Peak Performance Habits - Jackie Ulmer

Creating a consistent daily routine for Social Selling Results is one of the best steps you can take to ensure your success, and yet, oddly, it's a place where huge resistance can come up.

We tend to rely on "Spray and Pray" when it comes to those income producing activities that drive our business.

Show Notes:

Have a mindset routine. You either run the day or the day runs YOU. Mindset First. I do mine first thing in the morning.

Then, it's GO or ACTION Time!

I know my Peak Performance times and when I am in my Zone of Genius.

I focus my best times on SDAs or single daily actions, or a DMO - daily method of operation; those things we need to be doing to move our business forward.

Active conversations and passive marketing.

Who am I speaking to and what am I putting out in content?

Meet People, Share what you do, invite into the experience.

My content focus is on my 4 Pillars in the Street Smart Wealth Academy.




Management of Time and Productivity

My aligned client has a lot of drama around this and I help them sort it out; get it done, and put it out there and have success!

And, I like to be specific for relatability to my audience.

Master the Practice of success. That means consistently doing it over and over and over again.

Need help with any of that?

If you like what you are hearing and learning on the podcast, you really should check out the Street Smart Wealth Academy. We take your mindset, your messaging and your marketing, package it into a complete business action plan and a radical shift for you, and the way you think and act in your business.

And, it’s guaranteed. Do the work, get the results, or get your money back.

What could be better than that?

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