Peak Performance Habits - Jackie Ulmer
Interview with Party Plan Pro Deb Bixler   In today’s podcast, you are going to learn some great techniques for both Party Plan businesses as well as straight Network Marketing. I’m interviewing Deb Bixler, who left behind her corporate job less than a year after starting her party plan business. She shares how she started; [...]
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How to Use 3 Way Calling Successfully in Your Business   Today, we are going to cover the importance that 3 way calls can make in your business, whether you are generating leads online or offline. I stress this because online, these are just as important and you don’t want to miss the importance of [...]
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Social Media Sponsoring Answers Podcast   Every day, I get questions from my audience and followers on just how to go about building a Network Marketing or Direct Sales Business Online. The main questions I get are -   How do I get started? What should I focus on daily, for a strategy? Does what [...]
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