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5 Key Ways to Find Leads for Your Network Marketing Business

Do you struggle with finding people to talk to about your business and your products? Where have all the good people gone and why is it so much easier for the top people in the company?


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In those notes, I have included a guide to walk you through the entire process I’ll be sharing here today.


I’m Jackie Ulmer and I coach Network Marketers and entrepreneurs on how to be the success they want to be; make more money and not annoy their family and friends.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


Where to Find People

Your Mindset Around Talking to People


Finding Clarity

Creating Change




Where to Find People


Now, you are going to think that this is the hard part. But it’s really not, because think about it -


People are everywhere. (Except in your home, where you might be hiding…)




You are just stumped at how to find out.


Here is a short list of where to find people -



Children’s Events

Your Job

People You Know

Your Friend’s And Family - Yikes, really?

Networking Events

Social Media


Walk into a room of 100 people and some of your ideal clients are in the room. Already. They have a need and you have the solution.


When you look at this list, it is easy to see how you can never run out of people to talk to. You just have to overcome the mindset around why you aren’t talking to people and sharing what you do.


People get frustrated when they hear me name the same old list there is for finding people to talk to.


And, let’s be logical about that.


There is no magic vending machine where the right people hang out, looking for what you offer.


Wouldn’t it be stellar if it were that simple?


So, back to the mindset piece…



Your Mindset Around Talking to People


What’s your top goal in your business and why have you not achieved it yet?


Chances are you are stuck in the spin cycle. Have you ever had that happen on your washing machine. It gets stuck and just keeps spinning, and getting no where.


It often needs a reboot, or to be reset to get back on track and do what it is supposed to do.


You may need a reboot, too.


Back to the question about your top business goal, and why you have not yet achieved it.


The only thing standing between you and the success you desire are negative thoughts, which create negative feelings, and keep you stuck in inaction and therefore not achieving the results you desire.


Let’s plug this into the CTFAR model and determine what is keeping you stuck.


Your goal is what goes on the R, or results line.


Under C, or circumstance, let’s write - People need to know about my business.


You can’t stay a closet junkie and expect to move your business forward, right?


What is the thought, or T in this equation?


Could be many -


Who’s going to listen to me?


I don’t know what to say.


Nobody I know will be interested.


Now, anyone of those thoughts will create a negative feeling. that keeps you stuck.


That feeling might be -






Let’s talk about discomfort and it’s role in the process.





Discomfort is okay. In fact, it’s necessary for growth.


It’s important that you become willing to allow some discomfort into the process.


Be uncomfortable on purpose.

Discomfort is just a feeling. It won’t kill you. It won’t make you an outcast among your peers. It won’t wreck your life.

It will allow you to grow.

Does that sound too simple? It is simple, and not always easy.

Think about the difference in short term discomfort vs. long term discomfort.

What is it costing you to stay stuck? What’s your discomfort level with your current situation; or with your lack of the situation that you desire?

How do you feel now about that?

How will you feel next year? In 5 years, 10? At the end of your life?


What regrets will you have?


Which feels worse? Discomfort now? Or for the rest of your life?


Finding Clarity


It’s important to gain clarity around what it is you want. What it is you REALLY want.


And, then how to get there.


First, brainstorm exactly WHY it is you want this goal. What does achieving it offer you? Beyond the MONEY.


People usually start there but it’s never about the money. The cold hard cash. It’s about freedom; choices; experiences.




What are the thoughts you need to be thinking to get there? Write those down.


What feelings will those thoughts create about your ability to get this done?


Now, we get to the interesting part and that is creating clarity around the action steps.


What actions are required for you to get this done? The get it done part is SIMPLY talking to people.


We are not attaching to the outcome. The outcome is not what matters.


It’s been proven over and over again that practice creates mastery.


So, step number one is creating your list of people to talk to, or determine the steps you’ll take to find people to add to that list.


Taking the list I already mentioned -


Starbucks or any where you can go to meet people. How often will you commit to showing up and starting a conversation with 1 or 2 people there?


Children’s Events - this may or may not apply to you, but if it does, set a goal to really get to know 1 or 2 people each event.


Your Job - again, may or may not apply and you must be careful in some cases. But at least make a connection and learn more, looking for that challenge they may have.


People You Know  - who’s on that list?


Your Friend’s And Family - Yikes, really? Yes, and the next part will help with this.


Networking Events - this is a gold mine when used the right way.


Social Media - again, another gold mine when used correctly.


Now that you have a list or a plan for finding people, what will you say? We’ve covered this so many times, and it is not as difficult as you may be making it out to be.


Get my guide on creating a powerful introduction. This will help you feel more confident -


Success Language is something I cover quite in depth in the Street Smart Wealth Academy. Come see what it is all about.



Finally, we come to -


Creating Change


Real change is needed here. Change in your thinking, feeling and actions.


Think about what it is really costing you not to have your dreams. It usually comes down to one of a few things -





Stuck in the past

Self Pity


All of these lead to inaction instead of driving you into the massive action that works.


Do you see where clearing up your thoughts and feelings will increase your confidence? And when we feel confident, we are much more likely to get into action.


And, action fueled with confidence is powerful.


It creates those desired results.


That doesn’t mean obstacles won’t show up. They will. Count on it. That’s how life is, because obstacles fuel growth.


And, our goal in this life is to always be growing.


I have a good friend who has had a big dream for years. First, it was to become a helicopter pilot. Then, it was to own a helicopter.


Less than a year ago, he achieved the dream of ownership.


About a month ago, that dream went up in flames, almost literally, as the helicopter was demolished in a crash.


He survived, and got out with nothing but a few scratches on the outside.


For sure, a few bigger scratches on the inside.


We had breakfast last week and talked about life’s lessons, and growth. Of finding the meaning in all that happens to us.


And, to do so in a way that is compassionate to ourselves.


What do you think your obstacles might be?


What make those challenges for you?


What do you think you need help with in these areas?


What is your plan to get the help you need?



Write them down and use the CTFAR process to work yourself from where you are to where you want to be.



Remember this - people are everywhere. Interested people are everywhere.


They aren’t different or unique, or skeptical or anything else where you live.



That’s a THOUGHT you are thinking that is creating the feeling of doubt or something negative for you that is keeping you stuck.


Shift the thought, shift the feeling, shift the actions and the results will also shift.



Show notes for the guide - 


If you take a look at where you are in your business, and you are not thrilled with it; answer this question.


What is holding you back from being where you want to be? Is it mind drama? Drama around the word no; other people’s opinions? Your own opinions about yourself?


We have a powerful module called “Managing Your Mindset” in the Street Smart Wealth Academy.


If you will spend a little time in these lessons  daily or weekly; you will see a huge shift in your business and your life.


What would that be worth to you? To have the success you desire show up easily and effortlessly?


Join us -


I’ll see you on the inside and remember this - “Hesitation NEVER cashed a check.”


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Sales is NOT a Dirty Word. Why Start w/ Sales? Social Media Oriented - Skill you MUST Nail!


Sales is the MOST amazing skill and THING when done right. With your ideal client in mind. When I learned this skill, everything changed.


Mindset - YOURS is the biggest key. Take away. Growth AREA


Our Resistance and Why - Don't Want to Sell to friends; Ick Factor; Don't Want to Be Pushy; Don't Want to look stupid!



What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


5 Step Closing Process

Where they ARE and where they want to GO

Bridge the Gap

Paint the Vision - Don’t Skip This

Listening to Objections

Handle the Objections


I’m Jackie Ulmer and I coach Network Marketers and entrepreneurs on how to be the success they want to be; make more money and not annoy their family and friends.


Learn more at


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I’m Jackie Ulmer and I coach Network Marketers and entrepreneurs on how to be the success they want to be; make more money and not annoy their family and friends.


Learn more at


Also, are you in my facebook group?


There are some very distinct differences (and similarities) to Party Plan and Network Marketing.


I use the term network marketing most broadly, but I coach and train as many party plan people as pure network marketers.


Both could learn a LOT from the business model of the other. Especially when it comes to customers.


So, let’s talk about Your Product Customers in Network Marketing, and how very important they are to the lifeblood and longevity of your business.


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


Why Customers Matter

Sharing the Product Story

Customer Success Language

Handling Questions

Servicing Your Customers

Staying Top of Mind



Why Customers Matter


Every business needs customers. Party Plan gets this and it is their #1 goal, followed by team building or recruiting.


In Party Plan, the marketing plan is built around ongoing exposure to the products first, company and opportunity second.


Customer loyalty is ideally built, sustained and this creates a great ongoing source of stability and income, when done right.


Most Party Plan companies have monthly customer volume sales quotas in order to remain active and get paid. These are usually higher than Network Marketing personal sales volume quotas.


For network marketers? Customers - YES, there is no sin in having customers. We are moving away from just the personal consumption model, and putting more emphasis on Customers. The recent rulings by the FTC on numerous companies these past few years have more companies putting solid emphasis on customers. And, this is a great way to get your own auto ship paid for.


And, this volume and income keeps people in the game and gives them some immediate success. Immediate Cash!


Don’t be afraid to place part of your emphasis on gathering customers, who can easily turn into business builders later on, with a solid product story.





Sharing the Product Story


Stories Sell, facts just TELL!



Your background before the product. What you didn’t like about what you were or were not experiencing; how the product changed your life.


Your results, in other words.


Or, the life of someone else. Share stories.


Avoid health and claims of a cure!


We have an emotional attachment to stories; we connect with them; and this goes a lot further to bringing someone on board than patents pending; celebrity endorsements or things don't really answer the question - What's in it for me. Stories are what people take away from events; encounters; training and such.

You must become a master communicator to be successful in your business and it all starts with telling stories.

Take yourself through the exercise of creating a story and then teach your team to do this -

Here is a guideline you can use -

Tell us about yourself - just a small snippet of who you are; what you do? Be brief!!!!

Why were you looking? What was missing?

How did you find your opportunity?

Your reason why - how is it making a difference, or will it make a difference.



Customer Success Language



Customers don’t care about your story, they care about theirs. Your customer needs to be the hero of the story, not your brand. Marketing has changed, business that invite their customers into a heroic story grow.


They have a challenge, A need, an obstacle. YOU have the solution. You must position it that way.


Words sell things. If your message isn’t clear, your customer won’t listen. They won’t even realize you exist or what you do. Get clear on your message and communicate it consistently, You are in a race to communicate why your customers need your products.


Subconsciously, the brain is always scanning its environment looking for what helps it meets its need to survive.


Mistake #1 - not focusing on the part of the offer that allows buyer to survive and thrive. All great stories are about survival and thriving. Physical, emotional, spiritual, relationship, Any other story will not captivate your audience the same way.


Our brain sorts through tons of information and discards unnecessary facts constantly


Mistake #2 - too many facts, causing customers to tune us out, even subconsciously because it confuses them.

Positioning is a step you always want to take so you clearly communicate what you do and offer (product, service, opportunity; what their challenge is; and how you, your product or service can solve that challenge.)

Let’s create your Intro-Teaser:

Who hires me, to do what, because why, and the benefit is…


Direct Sales Professionals hire me to help them optimize their social media strategy because most are annoying people on facebook, invisible on LinkedIn and missing the mark on Instagram. So, we create a brand, a strategy and positioning that is attraction marketing vs push marketing. When you want to create sales and referrals, and become an influencer, I’m your gal!



______WHO______ hire me to _____What do you offer_____ because most ______What is their pain or challenge_______, so I work with them to _________Solution you provide_____ and they will benefits or experience_______.



identify wants, problems we solve and what live looks like after.


If you confuse, you lose


We all face the enemy of noise.



What we think we are saying to our customers and what they hear are two different things . Customers make buying decisions based on what they hear.


Think APPLE - YOU are the hero in Apple’s story. All that you achieve through their products - hip, trendy, a cut above


Identify what customer wants; identify their challenge; offer the solution or tool


Character - Problem - Meets Guide - Sees Solution - Calls to Action - Ends in Success - Avoids Failure


What does the hero want? Who or what is standing in the way? What will life be like when hero gets what he wants?


What do you offer? How will it make my life better? How do I buy it?


Life with the dull parts taken out - that’s a good story.


YOU are Yoda, your audience is Luke Skywalker


What is disrupting them - find the internal problem not the external 



Handling Questions


Never fear questions or objections. This is your perfect opportunity for coaching people through their objections so they feel confident in you and your offer.


The best way to deal with questions is to be a very solid product of the product yourself - USE your products and build your product story.


You may not have all of the answers and that is okay. Don’t fake it. Simply say - I’ve never been asked that before and I do not know the answer. However, I know where to find it and I’ll get back to you with the answer.


Very simple.


Never hesitate to say - what other questions do you have?




Servicing Your Customers


It’s important to provide good customer service and this can be a big challenge for many, if you aren’t skilled in this area.


Don’t be afraid of your customers.


Here is a good system.


Call or text the next day and THANK them for their order or purchase.


Once you are fairly certain they have received it, repeat the process and ask if they have any questions.


1 week later, check in again and ask how their results are. Good time to ask for a testimonial, too.


Then, when you feel they are probably ready to order again, check in and offer to assist.


Avoid suggesting auto ships or preferred customer too quickly. This can be a real breaker.




Staying Top of Mind


By checking in and giving them the VIP treatment, you will stay top of mind.


Send birthday cards, thanksgiving cards and special event/random cards.


Create a free account for this -


Check in on Social Media, too and engage with your customers. People remember this and they will offer referrals over time.



Customers are the lifeblood of any business and can easily become your strongest team partners. Share the opportunity side of the business with them lightly at first, and then proceed if there is an interest.


If one is not expressed, revisit it a few months later, once they are a raving fan. Ask for referrals.


Who else do they know who would love the type of results they are getting?


Master this process and the rest of your business will thrive, too.


If you take a look at where you are in your business, and you are not thrilled with it; answer this question.


What is holding you back from being where you want to be? Is it mind drama? Drama around the word no; other people’s opinions? You own opinions about yourself?


We have a powerful module called “Managing Your Mindset” in the Street Smart Wealth Academy.


If you will spend a little time in these lessons s daily or weekly; you will see a huge shift in your business and your life.


What would that be worth to you? To have the success you desire show up easily and effortlessly?


Join us -


I’ll see you on the inside and remember this - “Hesitation NEVER cashed a check.”



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The Drama Behind Hearing No in Network Marketing

You’ll find the show notes at - 

I’m Jackie Ulmer and I coach Network Marketers and entrepreneurs on how to be the success they want to be; make more money and not annoy their family and friends.

Learn more at

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Few things upset a new Network Marketer than hearing the word no about their business.

Whether it’s about the products, which you are SO excited about; or the opportunity itself, which you can’t BELIEVE not everyone would say yes to.

So, let’s talk about The Drama Behind Hearing No in Network Marketing

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

Mind Drama
Stories We Make Up
Handling Shutdowns and Nos
Other People’s Opinions 
Timeline of Success
Your Posture and Follow Up
The Power of Vision = Beckwith

Mind Drama

I don’t know when or where it happens in our lives that so many of us get caught up in drama. Mostly Mind Drama.

Instead of just looking at something as it is - a circumstance with no feelings emotion or belief attached to it, we feel compelled to make up a story. For almost any circumstance or situation we find ourselves in.

This is pure mind drama and it will derail you from any goal you try to achieve if you let it.

It has many names.

It’s that small, still voice that chides you gently and reminds you that you can’t possibly achieve what you have set out to do.

Sometimes, it’s that loud voice. That monkey that sits on your shoulder.

Sometimes that voice has a name. A family member, good friend, bully from the playground.

If you close your eyes I am sure you know what I am talking about.

Recognize this for what it is - Mind Drama.

Stories We Make Up

Mind drama is what leads us to make up stories.

These stories are nothing more than thoughts we had about a circumstance, that we formed into a belief.

You have many of them, I’m sure. Especially about Network Marketing and your ability to be successful.

We start doubting one thing….and then another….and then another.

We start buying into that lie we have been telling ourselves for far too long -

That we don’t measure up; that we aren’t good enough; 

We look at what other people are doing; we look at their success; we see them on the top of the Leader Boards; crossing the stage with a big check; going on VIP cruises and trips!
We get so bogged down with the mindset pitfalls,
We MUST get out of our own head - it’s a scary place.  Because it’s in our minds that we create our own stories about experiences and perceptions.
I’m not as good as so and so…
I don’t have what it takes…
I can’t figure it out….
I should have never even started….
I’m a LOSER…..

We create big stories in our head that crush our confidence, shatter our belief and bring us down.

And, we have all been there with that small, annoying voice that whispers in our ear -
Who do you think you are? You aren’t as good as so and so…
How come YOU aren’t at the top level of your company?
You don’t have what it takes…
You should just stick to what you know…

NONE of this is true. These are just those little run away thoughts that you have let go crazy and turn into beliefs that are now thwarting your success.

Handling Shutdowns and Nos

I had a neighbor in my life, way back when I started my Network Marketing journey. She will forever be known to me as “Mean Janeen!”

Listen to the show to hear the story.

Here are some things you must know about your entrepreneurial journey,.

First, not everyone is going to tell you yes, and you may hear a few no's before you get to some yeses. If you know this going in, and are prepared for it, then you will be expecting to hear no from some who you are hoping will join you.
Can you prepare for that now? Can you handle it if and when they say no?
Here is one thing I assure you – if you will stick with your business; develop your business skills and keep following up with those who you have talked to previously, many of those will come back and say YES at a later time. That is my story. I said no WAY before I said yes. Nothing had changed in the business, products, compensation plan, etc, when I decided to say yes. What had changed was ME. I was now ready.
Remember, other people can only affect you if YOU allow them to. Their opinion does not reflect on you, your company and products, or your decision, It's simply a reflection of them, and where they are in their life right now. And, if someone happens to be mean or nasty about it, then that speaks a bit to character and their own insecurities, in my opinion. has some great training on powerful answers and “come backs” when people get arrogant with you!

So, again, some close to you will say no; some may laugh; some may be mean. NONE of them matter. Be prepared going in but understand timing and follow up. Will you prepare for that now? People will commit and then no show; they will let you down. Detach from the outcome. It is NOT about you.

Other People’s Opinions

Other People’s Opinions about what you are doing and decisions you’ve made in your life and career don’t reflect on you, your company, products or your decision. Remember Mean Janeen. 

When you start to feel down, ask yourself -
Do they make my house payment; my car payment? Send my kids to college? Pay for braces and karate lessons?

What do you do when they live in your home, and maybe sleep in your bed (spouse.) Don’t push; don’t hide; share with “I” statements. Negative reinforcement.

"You can't really have an opinion about what I am doing if you haven't even seen what it is. If you would like to look it over and then give me an educated opinion, I would love to have that conversation."

The Timeline of Success

Understand the timeline of success. In the beginning, it feels like you are doing a LOT of work for little to no pay. And, you are! It’s like a scale that is weighted at one end. Over time, as you stay consistent, it begins to balance with time and pay, and pretty soon, it tips to the side where you are working the same or less time, and making a WHOLE lot of pay.

Remember, you are building ongoing income and like compound interest, in the beginning, it seems so slow.

Also, understand the timeline of others. Some will come in right away, some will over time, some never will. Some will work their business right away, some will over time, and some never will.

As YOU stay consistent, you will create that tipping scale that leans in your favor!
Set realistic goals and expectations and avoid “buyers remorse.”
2-5 year plan and your first 90 days are critical.

Your Posture and Follow Up

We all have “Posture” when we discuss various things; especially those things we feel passionate about.
How are you showing up? What’s your posture like?
One thing I really want to stress – when people are negative or ask – is this MLM – what they want to see is YOUR belief. Make sure you have it!

Avoid making claims you won’t live up to. Team members tell me all of the time “what they are going to do” before they do it, and then they don’t. My mantra is - don’t tell me before, go do it and tell me after. It’s much more empowering for both of us.

How are you showing up? On time; keep commitments and follow ups; be bold; don’t apologize - you are not asking for a favor, you are offering a gift or an opportunity.

Posture is how you feel and how you express it. It’s in asking questions and not being defensive.

It’s not being salesy and hypey! 

And, never neglect to follow up with anyone who tells you no at first. We wouldn’t be having this conversation today had I not seen the opportunity again after I said no the first time.

Lives change; situations change; be there for that change; and keep showing up.

Amateurs show up every once in a while, they flake out on commitments, they get caught up in drama on Facebook; and make tons of excuses why the whole world has conspired against them to make things impossible.,

Now, who’s the pro?

Shows up on time, gets things done, takes things seriously. They don’t let something or someone else sweep their to do list off the table, to be replaced by meaningless junk. 

If you were the best in the world in your business or what you are working toward, how would you behave? How would you show up each day?

What would others say about you?

Are you following through? Are you keeping your word? Are you producing no matter what? IF not, you are not operating at pro level. 

The Power of Vision = Beckwith

Pain pushes you until vision pulls you.  – Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Without a vision, the people perish.

What is your vision for your life? Your Business? Your success?

Without a new, compelling one that you are drawn to, you will likely stay right where you are.

Get clear on and committed your vision today.

Mind drama will hold you back in every aspect of your life.

You’ve got to get past those false stories you’ve been running through your head. Stories that don’t serve you and make you feel bad about yourself.

Stories that aren’t even true.

If you take a look at where you are in your business, and you are not thrilled with it; answer this question.

What is holding you back from being where you want to be? Is it mind drama? Drama around the word no; other people’s opinions? You own opinions about yourself?

We have a powerful module called “Managing Your Mindset” in the Street Smart Wealth Academy.

If you will spend a little time in these lessons s daily or weekly; you will see a huge shift in your business and your life.

What would that be worth to you? To have the success you desire show up easily and effortlessly?

Join us -

I’ll see you on the inside and remember this - “Hesitation NEVER cashed a check.”

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