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You’re Listening to the Street Smart Wealth Experience, show 309 and today we are going to go through the key components of your business development action plan. When you know what to do each and every day, and you take action on it, your business will thrive.

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Your Business Development Action Plan

As I mentioned on the last two shows, I recently ran a survey to see what your most challenging things are in your business. And, the number one thing was having a business action plan so that you have a roadmap in place of what to do each day.

Success is sexy, the system to build the business is not always sexy! We struggle with figuring out what that daily plan of action should be to move us forward.

Every business, whether it’s Direct Sales and Network Marketing, Real Estate, Party Plan, Insurance, coaching or ANY business needs - clients and customers, leads and prospects, referral partners and ambassadors!

We most all start with our warm market and let them know we have started a business. We let them know about our products, our services and even our business opportunity if we are in a network marketing business.

We want to use good success language when we contact and notify those we know. gets into the specifics of how to build your database and notify people of what you do. Develop that solid “elevator pitch” and good success language to entice others to want to know more.

Avoid the tendency to just talk at people.

Here are some steps to take -

Take a Personal Inventory and know your hobbies, interests, likes, passions, products.
Do a SWOT Analysis - what are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?
Then, develop your system and plan to contact your database and stay top of mind.
Develop your follow up plan - I call this the F word in business. Most business people fail at follow up.
What is your plan to expand your database on a daily and weekly basis?

There are offline and online ways to do this.

Offline - there is lifestyling such as kids events; church. any extra curricular activities.

Online, we have Social Media, Search, Content and paid advertising.

Focus on really building and developing that Core Center of Influence.

Online, develop a content plan and strategy. Pick a theme for each month and then break that down by week.

This will help you with what you will share on Facebook; Facebook Live; YouTube Videos; Instagram; Blog posts and more.

Avoid the tendency to take a “spray and pray” approach to your business.

Instead be VERY intentional with what you share.

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