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Have you ever wondered how to explain network marketing to someone with a closed mind? Or, how to approach someone you view as already super successful, who might have an interest, but you are unsure, and don’t want to feel silly or stupid when you open the conversation?

Or, perhaps you are struggling with your own MLM blueprint and belief in the profession?

Listen in as I am joined by a former Corporate America executive, six figure earner who was very unhappy in her corporate life, even though everything looked polished and buttoned up on the outside. Yet, she was a complete MLM skeptic.

What opened her mind; how did she hit the top rank in her company in 1 year; and how might this knowledge help you do the same?

Welcome Janine Finney!

Show notes - How to Explain Network Marketing to Skeptics  

I’m Jackie Ulmer, a multi million dollar social selling expert, and your guide to master the art of the Social Sale for Network Marketing

I help Network Marketers, coaches and mentors make money, without annoying their family, friends or strangers, and build a thriving social selling business.

We do all of this together in the Street Smart Wealth Academy.

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How do I find people for my Network Marketing business? How do I share what I am doing in a way that feels authentic and not "salesy?"

These are two questions I had myself; and now have answered for decades! 

My short answer - you don't find them; you let them find YOU.

And, here is how!

In 1999, after attending an internet seminar, I saw some genuine potential in using online methods as a tool to "reverse roles" and allow those people who were interested in a home business to find me, and let me know they wanted to know more. 

So, I decided to give this “Internet thingie” a go, and build a web presence, and ultimately a business online. 

Lots of people lined up to tell me I was crazy; I wouldn’t be successful; it couldn’t be done. I calmly put my blinders and ear muffs on and got busy proving them wrong. 

Once I was successful, people started saying I got “lucky” because I had an early start; that it was easier “back then.”

Then, I was asked what I would do if the internet went away; how would I stay in business.

“Easy! All the skills I learned offline are the same concepts I use online; so I would just go back to doing that.”

 Today, right now, a better question is -

 How will your business survive if real life went away…. 

Kind of like it seems to be doing right now…. 

We are in a unique time in the world, as more people than ever, globally are looking for the peace of mind that a business from home can provide. What’s trending right now on Google Search?

Home based business, work from home; great home biz; how do I work from home; what's a good home business?

People are scared and looking for solutions, in a way they never did before. Many are struggling with job loss, health concerns, they need flexibility , kids are home and need home schooled. And, more.

This is why I believe that now is the perfect time to build your business, and attract those who are interested. You can launch or relaunch your business.

Social media has become the greatest tool ever to attract this audience, and it is also highly competitive. It's important to understand and remember that nobody comes to social media with their credit card out, ready to buy something or start a new business.

 It doesn’t mean they won’t. But, you must be intentional and have a plan to be effective online. Otherwise, you turn off the very people who could be interested and whom you could help.

Do you have a plan? If not, let’s talk.

I’m Jackie Ulmer, and this is your Monday Motivation minute. Contact me at

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We tend to think of dating as what we do for a romantic partner. But, what if we shifted how we think of our prospects and becoming attractive to those in and around our business?

Google defines dating:

You are actively getting out there and meeting people and spending time with them. “Dating someone” means you're seeing somebody specific, with purpose and on a regular basis. ... You're spending time with a person (or persons) in hopes of finding a committed relationship.


Think about this with regard to the relationships you build in your business.




Team Partners.

Ambassadors for you.

Most people flounder and fail in their attempt to build a successful network marketing business…

Does that describe you? Are you floundering?



Show Notes -

We must form a relationship with anything we want in life - goals, health, fitness, good friendships, a journaling or meditation practice; spirituality.

You can’t just think about something once and then expect to get what you want.

Listen as I cover how to be attractive and how you might be showing up as unattractive!

Hey, if you like what you are hearing and learning on the podcast, you really should check out the Street Smart Wealth Academy. We take all of this and package it into a radical shift for you, and the way you think and act in your business.

And, it’s guaranteed. Do the work, get the results, or get your money back.

What could be better than that?

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Here’s what my clients tell me, and I get it. Almost on the daily, they stare at their screen, spinning their wheels trying to figure out what to share on social media to create SOMETHING - a like, a comment, some interest, a Direct Message, maybe, and wow, a sale or signup would be nice.

Right? Is this you?

You ponder, write, edit, delete, and repeat. And nothing ever gets out there. Or, at least not consistently and not content that pulls people to you.

And, you HATE how overwhelming and time consuming it is for you.

You’ve purchased content calendars to give you prompts, and you start, then stop because it's starting to feel so…forced, so generic, so stale, even.

You’ve probably even fallen into the trap of copying someone else’s content, maybe your upline or someone in your company, because it worked for them; it inspired you, so….

But, you didn’t get the same results. And frankly, you are exhausted trying to come up with your own clever words.

Here’s what I want you to know and HEAR from me - it’s not because you are a “bad writer” that makes you struggle. It’s not even that you don’t know what to say.

The struggle is due to the way you are thinking about creating content. Or, overthinking it, in some cases.

It's your THOUGHTS about content writing that make it feel so hard.

You can't keep beating yourself up about it every day, or every week.

The reason why your content writing feels so challenging is because you have expectations about it. You expect this ONE post to yield a certain outcome. A certain number of likes, or responses.

You have told yourself that you have to do it "right" in order for it to come across the right way.

You are busy judging if it has "value" or if it's "inspiring" enough.

You probably suffer from Comparanoia and fear of Other People’s Opinions. You think you aren’t good enough; that no one is going to care about your story; your struggles; your fears.

You watch others who have struggled and then had the breakthrough and so you are hesitant to share your story because you have not yet had that breakthrough.

But, your hesitation is what is keeping you from the breakthrough.

It’s keeping you stuck.

Here’s the catch - the struggle and the “stuckness” are what people are waiting to hear from you.


It reassures them that it’s okay. They’re okay.

I would love to show you EXACTLY how to craft your story of struggles, challenges and triumph (as we create it) into content that creates that breakthrough.

Would that help you? Let’s talk.

I’m Jackie Ulmer, and this is your Monday Motivation minute. Contact me at

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We hear how important the WHY is, and that once we have that, the how will follow. How important is it really, to your network marketing success. How do you find yours, and what if you lose it, like I did?

Yesterday, I kicked off my new webinar series - FirstDateMagic for Network Marketers - how to build a thriving social selling business without annoying family, friends or strangers.

Can you EVEN believe that was still available? Grab it there!

I have submitted my first week to be a teacher on Insight Timer and I am over the moon about it. I’ll let you know when I am officially on the platform.

When I started my network marketing journey, I was asked what my why was. Find your why. It wasn't easy. And, it involved being home with my children no matter what.

In 2009, I realized I had lost my why when my teenaged children didn't need me home any more. Goal accomplished. Now what?

Recently, my WHY crystalized yet again, listen in for how!

I help Network Marketers, coaches and mentors make money, without annoying their family, friends or strangers, and build a thriving social selling business.

We do all of this together in the Street Smart Wealth Academy.

Learn more at

I’d love to work with you there.

We kick hustle and grind to the curb and build a better strategy and way of authentically showing up and selling, sponsoring and building a brand and tribe on Social Media.

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Social media isn’t selling. It requires you to be SOCIAL.

Posting with the “Spray and Pray” process does NOT work.

Do you know the best way to get others interested in you? Be interested in them. TRULY engaged and interested.

Are you liking, and more importantly commenting in an engaging way, and having real conversations with people you enjoy talking to; and who might be a perfect fit for you.

Be real, be you, and don’t be graspy and loaded with an agenda in your conversations.

Just connect and get to know people.

Pick 10 people a day to engage with. Track it.

Be consistent. They will begin to see your posts.

This is how the algorithm works. Engage with them first. Get on their radar as well as Instagram or Facebook.

Try it for a month and let me know how it goes. I’m pretty sure I already know the answer!

I’m Jackie Ulmer, and this is your Monday Motivation minute. Learn more about me at

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New year, new thoughts, new hopes and dreams. So, what is it about goals and goal setting that deserves our time and attention?


It’s human nature to always have hope, possibility, and expect the potential of what might be!


Show notes -


I want to dive into goals, goal setting, the fears we have around this process, and what we really must know about goals.


One of my favorite quotes is by Jim Rohn, on goals -


The true power and success in setting a goal is the transformation, growth and learning you accomplish on the way to achieving it.


The challenge with most goal setting is:


Random thought of what we want.


No true planning before.


No planning for actually achieving it.


And, 365 days stretching ahead of us.


The problem with this much time to achieve the goal:


We procrastinate.


We forget.


We get distracted.


We let fear settle in.


Last week, we picked one big STRETCH goal for 2021. Or, at least I did. Have you?


Here’s what most often happens once we select that goal.


We start out excited, feel anticipation, big expectations.


Then, our monkey mind throws open the door.


“Who do you think you are? You can’t possibly think you are capable of achieving that goal. Why would you even want to try?”


People will laugh.


You’ll Make a fool of yourself.


Just be happy with what you have.


Listen to hear a process to get you headed toward your goals.


I help Network Marketers, coaches and mentors make money, without annoying their family, friends or strangers, and build a thriving social selling business.


We do all of this together in the Street Smart Wealth Academy.


Learn more at

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Ready to kick 2020 to the curb? Have much more in 2021. So, let’s do it.

1st, Create a crystal clear vision for your business and the lifestyle you want to create through your business. The "why" is the most important part of the whole equation. It doesn’t matter what type of entrepreneur you study - real estate, internet marketer, network marketer, inventor, author/speaker - and so on - the key elements to success are the same. 

2nd, know your plan - Write out your daily marketing plan and do it. Take steps daily, and invest in your education, refuse to quit. You need a way to connect with new people daily; share what you do in a way that connects with them and does not spam them.

3rd, Uncover hidden challenges that are holding you back - this is where you must get very clear, very authentic and very committed to removing these roadblocks. It starts with realizing and acknowledging that NO ONE holds you back but YOU.

-Push past your fear and do things that move you out of your comfort zone. What you focus on develops. 

Show notes -

If you are struggling with how to do this, join me in the StreetSmartWealthAcademy. This is what we do, every day; every week.

You have to KNOW; you have to BELIEVE and you have to take ACTION.

I’m Jackie Ulmer, and this is your Monday Motivation minute. Learn more about me at

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