? What are the objections they have?

This is where the question piece become so important. On both offers - product and opportunity. 

What are the most common challenges your potential clients have and what is the most common desired outcome? 

Do you offer the solution or desired outcome? Have you had a personal experience with this?

Who do you know in your company, maybe even you, who has had a life changing experience with either the product/service or the opportunity?

What do you know about their journey? 

As we look at sales as coaching, you can ask questions and coach them through the process of sharing their desired outcome or transformation with you.

Then, you can calmly and with no hype, share stories of transformation that match The transformation they are looking for.

How would you feel if you helped coach them to the transformation they want?

An important thing to remember is to not confuse your desired outcome with theirs. Or try to project it onto them.

Especially the opportunity piece.

Successful Selling Language

Most network marketers totally blow the communication piece of selling their offer.

In anything we do, we are actually offering transformation.

Transformation of some kind. Product, service, opportunity.

Is it weight loss? Maybe but so much more. How will they FEEL losing the weight? What all will change?

Back to the desired outcome - what does it take to achieve the outcome desired with either of your offers?

Let’s take the opportunity - imagine getting someone started on the path to life transformation. What if they could leave their job? Fund retirement? Pay off debt? 

What might that feel like? For them or you?

What might they learn along the journey to success?

It’s going to take some trial and error. A willingness to be uncomfortable as you develop this part of your business.

However, when you always approach everything with a giver’s mentality - how can I provide the most value to this person - 

Follow Up

Give them the space to figure out what’s possible for them; and make sure you are asking them to join you; to start the transformation they want.

You can’t save another person or want it more for them than they want themselves.

Some will say yes right away and most will not. With effective follow up, you will convert more and more to a yes.

Know the sales stats - 85% of all sales happen between the 5th and 12th exposure. Are you willing to check in that many times, to offer them the transformation they are seeking?

Imagine how many more people you will coach to success and how that will affect your own success.

Always be using good success language and be painting word pictures and the vision of what is possible if they simply step into it and commit.

Remember this - you will attract people from the mindset where you are. Who you attract comes from your thoughts and beliefs.

I encourage you to begin recording yourself when you talk to people. Or, record yourself as you THINK you will talk to people and what you will say. Listen, write it down, script it out and review it.

Evaluate it from the perspective of your potential client. How does it sound? does it fit any of the sales language that scares you? Hypey, Salesy? Manipulative? Believable or unbelievable? 

Also, evaluate the questions you get; and the reaction from others. What objections and questions do they have.

How can you incorporate this into your success language and offer it as you are having your conversations?

If you are struggling with getting where you want to go, let’s have a conversation to see where you are; where you want to be, what’s working and what’s not working and talk about a plan to get you out of stuck, if that’s where you are spinning your wheels.

Get it booked today.

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Let’s start with YOU and Knowing Yourself

What You’ll Learn:

Who are You
Why did you launch your business
What motivates you
What are your strengths 
What are your weaknesses
Where are you right now
Where do you want to be
What are you doing to get there
Answering each of these questions will be crucial to your success. Success habits will set you apart. They will put you on a different path. Often, the changes that take us from old, stagnating habits to new success habits are just small shifts.

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Welcome to the Street Smart Wealth Experience, show # 336, Today, let’s talk about What does it really mean to Market your network marketing business? And, any business, for that matter.


You’ll find the show notes at -


I’m Jackie Ulmer and I coach Network Marketers and entrepreneurs on how to be the success they want to be; make more money and not annoy their family and friends.


Learn more at


Also, are you in my facebook group?


First, I’d love to share my experience from attending and speaking at the Lemongrass Spa conference this past weekend in Orlando.


Hot, man is it HOT!


Topic - Million Dollar Secrets to Social Selling


Proof - Kathy Yellets and Jennifer Dooza - podcasts and training. Made me refocus on this podcast. I have dropped the ball for no other reason than not making it a priority!


Company Culture, Products, Warmth


ABCs, Video Marketing, Challenge, B game vs A game


I’m doing 3 follow up zoom workshops for them on Social Media


Would you like this type of training at your company? Let’s talk and see about getting something booked!



Let’s talk about What it really means to Market your network marketing business? (and any business)


What You’ll Learn:


What is Marketing

How to Meet People

How to Tell Them What You Do

How to Make an Offer




What is Marketing


Marketing is the lifeblood of your business.


80% of your time.


It’s not advertising. but that is a part of marketing. It’s sharing your business in a way to creates interest.


How to Meet People - you MUST be meeting people. And, if you are struggling with this, then working on your belief level is going to be a huge part of what you do. Meet as many people as you possibly can. Tell them what you do, in a way that creates interest. Make an offer to share more details with them.


Manage your mind! Seriously. Manage your thoughts around everything you experience. Check in regularly and ask - What am I thinking about my business? How am I feeling? And how is that showing up in my actions, which create my results.


Meet as many people as you possibly can. Network online and offline. Network as the business owner that you are, not your day job, if you have one. It can feel kind of fraudulent at first, especially if you haven’t had any fabulous results.


Sometimes this feels uncomfortable. However, the practice of meeting and sharing will move you forward to living the life you want.


Excuses will never get you where you want to go. For every excuse you have, there is someone  with the same obstacle who has pushed beyond it.


Meeting people will expand your network, and remember, they all know about 250 people. Even if the person you meet is not interested, when you MARKET in the right way, you can easily get referrals.


Build your on-line network more quickly by attending offline networking events and making friends on social media. Begin building that relationship online, too.


You are creating an audience and a tribe. When you do this, the right people DO show up!



How to Tell them what you do, in a way that creates interest.


Are you telling people what you do? Have you learned how to position yourself and your offer?


This is what takes you out of sales mode and gets them to lean in. What is the challenge they have and what is the solution you offer?


Set a goal to tell everyone you meet what you do, in a way that positions it effectively.


Get the guide.


Believe in your ability to get people results. Get yourself results first. People are looking for change. For transformation and they want to believe that the solution is out there for them.


So practice telling and sharing what you do and the type of transformation you assist them in creating.


Now, for my network marketers, you have two products to offer. Your actual products and services; and your opportunity.


You can share both, and you must do it in a way that doesn’t sound like snake oil. It has to flow naturally off your tongue and be positioned in a way that creates interest.


Remember, so many people are not happy in their life; in their careers.


When you are confident, that energy comes through.  And, you don’t need to sell. You just share like you would a new restaurant.


You aren’t TRYING to “get” anyone. No one else does this in business. So don’t pitch. Spend some time developing your belief in what you do and the language around sharing it smoothly and with confidence.


Let them keep asking you questions. Take the pressure off of yourself to sell everyone.


When you meet enough people and keep practicing sharing your intro-teaser, you’ll attract the right people. This grows your energy level which grows your success; and when you grow your success, you grow your energy level.


Remember - I help people…..XYZ


I teach people sales and business.


I teach people how to create new warm market with social media.


I teach people how to use their minds to master their success.



How to Make an offer to share more details with them.


It’s not what you say, for starters. It’s not how they find you; it’s not your social media posts; your IG TV details, or any of that.


It’s what you are thinking and how you are feeling when you make an offer.


An offer is your way of asking - May I help you solve the challenge you have?


You simply must ask.


And, you must position it in a way that is top notch; high quality.  That is not about GETTING someone; or being too self focused.


Approach your business and your offers from a place of service, of offering value; of being a win win solutions provider.


You are here to serve and help.


Now, take a look ate your products. How do they serve and help? How can you offer them in a way that showcases this?


Same with your opportunity.


Again, You are here to serve and help.


Imagine there are people out there who desperately need your help. You have the golden ticket, How will you share it to make a difference?


Work REALLY hard on the language you use to position your offers






What can I say, consistency is everything.  It doesn’t happen overnight but it will happen!


It’s not the best that succeeds, it’s the most consistent.



Remember this - 80% of your time should be spent marketing your business. Ideally, a mix of active marketing or prospecting - face to face, phone to phone, zoom to zoom and passive marketing - online, podcasts, emails, blog posts.


Meet people and meet more people. Offline and online.


Consistency is the biggest thing that separates the masters from the strugglers.


Mastering Practice. My focus word for 2019. Know what needs to be done and then do it.


That’s how you master the skills of business, and that’s what creates success.



If you are struggling with getting where you want to go, let’s have a conversation to see where you are; where you want to be, what’s working and what’s not working and talk about a plan to get you out of stuck, if that’s where you are spinning your wheels.


Get it booked today.

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Social Media Marketing World is the biggest conference of it’s kind. Key takeaways this year, and things for you to focus on are -


Instagram, and using the tools of Instagram Stories, IGTV and intentional Storytelling are key.


Video is Hot and live Video is even hotter. Create your brand and tribe via video.


Developing CTAs, or a Call to Action at the end of each video and piece of Content you produce. Give people an action step to take. A few of mine can be found at -


How to Become an Influencer (and what that means) - we all have a tribe and those who intentionally follow us. No need to focus on “vanity metrics” such as number of followers.



Grab my Social Media Success Kit -


Don’t forget the Dream 100 Challenge



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Today, I’m sharing a tool and way of BEING with you that is sure to make a difference! We dive into -

How to Manage Your Thoughts

How to Manage Your Feelings

How to Drive Your Actions

How to Create the Results You REALLY Want

How to Release the Past

Life is full of circumstances. Situations. Things that happen. We don’t always control these, but we do control our reactions and how we hold on to them. Learn how to navigate any situation to succeed.

Show notes -

Grab my Social Media Success Kit -

Don’t forget the Dream 100 Challenge


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Things happen for a reason. There is only the luck you create. There are no coincidences. 7 Simple Steps will get you there!


Create 3 Transformation Intentions and Write Them Down; Create Your Value List - My 5 F Words; Write Out a Plan; Calendar; Journal; Accountability; Focus on Consistency


Grab my Social Media Success Kit -


Don’t forget the Dream 100 Challenge

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Transformation starts with developing a written priority list; creating a plan and then taking action on that plan. Accountability is also instrumental to success.


In this episode, I share my 2018 journey and the little steps that led to overwhelming transformation, peace and profit in my life.


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Don’t forget the Dream 100 Challenge

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Setting a focus word can assist you in staying focused, on task and accountable to your goals.


Mine is “Mastering Practice”; and I’m sharing with you why it’s not Mastering Practice, which is what many might think.


I learned a lot in 2018; and one thing I learned was consistency and not “Breaking the Chain.” We’ll get into how this has positively affected many areas of my life.


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Don’t forget the Dream 100 Challenge


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