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Closing Out 2013 and Welcoming in 2014   Happiness, gratitude and even success are a choice. A choice WE make. A great way to launch your new year is to close out the old, and set some powerful patterns and intentions to move you forward.   The end of the year is a perfect time [...]
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Systems, Success, Online Network Marketing   In this week’s podcast, I interview one of my business partners, Joel Peterson, on his story – how he started as an entrepreneur; his early days, successes and struggles in Network Marketing; becoming an Online Marketer and combining Network Marketing and Online Marketing to build successful global businesses. Some [...]
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Interview With Million Dollar Earner Kimber King   It’s important to remember that success in our profession is a marathon, and not a sprint. It’s just as sweet, no matter when you arrive. In today’s podcast, I interview my good friend and fellow Network Marketing Mom, Kimber King. Listen as she shares a big lesson [...]
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Business Building Tips for the Holiday Season   I know, I know, it can be a frazzling time of year PERIOD, without even factoring in a business, right? And, you may be wondering how you are going to get it all done. The way I see it, you have two choices - Take a break [...]
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Gratitude and Thanksgiving   Happy Thanksgiving here in the United States. And, really, every day is a day to express gratitude and Thanksgiving, even without the turkey! In this podcast, you’ll hear how to incorporate gratitude and appreciation into a daily practice to move your business and your life forward. I share some of my [...]
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Don’t Get Stuck in a Network Marketing Box   Well, this podcast may be a little controversial in that I am a believer that the term “duplication” can be widely misunderstood and over used to create a system of failure for some. We tell people to “think outside of the box” in breaking free of [...]
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MLM Network Marketing Mastermind Event Recap Part 2 Hopefully, you caught Part 1 of this series.   If not, listen in here – MLM Network Marketing Mastermind Event Recap Part 1   In this part of the series, you’ll hear tips shared from Orjan Saele, Orrin Woodward and Wes Linden.   Orjan Saele – Hunger [...]
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MLM Network Marketing Mastermind Event 2013 Recap   Welcome Network Marketing Rock Stars! This is how the program opens on one of the finest generic Network Marketing training events in the country. This was my first year attending the event and I had a fantastic time not only listening to those on stage, but equally [...]
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Time Management Strategies   Time…   Moat of us just never have enough of it; and we are always looking for more of it.   We say things like – Time heals all wounds…and other mantras regarding time.   And, yet, we all have the same 24 hours in the day.   In this podcast, [...]
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7 Habits For Happiness in Life and Business   Isn’t life and business funny? For me, I pursued what I “defined” as “success” in my business for a long time, and while I did achieve it, looking back now, I realize that I was not pursuing “happiness” in my life and business for quite some [...]
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The ABCs of Home Business Success   Regardless of what type of business you are building - Network Marketing Direct Sales Party Plan Online Business Coaching Business   and so on, there are some key elements that will take you to the top, if you just follow them.   In this podcast, I cover the [...]
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Objections – How to Handle Them in Your Business   Oh, objections – this can derail a new team partner faster than anything, if he/she doesn’t have the key skills to use good success language to defuse the objection. The key to success in dealing with objections is good language and posture. The key to [...]
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How to Email Effectively   Or, better titled – Bad Emails I have received and why they don’t work! In this podcast, I am going to share some real life examples of emails I have received, prospecting me for various things. And, I highlight what is wrong with them. This is not meant to offend [...]
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Facebook For Business Are you ready to use the power of Social Media, and specifically Facebook to generate leads for your Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Party Plan or Online Business? And, are you ready to learn how to do it RIGHT, without offending friends, family and other potential business leads? This podcast is for you, [...]
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4 Skills to Network Marketing Success   Whether you are building your business online or offline, there are 4 critical skills that you want to master to have success personally, and to duplicate this with your team. As you listen to the podcast, remember that what we do online is just an extension of what [...]
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Beach Money Interview With Jordan Adler   Ah, just the sound of the words rolling off the tongue….beach money….conjures up a fabulous visual, don’t you think? And, what does it take exactly to create a “beach money lifestyle”? Is it just a myth? Attainable by only a few? In this podcast, I interview my good [...]
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A Day in the Life of an Internet Marketer Now, to give a disclaimer right up front, I have never considered myself a true “internet marketer.” I see myself as a Direct Sales, Network Marketer who uses the tools of the internet to generate leads, sign up customers and team partners and basically build my [...]
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Ready to Create a “Pinch Me” Dream Business?   Sound too good to be true? It’s not! When I discovered the Internet, and realized what a powerful tool it could be in building my Network Marketing business online, I set out to create just that - A DREAM Business! In the fall of 1999, as [...]
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  Building a You Inc Business So, what does that mean, really? Well, to me, it just means building a business that you love, and also understanding YOU and how many things about YOU fit into your business! Here is what you’ll find in today’s show:   A little of my story and my struggles [...]
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5 Principles of Wealth   Ahh……success….it can sure be elusive, can’t it?   It can be so frustrating when we are:   Working Hard   Working Smart   Trying Hard   Giving it our all….   And, still…nothing….   Here is the thing -   If you don’t know, understand and practice the 5 Wealth [...]
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How an Online Business Really Works   The Internet has been a key tool in allowing me to build a successful business. I can’t imagine my life or my business without it. Beware though – it doesn’t happen without confusion and distraction. Today, online, there is a new product launch selling the next big secret [...]
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Vision, Mindset and Some Online Tricks   Thanks for listening in to today’s podcast.   Today, I am interviewing Mark Call, a veteran in the Network Marketing profession and a dedicated online business builder (like me!)   He shares a little of his background, his successes and failures and some insights into using the amazing [...]
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  More on List Building for Your Online Business   Some of the most common questions I am asked revolve around the list and how to go about this part of building the online part of your business. Your list is your fortune; this is your audience. Your list is totally different than your fans, [...]
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Grab Bag of Network Marketing and Online Questions and Answers . In today’s podcast, we cover some of the top questions that come in here, on my website. This is an ongoing source for great podcasts and I appreciate the feedback you offer on these, as well as your questions! Today’s questions are : I [...]
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Getting Your Online Automated Income Machine Started . So, you are ready to take the plunge and create a business online, right? And, then you look around and think – “Okay, great, but what does that really look like?” In this podcast, you are going to learn: The 4 daily action steps you must take [...]
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  LinkedIn for Online and Home Business Success . Are you like so many out there? You know LinkedIn can be a great social media site and source for viable prospects for your business; but you are just not sure how to start; where to go; what to do; or how it’s different? Today’s podcast [...]
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From Old School to New School – Interview with 30+ Year Veterans   The debate about whether the internet “really” works as a tool to build and sustain a network marketing business rages on. Actually, there are many ways to build a successful business and it does not have to be an either or. All [...]
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Twitter Basics for MLM Success . Baffled by Tweeting, and Tweet Chats, and how this can move your business forward and attract people to you for your products and your business? This podcast covers some Twitter basics and tips to push your content, your brand and ultimately your business and team out online. We’ll cover [...]
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Prosperity Mindset for MLM Success . So often, we start at the wrong place in our business. We start with trying to learn the nuts and bolts of “how” to do the business, when we aren’t really clear on “why” to do the business. And, we often have a lot of emotional garbage and baggage [...]
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. Managing Social Media Overwhelm – Taming Social Media . It sounds great, and it is by the way, marketing your business online; having people come to you instead of the reverse and so on, right? But, then you get out there and it’s Tweet this; and status updates; and video marketing, blogging and on [...]
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Building Your Brand Online in Network Marketing . I know, branding, target market and all of these concepts can seem a little “overdone” these days online, right? Well, I feel so lucky because building a “brand” online was the furthest thing from my mind, and something no one was talking about back in 1999. Whew! [...]
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Are you a Network Marketing Professional? .   In this interview, Garrett McGrath, president of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals share his story, news about the Association and how it benefits YOU, as well as thoughts on building culture, Amway’s legacy and more! Some of the concepts: Garrett started in Network Marketing right out [...]
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  Crush it With Gary Vaynerchuk! . My dream come true interview! A few months back, Gary Vaynerchuk, author of two best selling books – Crush It  and The Thank You Economy tweeted about his 1 a day plan, to provide one 15 minute interview a day, for 365 days, and gave the link to [...]
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  Online Tools for Your Sponsoring Toolbox . Ready to rock out your sponsoring and team building? And, to do so on a Global basis? Today’s podcast shares the key tools you need to take your business to the VERY top; build a global team, even if your primary company is not; and the steps [...]
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Finding Prospects for Your Network Marketing Business Part 2   Ready to learn about finding prospects for your Network Marketing business in the cold market, which includes buying leads, advertising and cold calling professionals. In last week’s show, we covered your warm market, networking events such as COC, BNI; life styling and a little bit [...]
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Finding Prospects For Your Network Marketing Business   Is this process stumping you just a little? This is part 1 of a 2 part series on finding prospects for your business. There is never any reason to run out of people to talk to. In this podcast, we are going to cover Warm Market; referrals, [...]
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  Thanks for listening to the Street Smart Wealth, Profit in Your PJs Podcast! Wow! Episode #12, which means I’ve made it about 3 months and I have to say I am LOVING the process of creating this content. What thoughts do YOU have? Please share them below and PLEASE – rate and review my [...]
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  How to Build a Successful Network Marketing Business as a Busy Mom (or Dad!) Maybe you have started your business and you are struggling with how to balance it all, as a busy mom or dad. You may be asking yourself – Can I really make this work? YES, you can and I have [...]
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Let’s Build That List BABY! You may have heard it said before – the power is in the LIST! And, it’s true. In today’s podcast, you are going to learn why! Have you listened to Episode 7; Which details an Overview of My Story taking my business online. Listen in, if not! And, Episode 9; [...]
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Blogging in Your MLM Business In today’s podcast, I’m going to share the steps I used to get my Online Hub of the Universe running. These are simple steps if you don’t “major in the minors” and let the small details stop you from getting started. Have you ever asked yourself – “Why do I [...]
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  Listen in to a recap of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals Event, – Dallas, TX, March 1-3, 2013. The event was filled with 6 and 7 figure annual income earners from all around the globe, and Asia was well represented, as was the United States, of course. I was extremely honored to have [...]
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  Ready to learn what might happen for you if you take your business online as well as offline? I’m excited to share some possibilities with you about what the tools of the internet can do for your business. In today’s Street Smart Wealth Podcast, I’m going to share my story for how, when and [...]
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