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So many people struggle when they try to grow a full time income and business while working at another job, with limited time.


Can you relate?

Show Notes:


The key to making this work, and building your part time business into a full time income and career, without losing your mind is through systems.


Systems equal success.


Systems equal a lifestyle business.


And, isn’t that what we all desire, really? A life we love, with time to enjoy what matters, while building an income and a career that fuels our passion, our fun and our finances?


Here are some examples of systems in your business that will create that, when you understand them, how to use them and commit to it.


Evergreen Content - so you no longer have Stare, Compare and Despair syndrome, wondering what to post on Social.


Calendar - so you always know what you are doing when, and can plug that content right into it.


Simple  Tools Like Google Drive, where you can store your content and your calendar.


I teach you this in the Killer Content Formula.


Join me at and take the free 3 day challenge and come away with your first pieces of compelling content.

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For years, I have heard this complaint from Non Network Marketers and skeptics - Network Marketers take advantage of friendships with their business.


And, I never really got that, until recently, when I felt the sting of it…

Show Notes:


I’m Jackie Ulmer, a top earning, award winning mentor, helping Network Marketers, coaches and solovprenurs make money, without annoying their family, friends or strangers, and build a thriving social selling business.


I have a Content Creation And Success Language challenge starting on the 1st.


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So, let me just share what I’ve experienced in the last few months.


Digital marketing has brought out the worst in people.

Snarly DMs; no personal connection and no interest.

"Hey, I need you to do me a favor..."

"Hey, I've launched a new business and you're invited and would you host...."

Me, Me, Me, Me - I finally reached the point where I felt like I had a dollar sign stamped on my forehead.

And, if I'm feeling that, while in the profession, what are those outside feeling?

And thinking about Network Marketing?


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WE hear it over and over again - you’ve got to give value.

What does that mean, really?

Show Notes:

Here is what it is NOT - it is not about sharing nothing but facts, figures and how tos!


We all know how to lose weight, basically.


Eat less and move more. There is no shortage online of recipes, menus, fad diets, workouts, shredded abs in 15 days and so on.


Value comes best through shared experiences.


Common themes and ideas.


Struggles and successes.


Being part of the tribe.


Do you know who your tribe is?

Do you know what their struggles and fears are?

What keeps them awake at night?

Do you speak that to them over and over in your content? So they know you see them.

You know them.

You get them.

You can help them.

Want to learn how to identify your tribe and write powerfully and strategically to them?

Providing more value than you can imagine…

Join me at and take the free 3 day challenge and come away with your first pieces of compelling content.

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There is a psychology behind sales and those who thrive at selling, converting, signing up team members and growing their business have learned it, even if they don’t realize they have.

I was taught by a brilliant copy writer to remember that - People are bored out of their minds and looking for entertainment and things to brighten up their day. Entertain them and they will pay attention and share your content.

You may think that’s great for everyone else but you are not a great writer.

Well, that’s another learned skill. You may not ever become Shakespeare, but you can jazz up your writing.

Power words are a great way to do this.

For starters, the word YOU is always at the top of the list. Your audience doesn’t care about you first and foremost, they care about themselves. So use the word YOU more than I or me.

Other good words - Imagine, Because, Astounding, Proven.

Words that create an image and force the mind to think are powerful - Tsunami, soul sucking, Tidalwave, Crashing, Deafening.

Let’s take deafening - Do you want to appeal to someone else’s angst about getting out of their current situation? Having more in life?

Here’s one way to say it.

I was so tired of my situation. I was ready for a change.

Imagine changing that to -

The sounds in my head were deafening. The tsunami of thoughts I was having on a regular basis about needing a change finally reached their peak. Now is the time.


How many people might be compelled more by that statement than the first?


Want to learn how to write powerfully and strategically?


Join me at and take the free 3 day challenge and come away with your first pieces of compelling content.

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We all have them, those days we feel like quitting our Business. We can’t seem to find anyone who will listen, meanwhile everyone else is having huge success.

We look in the mirror and ask - what is wrong with me? What do they know that I don’t know?

Never quit on a bad day. That’s the easy route.

Do you still want the things you said you did when you started your business? Do you still feel the desire for those things strongly within you?


If the answer is even sort of yes, then you just need to spend some time in silence getting clear on what YOUR blocks are. What limiting beliefs are keeping you stuck?

If you want some help unraveling this, I am a master at mindset mastery. Let’s connect.

Join me at and take the free 3 day challenge and come away with your first pieces of compelling content.

I’m Jackie Ulmer, and this is your Monday Motivation minute. Learn more about me at

Show Notes:

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When bad times show up in a Network Marketing company, many people don’t stick it out. This woman persevered through some very challenging product failures and more, and it has really paid off.

Show Notes:

I’m Jackie Ulmer, a top earning, award winning expert, helping Network Marketers, coaches and mentors make money, without annoying their family, friends or strangers, and build a thriving social selling business.

I’ve sold products and services, and built teams in over 40 countries without leaving my home. If this gal can do it, with no formal training to begin with, so can you.

Most people today are struggling with Stare, Compare and Despair when it comes to posting good, engaging content that gets eyeballs, engagement and makes SALES.

I’m running a 3 day challenge in a few days and I’ll be coaching you through creating a stunning Impact Introduction that can be used in multiple areas, along with how to share your business story without annoying people.

Stop right now and get the details -

You’ll have access to my 9 part email series that created a million dollar business, and I’ll walk you right through how to use it to create everything you need on Social Media!

7 years ago, I had the pleasure to interview my friend and fellow network marketing professional, Margie Aliprandi! I plan to have her back as soon as we can mesh our schedules together.

With so many challenges going on, I thought it would be a great to time to share the previous one with you, and give you some insight and encouragement!

This was back when we just used a conference line, so the sound is not as good as today! But, the content is priceless! Listen up and Enjoy.


Margie Aliprandi truly is a self-made multi-millionaire focused on lifting others to millionaire status.

It is her purpose, passion and joy to help people bring forth their inherent greatness and leverage it into abundance.

From a lifetime of teaching, entertaining and mentoring, she brings big ideas and evidence-based solutions to her work as entrepreneur, author, trainer and speaker on personal development, optimal health and longevity, and peak financial achievement.

She was one of my mentors early on, long before I ever met her, or shared a stage with her. Today, I am proud to call her not only my mentor, but a friend. I was thrilled to spend time with her in her home, as part of her book launch for How to Get Absolutely Anything You Want: In Six Practical, Doable, Time-Tested Steps.


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