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Where have I been; what’s going on with the show and how has 2016 been; and why I know 2016 will go down in history as one of the best years ever for me!



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2016 A Year in Review in Direct Sales



Wow, wow, wow! Was 2016 ever a fabulous year for me, and for my business on so many levels


I get pretty real and personal in today’s show about what all has been happening for me -


My son and the Marine Corps - how this changed my life and opened up all new possibilities for me to serve, volunteer and give charitably to something I truly believe in.


In decision about business - wow, was I ever seeking some clarity this past year. And I got it!


Moving - yes, we have moved back to Arizona, to Scottsdale and I am honestly thrilled. Listen in to hear about my total “God Moment” in choosing this house!


Be open to personal growth, every step of the way in your Direct Sales journey. It’s always there and waiting for you!


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