Peak Performance Habits - Jackie Ulmer

Goals, resolutions and frustration is often what happens at the beginning of the year. This year, let’s get intentional with our planning, choose a focus word and create a REAL breakthrough.

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We cover everything in this show from Who you started 2020 as, who you are ending as, who you want to end 2021 as, and your big breakthrough goal. Also, who must you become to achieve it; what habits must you adopt and release, and more!

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My greatest reward from my network marketing business is the ability I had (and still have) to be there for and with my children. Even though they are both grown and gone and my son is a father himself, I never lose sight of the pure joy that brought to me, and the peaceful world it gave them to grow up in.

Just a few weeks back, I was able to move a few things in my schedule and meet my daughter in New York City for 5 days, staying in a penthouse apartment 35 floors up, overlooking the Hudson, with the Statue of Liberty beckoning to me every morning and every night, right out the window.

My business didn’t stop. It didn’t need to. I have set things up so that I have a truly laptop life and business,

Corporate America could never offer me that.

In my opinion, there is no better time or option right now than network marketing. In my opinion, and Google backs this up, it remerged as one of the most powerful business models for families today, all across the globe. What else allows moms and people to work from home, with flexible hours and powerful leverage. Leverage is powerful because it does not require you to leave your home, or to spend most of your time talking to one person at a time.

Social media creates leverage.

You’re already out on Social. Why not continue connecting with people, education and inspiring them to want to join you?

Show Notes:

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2020…it’s been a “thing”, hasn’t it? And not just one thing, but many many things. Plenty of good, bad and ugly. And, while most of us are ready for the clock to strike midnight on 12/31 and have instant change. Probably not going to happen like that. So,  let’s talk about reframing how we look back and look forward.

I’m Jackie Ulmer.  I help Network Marketers make money, without annoying their family and friends, and build a thriving social selling business. We do all of this together in the Street Smart Wealth Academy.

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We’re living through something that has never before occurred, on a global basis. Think about it; except for some remote civilizations in Africa, Australia, and elsewhere, we all wake up with one common thought daily - what’s new with Covid and what does it mean for me?

I’d like to share a little of my experience these past few months, and see if any of it strikes a chord with you.

For the most part, my life has been unaffected. I’ve been preparing for this since 1999, when I took my Network Marketing business online, and sponsored over 2500 people who all came to me.

Show Notes -

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Do you know how to effectively introduce yourself in a way that creates instant impact, curiosity and interest?

Far too many network marketers like to use their company name as a way of explaining what they do. I hear this a lot:

I do Arbonne. I’m with Herbalife. I am Team Beach Body.

Do you fall into this trap?

First, no one cares about your company or product names. In most cases, these names mean nothing to them. And, you miss a chance to make a connection when you fail to introduce yourself and what you do effectively.

There is one thing that is always on your prospect’s mind, even subconsciously and they is - WHAT’s in it for me.

What do you do, and how would it benefit me?

You’re likely having that thought too, when you meet people.

Show Notes:

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Feeling challenged about what to share on Social Media that actually creates interest? Stops people from scrolling and starts a  conversation with likes, comments and shares?

Show notes:

Get the video series that walks you through what I am sharing here:

Are you struggling with keeping your business alive during the events of 2020 and beyond? Finding new people who are interested; and building true connection with them in the crowded space of Social Media?

Struggling to be seen. Get noticed. Attract your ideal clients, ready to pay and join?

I see you. I know you. I get you. I've been in that struggle, too.

I struggled with effectively building my business online until I learned and implemented this #1 THING.

It's THE most important thing you must master to have the success you desire.

That dream business. That fabulous lifestyle. With dream clients and team partners. With ease...and an effortless way.. 

Does it ever feel like Dot com is really  - Dot-complicated?

Today, you MUST stand out in a sea of endless competition. As sources for marketing offline have dried up, become non existent or unreliable, you can no longer view digital marketing as an option. Listen in for how!

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Other People’s Opinions are one of the most common things that hold us back. Keep us stuck. Keep us making up stories about other people.

We have deep fears about what others think and say about us. And, why is this? Do they pay our bills? Feed us? Care for our children? Are they really spending as much time thinking about us as we like to think that they are?

Do you spend much time thinking about and judging what others are doing?

We spend a heck of a lot of time “thinking” that other people are thinking things about us. Most of the time, we “think” that their thoughts about us are negative.

Here’s a little secret - other people aren’t thinking about you as much as you think they are. People don’t spend that much time thinking outside of themselves and their own situation. Do you?

Show Notes:

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Often, we struggle in getting our business started with lack of belief. We have big goals, but we can’t believe that we can make it happen. Today, I’m sharing a quick exercise so you can see how to reprogram your thoughts.

When I look back on some of the things I thought would be the magic pill to build my business…

Well, let’s just say I don’t do that very often.

The time, the money, the energy. The gurus, the “secrets”, the challenges, the membership communities…

What am I missing? Have you done this, too?

If you're looking to work smarter, with less hustle and grind, let's get on a call

Your Subconscious mind is powerful. This exercise in your mind shows just how you can easily program it to believe and experience anything you want.

Stories have the ability to invoke our sense, and also have the power to produce an experience in your mind that it is not currently experiencing.

Listen and go through the 1 minute exercise and see what's possible.

Show notes -

Watch the video there, too.

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Procrastination is always about something deeper. We have fears; we are uncertain; we are not feeling up for the task and so we procrastinate.

When you are feeling the urge to put off, or procrastinate what you know are the tasks that will move you forward in your network marketing business, STOP.

Ask - Why am I procrastinating or avoiding the action steps that I know will move my business forward?

Be very open to what comes up for you. Your mind will always seek to give you the answer.

Why is this stopping me? Why am I allowing this to hold me back from pursuing my goals? My hopes? My dreams?

Is it a person? Who is it? Why do they matter? Is it their opinion of me? What I am doing?

Who would I be and what would I do if I didn’t care about this?

Now, here is the really important part - Show Notes

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My life completely changed when I began a sincere morning routine and daily thought work process.

My mindset mastery is based on Hal Elrod's Miracle Morning, adapted to fit me. There are no hard fast rules.

I focus in these 6 areas - Silence (Meditation), Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise (Yoga), Reading, Scribing (Journal)

My whole life has changed including productivity, business income up 50%, happiness, relationships, fitness and health goals.

Show Notes:

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Daily Mindset Work is the work that every millionaire and every billionaire I’ve ever heard interviewed practices.

I teach my clients how to set an income goal and a date. And then do the work in their minds, on paper each day, to get them to the goal.

Everything is created in the mind first. The device you are listening to this on was first in someone’s mind. They thought about it; probably wrote ideas and plans, tried, tested, failed and feared. And, got up and kept going.

The chair you sit on, your bed, the car you drive, music - everything was created in the mind first.

Your success has to come from your mind first. Connect your thoughts to the right feelings of who you must become in order to have what you want. Then, the ideas for inspired action steps to take will show up. You must take them.

This is what creates your results. Thoughts are things. Thoughts become reality. Do you believe this?

Look around you at the thoughts you’ve had that have manifested into your current reality.

Now, do you believe it? What are your next thoughts going to create?

I’m Jackie Ulmer, and this is your Monday Motivation minute. Learn more about me at

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Let’s talk about gratitude in a new way, given the crazies of 2020, and how to have it in spite of and because of what we have and are experiencing in the world with the Pandemic.

Gratitude is a word that is often and easily bantered around. We hear about being grateful, a gratitude journal, 10 things each day..

What is gratitude, really? And how do we manage to feel grateful when we are in a challenging situation?

Covid-19 was certainly not something most of us expected. But, it came, and it's here, even still. It has forever changed our lives in many ways, some we don’t even know yet.

We are left figuring ourselves out, our lives out, our businesses out, in the midst of it.
Some people are thriving and some are struggling. Let’s get you to the side of thriving if you are not.

Life is 50/50. Always. We have joy, love, peace, happiness. We also have, conversely pain, grief, disappointment, frustration. 

We are human, real, authentic and vulnerable.

Sometime, we can lose sight of feeling grateful when things aren't going like we want them to.

Show notes -

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When we are challenged in Network Marketing, it’s easy to think there is something more we need to learn. But is it? Is it a mindset issue or a skill set issue?

I recently had a consultation call with a network marketing pro, with a decent level of success. Yet, she spends the last week of every month scrambling to get her “leaders” qualified.

This means she is finding customers and team partners and placing them under those “leaders” to qualify for her bonus check.

That doesn’t sound very fun, rewarding or like a win win for anyone involved, really.

She wanted to know how to train and motivate them to do this themselves.

My immediate thought was why? Why would they ever want to do this for themselves if they just sit back and she earns their check for them each month?

Listen in for more.

Show notes -

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A better concept for Overcoming Fear is pushing past fear. Fears never completely go away. Some do, in certain areas. Practice and repetition create this.


In order to get there, though, we must push past those fears. We must learn to “Do it Scared.”


We can do tough things. The hard things. I can, and so can you.


The challenge is that your brain is stuck in primitive mode. At least the part of your brain that is running the show, typically.


That part of your brain says - no, don’t do that. It might be uncomfortable. It might be unpleasant. It might bring up feelings and emotions, and do you really want to go there?


This is where you take charge. You pay attention. You become aware. You do your daily thought downloads. You do them multiple times a day if you find yourself getting stuck. You stop, and write down your thoughts. And, you practice some tough love on yourself.

Are your fears true, or real? Right now, Are they happening? Is it something from the past? Or something you are projecting into the future?

Will you allow these fears to stop you from what you really want?

Which scares you more? The fears from the past or what ifs? Or the fear you’ll stay stuck and live a mediocre existence, far from what you want, forever?

Something to think about and decide about.

I’m Jackie Ulmer, and this is your Monday Motivation minute. Learn more about me at

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What is graspy energy vs certain energy in your business? We give off energy and when you are feeling desperate, or graspy, vs certain, calm and cool, your prospect feels it.

Show notes -

My client, Sarah asks - I can’t seem to get anyone interested in my business. Why am I not signing up more people? I am committed, consistent and yet I talk to people and nothing happens.

I asked some questions via email to get to the heart of this. And, looked at some of her social media content.

Language matters. Phrases and words like - Get, BUY my stuff, no one, everyone, can’t, join my team.

Graspy, urgent energy is rushed. Frantic, almost. Goal focused, and mostly focused on oneself.

Certain energy is calm, poised, solutions oriented and detached from the outcome.

What is the energy you are going into a situation with? A conversation? A social media post? An email? Creating a product.

Creating results its best when it is easy, effortless and elegant.

WHO are you and who do you serve?


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Network Marketing success requires Accountability for 80% of those in the business. That’s because 80% lack the internal motivation to get the job done. It doesn’t mean you are bad if you fall in that 80%. It just means you have to push yourself harder.

A vision board that clearly paints the picture of your goals and desires is also a great accountability tool. Just spend 5 minutes each day going through the photos and what’s on the board and imagine when it’s done. FEEL what that will be like.

If that’s not enough, consider getting an accountability buddy. Someone who will push you and keep you accountable. And, you will do the same for them. I don’t recommend anyone upline or downline. It needs to be someone you know well, but have no financial connection to.

Set your goals together and set your commitments to your business and to each other. Check in as much as you both need and commit to, and make it short, sweet and focused. Don’t let it be a whining or excuses session.

What you intended to do, what you did, why or why not you were successful and what you commit to for the next time frame.

I’m Jackie Ulmer, and this is your Monday Motivation minute. Learn more about me at

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When you aren’t experiencing the success you desire, remember this - nothing has gone wrong. Let’s discuss Network Marketing as a success equation.

Show Notes -

Your business and success is like a Science Experiment or a Math Equation.

When you begin to think of it in these terms, you open yourself up for inevitable success, because you know that it is solvable and there is an answer or solution.

YOU create the success in your life. Only You. It’s easy to say “yes, but, there are other people and factors, especially in Network Marketing.”

When you align your thinking, and therefore your energy, with like minded people, and you are committed, consistent and visible, you will attract the right people and situations to you.

Excited to share a new video series with you on how to create compelling content and copy that not only sells on Social, but, is something that is evergreen, can be and should be used over and over again.

Watch the video series -

This is the formula I have used for over 12 years and has allowed me to sell products and services in over 40 countries without leaving home.

I help Network Marketers make money without annoying their family and friends. So they get up each day and know exactly the marketing messages they will be sharing socially; and how to build their brand from their own authentic self and in their own words.


We do all of this together in the Street Smart Wealth Academy.

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I’d love to work with you there.

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You can’t measure what isn’t tracked. As we discussed last week, your calendar is your best coaching tool and indicator of where you are and what you are committed to.


Your calendar is also a great place to track the steps you are taking in your business.


It’s where you can track meeting new people. Each day. Offline or online.


It’s where you track who you shared what you do with.


And, it’s where you track who you offered and asked to try your products and your business.


My focus word for 2020 is accomplished. Each day, I track what I have done in the areas that create clients and income for my business. At the end of the day, I check the box of accomplished on the ones I hit my goals.


And, there is a big glaring emptiness where I didn’t.


This makes me want to show up better and different tomorrow.


When I track these details each day, I don’t need anyone to tell me what’s right or wrong in my business. I know already.


Write out your income producing activities, start tracking and self coaching.


I’m Jackie Ulmer, and this is your Monday Motivation minute. Learn more about me at


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Most of my clients get stuck on the part of Social Selling that requires you to “Show up.” To be seen. Do you ever feel this way?

Some people get stuck here FOREVER.

Network Marketing success is like dating.

You meet that “perfect person.” He (or she) is the “package” and you are ready. But, he never asks you out. He flirts a little. You stalk him on Social Media, but you never connect.

But, he is sure he is looking for YOU.

Most of you are doing the same thing with Social Media, feeling like you don’t know when to post on social media, much less WHAT to post.

You have an idea, but then… Your brain is saying - NOOOOO! That’s dumb. People will laugh. They’ll talk behind your back. You’ll suffer social humiliation.

You can’t possibly post a selfie. It needs to be perfect.  It can’t be perfect til you get a haircut. And, color. New makeup. Maybe a total makeover.

Pretty soon, it’s just one excuse after another.

Show notes



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Do you ever feel like you are struggling in your Network Marketing Business? Like you are never going to have the success you desire?

You are totally normal. Most all of us feel this way, especially at the beginning. We have a big vision for our business and it’s just not happening fast enough.

The best indicator of your current success and future success is your calendar. So, get it out right now and let’s look at today; the past week; the past month.

How would you rate your income producing activities on a scale of 1-10? An income producing activity is easy - how many times did you share what you do? How many times did you ask for and/or close the sale? How many follow up conversations did you have?

EVERYTHING else is secondary, for success. Podcasts, training, zoom calls, passive marketing - these are ALL important and you’ll want them as part of your plan. But, they are not fully measurable.

As I share with my clients in the Street Smart Wealth Academy, when we build their systems and action plan to make their business flow easily - your well planned out and booked calendar is a must have tool in your business.

I’m Jackie Ulmer, and this is your Monday Motivation minute. Learn more about me at

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Each day we make decisions in our Network Marketing business. We either move closer to success or further away with these decisions.

We decide to meet new people, share what we do, make an offer, follow up. Or, we decide not to. Don’t confuse meeting people online with DMs that just pitch.

We decide to try, test, learn and relearn the business skills that create Network Marketing success. Or, not.

Success is a series of failures; growth and learning opportunities. We never grow if we don't try.

Show notes -

I help Network Marketers make money without annoying their family and friends. So they get up each day and know exactly the marketing messages they will be sharing socially; and how to build their brand from their own authentic self and in their own words.

We do all of this together in the Street Smart Wealth Academy.

Learn more at

I’d love to work with you there.

Grab my new guide - 3 Success Secrets to a Thriving Social Selling business -

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Asking for the sale and the close can be challenging if you aren’t skilled at it. Notice I said “skilled.” This means it can be learned. I struggled for a long time until I learned the right technique.

First, know who you ideal client is and more specifically, know their greatest challenge or the problem they want solved.

This is where so many in network marketing make a mistake. They assume everyone is their audience. And, while this might be true, especially in the online world - when you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.

People don’t always like to be sold, but they do like to be included. They want to be part of something. They want to belong and they want their problem solved.

Do you know how to share this? Are you sharing it regularly? Are you comfortable and confident with good success language to invite them into your inner circle, in a way that makes it a no brainer for them?

I have sponsored over 2500 people into my network marketing business and I did it all without ever feeling uncomfortable asking them to join or get started.

I’m Jackie Ulmer, and this is your Monday Motivation minute. Learn more about me at


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What is Network Marketing?

Have you ever struggled with how to explain network marketing as a business system? Without overwhelming someone? 

Most people struggle with this, so let me break it down for you. 

Network Marketing is a business system; franchising is also a business system. It’s a way of moving products and services into the market place and paying the consultants or sales team, if you will, who markets and creates sales.

We'll cover the 3 exciting concepts of:


Show notes -

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Do you keep your network marketing business in the closet, seldom talking about the products or the opportunity itself? WHY is this?

Do you not know what to say? Do you fear being salesy? Many people struggle with both of these and it confuses me.

You are simply sharing a concept and looking for interest. If you don’t want to go into sales mode, then DON’T. Write out how you will share what you do.

There is an art to this. It’s a learned skill set - good communication and sales copy. Sales copy works because it doesn’t seem like sales.

I teach how to write copy that sells in the Street Smart Wealth Academy, specifically for Network Marketers. How to craft the perfect success language that fits and feel right for you.

I’m Jackie Ulmer, and this is your Monday Motivation minute. Learn more about me at

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It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to succeed in Network Marketing, if you stay in the game and keep committed to figuring it out, you will accomplish your goals.

My 3 Year “Failure Learning Experience.”

I’ve been a network marketing professional since 1994, when I signed up as a representative in my first network marketing company. I was far from a professional, back then.

I was a slightly burned out stay home mom - loved being home, but was a little bored, to be honest. I wanted more. I wanted to have both a thriving business and a successful family where I was home, raising my children.

You can learn more about my big fat zero to ultimate hero story at my blog,

The 3 year failure that I’m talking about today is not the first 3 years. It happened in the last few years, actually.

And, wasn’t actually a failure at all, but it sure felt that way for awhile.

The year was 2016.

Almost 4 years ago, to be exact.

Show Notes -


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It’s not complicated, even though we try to make it that way. The #1 skill set to learn for your network marketing business is how to meet people. People are the lifeblood of your business and you must be adding to your database regularly.

Your database is simply your names list. Ideally, you have a lot of details on them and they are more than just Facebook friends, but that is a start.

Currently, with the pandemic, meeting people is mostly done online, or via the phone. YES, the old fashioned phone. Or, send a text.

The key is to not go all weirdo when meeting people. You are doing just that - meeting people. Taking a genuine interest and learning more about them.

Scripts -

I’m Jackie Ulmer, and this is your Monday Motivation minute. Learn more about me at

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Does this sound familiar?

I’m really trying in my business, but how do I deal with an unsupportive spouse?

The easiest way to get your spouse on board is through open communication. Before this conversation takes place, make a REAL decision - are you fully committed to making a success of your business?

What things from the past might be driving this challenge? Perhaps you’ve signed up for other network marketing businesses and programs before and not made a go of it?

Does your spouse support you in most areas?

Does your spouse understand how a Network Marketing business works? Is it just a lack of education?

Show Notes -


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So often we are taught scripts and what to say once we’ve made our “hot prospect” list for our Network Marketing business.

Ask these questions, say this, and then say this.

The challenge here is that it is not authentic; it’s too scripted and all too often leads to resistance with your potential ideal client or team partner because subconsciously, they sense that this conversation is not authentic and is forced.

If you’d like a simple formula to open a conversation where you can engage in authentic listening, start with asking a question such as - Tell me about you…

And then listen with no agenda. Don’t be prepared to pounce when they give you the slightest segue into a conversation about your program.

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Network Marketing is a fabulous business model. The challenge can be other people regarding our business. But wait - what IS the problem, really?

We get frustrated because people don't do what we expect or want them to. 

They say no.
Or do nothing.
Or ignore us.
They can be negative.

Here is how to shift all of that to the positive and have a thriving business. Let's cover Life's Playbook of Scripts and how it relates to other people in your network marketing business.

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It would mean a lot if you subscribe to the podcast and leave a 5 star rating & review. This shares the show with other people to listen and we grow as a community. The bigger we grow, the more impact we have on the world, and grow home business.

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How often do you find yourself dealing with price objections or challenges in your business. Sadly one of the first things asked by someone who we hope to do business with is - How much does it cost?

How often is this the first question you ask?

The problem with this is that it’s the wrong FIRST question. It’s not that the cost of something doesn’t matter. It’s that the PAYOFF is the more important question.

Paint that picture so brilliantly that your ideal client clearly sees the value, and are chomping at the bit to get started.

I’m Jackie Ulmer, and this is your Monday Motivation minute. Learn more about me at 

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I’m Jackie Ulmer and today’s Monday Motivation Minute is brought to you by

Most of us waste time in 2 specific areas:

1 - repeating affirmations that we don’t really believe

2 - asking questions that keep us feeling stuck


You’ve probably heard the importance of affirmations as “I AM” statements and I AM a firm believer that what follows I AM is what you are inviting into your life.


I AM tired. I AM overwhelmed. I AM struggling in my business.


When we spin it and say things like - I AM rich. I AM my ideal weight. I AM in the perfect relationship. Your brain says “Yeah…..right….”


Be honest with yourself - do you REALLY believe, deep down in your heart, that the statements you are repeating are true? Or possible? Or, probable?

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We all have a money blueprint and it’s mostly inherited from how we grew up. We aren’t taught entrepreneurship or much of anything when it comes to money. It controls everything about money in your life.


We are taught to go to college, get a degree, get a job and then do your best.


Money is hard to talk about; and yet when you own the story from the past, you can write the story for your future, intentionally.  Some of our beliefs about money stem from religious programming.


Show notes -

Words to be aware of -


Money - what thought comes up? Feelings? Where do you feel it in your body?


Thoughts are the language of the brain; feelings are the language of the body.


What thoughts and feelings do you have around:


Rich People

Poor people

Money is hard

Money is the root of all evil

There is not enough money

Deserving money

Worthy of money


Money doesn’t change who you are; it only improves your ability to make a difference when you have it, for the positive.


True wealth is about far more than money.


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I’m Jackie Ulmer and today’s Monday Motivation Minute is brought to you by 

Validation is for parking

I don’t know who first said this, or where I heard it, but it is truly a freeing concept when we embody it and take it to heart.

Seeking external validation is always going to lead to some degree of dissatisfaction, and feelings of unworthiness.

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Recently, while my husband and I were having a casual drink and conversation about the 26.7% increase in 20-30 year olds visiting mental health facilities with a fear of doing self inflicted harm, I was interrupted by a millennial who wanted to talk about it.

We discussed the disillusionment of his generation, the hopelessness, and the feeling that they did what they were told to do; went to college, racked up $100k in college debt and now have no where to turn for jobs; the housing market is prohibitive and they feel they have been shut out of upwardly mobile possibility.

We also talk about capitalism, mentors, and the danger in resigning oneself that THIS is their lot in life.

I believe if any one person can do it, we all have the possibility of doing it. From Oprah Winfrey, to Sara Blakely to JK Rowling and Mike Johnston; they are our proof that it can be done!

Show notes

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When you launch a network marketing business, you bring 3 of yourself into the business - the past you; the current you; and the future you.

The good news is the future you can be anyone you want, if you create you!

The bad news is, your past you is running the show, now and into the future if you aren’t careful. Here’s how to shift your thoughts and actions and show up as who you need to be to get where you want to go.

Show Notes:

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Network Marketing - a fabulous opportunity when done right; nightmare on steroids when done wrong.

How some network marketers are blowing it for themselves and the profession of Network Marketing by what they say, how they act, and show up on Social Media.

And, to be sure, the FTC is not taking income or health claims made lightly. The smack down is happening.

If you've ever received a "Hey Gurl, love your look" DM, you know!

Show notes:

I am Jackie Ulmer owner of and founder of the teaching you the skills to pay the bills in network marketing.


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Does success comes from having self confidence? Or despite the fear and lack of confidence we often feel? What are our fears in putting ourselves out there in business? We struggle with feelings of not being good enough, concern over other people's opinions, comparanoia. 

What if we flipped the script on fears and processed our feelings to serve us?

Show Notes -

I am Jackie Ulmer owner of and founder of the teaching you the skills to pay the bills in network marketing.


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We often think that the achievement of something will be fulfilling for us, but is it always the same? Do we sometimes pursue achievements and accomplishments with an almost addiction like frenzy? Do we take time to appreciate our accomplishments; live in the present and enjoy it? Or, do we stay future focused on that next goal; next rank advancement?

We'll cover how social media plays into this; measuring our B roll against everyone else's A roll, and watching some "influencer/celebrity" marriages fall apart after years of painting a glorious picture on Instagram.

Show notes -

I am Jackie Ulmer owner of and founder of the teaching you the skills to pay the bills in network marketing.

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Success leaves clues.

We don’t get our goals; we get our habits! What’s on the Calendar gets done; what isn’t doesn’t always!

What are your Priorities for this year? What things need to be Scheduled in that are non negotiable? What day/time will I block weekly for planning?

Business, Life, Fitness, Self Care - all of this work together to make you a Peak Performance Entrepreneur!

Show Notes -

I am Jackie Ulmer owner of and founder of the teaching you the skills to pay the bills in network marketing.

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The 3  people in your network marketing business, and which one is most important. The COVID-19 pandemic, quarantined at home, has brought business to a standstill for some. There’s fear, anxiety and questioning about what’s going to come next.

Two people come to mind during crisis and economic slowdowns - Everybody and Nobody. But, somebody is there and ready to buy.

Show Notes


I am Jackie Ulmer owner of and founder of the teaching you the skills to pay the bills in network marketing.

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Fear is either a story from the past or something that has not happened, and probably won’t, projected into the future. Mindset mastery is the key to success in Network Marketing.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather action in spite of fear.

A daily thought download, and then looking at, analyzing and getting clear on what the absolute worst thing is that could happen. Could you survive it?

Show Notes -

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How to build your brand through your social media content? It can be so much fun, and so rewarding, and successful to create your brand through your social media content.

I am Jackie Ulmer owner of and founder of the teaching you the skills to pay the bills in network marketing.

We can get overwhelmed and consumed with the concept of what is a Brand? Your brand is just a compilation of who you are.

Do a personal inventory. What are your likes, interests, passions, mission work, what do you stand for, why are you in your business?

Ideas - military mom USMC; KETO, bulletproof coffee, Holidays, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, I think Halloween, July 4 and memorial day

Show Notes:

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Your Network Marketing success depends on your ability to position yourself in a way that creates interest. Success language allows you to share confidently what you do. From your network marketing business opportunity to the products and services that you offer, let's get your audience to lean in. No hype, no overselling.

Get the guide -

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Today, with the Pandemic, Social Distancing, Shelter at Home and all types of concerns about being out in public, you must have a Social Selling content strategy to be in the game.

Most common - your status update - Facebook asks - What’s on your mind? Instagram calls them posts. LinkedIn - articles, posts, activity.

Text, images, micro blogs, videos, facebook live, instagram TV, Stories, Reels. Blog posts, Podcasts.

Video, is by FAR, the best.

More information and show notes -

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That one thing is RESISTANCE. Pay CLOSE attention to what you resist. It’s the path to growth and success. Discipline equals freedom. It’s part of the human experience to run into challenges, obstacles and procrastination. Focus on why and the how will show up, along with the motivation.

Learn more


What have you LONGED to start but haven't yet, because you have "failed ahead of time in your mind? Let's explore resistance


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If you're not consistently marketing your business, you don't HAVE a business. Join me for the content creation training and challenge in my facebook group -

We’re going to create a content plan and calendar for you to market with effectively. Authentic, Organic content marketing will ALWAYS outperform COLD PROSPECTING.

ORGANIC MARKETING is pull marketing and it draws people who are in a “purchasing mindset” to YOU. You are the HUNTED and not the hunter.

I am Jackie Ulmer owner of and founder of the teaching you the skills to pay the bills in network marketing.


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What are the four agreements when it comes to network marketing an MLM Seaton we’re going to cover those on today’s video.


I am Jackie Ulmer owner of and founder of the teaching you the skills to pay the bills in network marketing.



Let’s cover the Four Agreements as they relate to a Network Marketing, MLM  business. Have you read the best selling book by Don Miguel Ruiz “the Four Agreements?” When I read this book, I knew it was absolutely perfect for our profession of

Network Marketing.


Network Marketing and The Four Agreements


Agreement #1 Be impeccable with your word.


Agreement #2 Don’t take anything personally.


Agreement #3 Don’t make assumptions.


Agreement #4 Always do your best


Network Marketing Agreement #1


Be impeccable with your word. This incorporates a lot of different areas. Be impeccable to the commitment that you made to yourself. You’ve launched a business; you’ve made a commitment to yourself; even if it’s just subconsciously. You were excited, you have goals and dreams; you may have even told your family about it. You’ve spoken out into the universe, what your intentions are with your business.


Remain impeccable with your word. Understand that you may not get it right straight out of the gate; you may not be an overnight success. It may take you a couple of years to really learn your profession and develop your business skills to be successful.


But I want you to remain impeccable with your word. To yourself; and then impeccable with your word to other people. When you share this amazing opportunity and your products with others, don’t overhype things or oversell things. Truly be impeccable.


Network Marketing Agreement #2


Don’t take anything personally. That is another huge challenge for most people in network marketing, which is to take everything personally. In the beginning, we are so excited. We don’t understand why every single person doesn’t understand; get it and dive into the opportunity they have.


When somebody says no to buying our product or service, we feel rejected. When they say “no thank you; not interested” in the opportunity, we take it personally. Again, we feel rejected. We wonder if there’s something wrong with us. Is there something wrong with network marketing? Is there something wrong with the company or the product line? What is wrong with people who wouldn’t get this automatically? We do have a tendency to take way too much personally. We have to give people grace and space to make the decisions for themselves.


None of it has any reflection on you or the decision that you’ve made. So don’t quit; I want you to stick with it.


Network Marketing Agreement #3


Don’t make assumptions. Fits right in there with “don’t take anything personally.” We make assumptions, and often, one of the worst assumptions that we make in network marketing is that if somebody is interested, they will call us.


We sit around; wait; and we never invite them into the club. We never let them know that we truly are interested in partnering with them.


Don’t make assumptions or assume that they’re going to call you if they’re ready to buy or start the product or service. Or when they’re ready to join you in launching a business.  Make the assumption that they’re busy and you’re going to be the one inviting them to join you and create something great for themselves in Network Marketing.


Network Marketing Agreement #4


Always do your best. If you are being impeccable with your word; setting intentions; making a commitment to yourself in this business; honor those things and do your best every single day. Ask yourself “how am I fulfilling the three things that we do in this business?”


How am I meeting new people?


How am I sharing with them what I do in a way that isn’t hype or salesy.


How am I making an offer to them if the timing is right?


Always do your best. At the beginning of the day, I set intentions as to what I’m going to accomplish that day in my business. At the end of the day, I like to check every single one of those boxes off as accomplished; goal completed; I have done my best.



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Hey Champs, join me for a Content Creation Training and Challenge. Join me in my Facebook Group

and, get the handout and details on the webinar training

We'll cover themes and what to create for an ongoing strategy of online marketing success.

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Mark Yarnell, a legend among network marketers. Bringing back my 2014 interview with him. He built six and seven figure empires in Network Marketing 3 different times. 

Pay attention to what he shares about "Impression Management" and worrying too much about Other People's Opinions. 

I used to listen to Mark Yarnell’s training CDS on my portable CD player at the gym. I am dating us both here, and I am sure they were on cassette before that.


I have learned a lot from him about Network Marketing over the years and because I have listened to him so intently in my ear buds, I really felt like I know him.


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Are Facebook groups really still in effective way to build your tribe develop those clients good that sales team in your network marketing business.


I am Jackie Ulmer owner of and founder of the teaching you the skills to pay the bills in network marketing.


The answer is absolutely yes! Facebook groups are still an amazingly effective way to build your network marketing business when you know how to do it effectively.


First and foremost, the last thing you wanna do is be Sales mode, full of hype or become known as one of “those people” to avoid in those groups. You know exactly what I’m talking about.


There is a tendency with Facebook groups to jump on all the Direct Sales, network marketing, promote your business type of groups.


But why? Is that really where your ideal client hangs out?  These are filled with other direct sales people and other network marketers posting their opportunity and hoping you will click.


Most of the people who are posting it in those groups aren’t looking for a new business. They’re just posting and sharing their business out there, like you.



Are they really your ideal client? We know that somebody who has been open to or in network marketing or Direct Sales in the past, might be perfect again for a new better opportunity . But it’s not the best place.


I’m a network marketing business coach and I could teach them the skills to pay the bills and teach them how to correct some of the mistakes they are making!


Always use a curiosity approach in everything that you do, especially in social media.


We have this tendency to want to “spray and pray” posting ads and “join my company, join my team!”


Here is how to effectively work your Facebook Groups.  Find 3 to 5 groups, and ultimately building your own VIP, customer or educational group.


Show up consistently, post, share and comment and create awareness.


Don’t just share a bunch of crap about your business, or your business link. Avoid “Ask” posts, when the poster says “I’m really looking for a business. I don’t really know what I wanna do, does anybody have any good ideas?” Then 283 comments show up and it’s everybody sharing the link to their company sign up or  join page in their company page.


Instead, turn it around, ask them questions about themselves and what they are specifically looking for.  In 1999, social media didn’t even exist. We had message and discussion boards. I would show up consistently, every single day and shared content.  I answered questions. I never shared my link. I never mentioned my business.  I would only talk about it in the very generic terms. I wanted to people to come to me. And, they did.


I was looking to be the hunted, not the hunter. I want people coming to me and asking me to know more about my business. 


Then I could take it off line to my blog or site, a phone call, and get to know the person


It worked like gangbusters for me; I built a million dollar business, sold products and services in over 40 countries and I did all of it without feeling like I was full of hype or sales.


I wasn’t annoying my family and friends. I was just there consistently with a very clear content strategy; a marketing calendar, knowing the content that I was going to share. And, answering questions. I also started conversations but I started them around my content calendar which was geared to ask questions to create conversation and curiosity.


So, get into some groups and get busy!


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How important is it to take the time to identify who your ideal client - your ideal customer, ideal team partner and ideal referral partner is in your network marketing business?


I am Jackie Ulmer owner of and founder of the teaching you the skills to pay the bills in network marketing.


W have this philosophy in network marketing that everybody would be perfect for our product or service; everybody would be right for a Network Marketing opportunity.


When we speak to everybody we speak to nobody. I just received one of those bogus junk texts this afternoon, guaranteeing me that I could lose 82 pounds within a certain time. And I thought “they must be targeting everybody because I clearly can’t even imagine losing 80 pounds.”


We live in a world of social selling, using the tools of social media. We live in a world that thrives on content. Online and offline. As you build rapport and share with them what it is that you do; what it is that you sell; the solution that you provide, that’s content.


We like to think of content in terms of videos just like this one or a blog post or a webinar; a podcast; images we share; in a Facebook group where we go live; different things like that are all pieces of content.


The spoken word is also content so the idea is to take the off-line world and re-create it in the online environment. We want to make sure that we are speaking our ideal client’s language; that we are speaking to them directly. Speaking to the challenges that they have.


That’s how you capture your ideal client and your tribe on social media. You capture them with this philosophy. If you understand how social media algorithms work, let’s take a weight loss product.


People who are your potential ideal client are already in weight loss groups, like Keto and Paleo groups; intermittent fasting groups; they’re in all different types of groups that focus on weight loss, healthy living.


Shedding pounds, fat loss - think of all the different terms that relate. Do a thought download on every term that you can think of that somebody might be using if they wanted to research and gain knowledge on how to lose the weight.


You’re going to create your content based around those keywords and based around that search strategy and the solution that your ideal client is looking for.


The reality of it is - they’re not looking to lose 35 pounds; they are wanting to look fantastic at the high school reunion that’s coming up next summer!


So you want to paint a picture of the result that they’re going to have. To wow their friends when they walk into the high school reunion, looking absolutely their best!


35 pounds is nothing but a number; a number on the scale. It tells them something but it doesn’t paint a vision of what it is that they can expect by working with you.


Painting that vision is so very important so that you get them to lean in; and you attract the algorithm that you’re looking to on social media. Social media, then, begins to work for you by putting your content out in front of the people they feel it would best be suited for.


Keep that in mind and definitely take the time to sit down and write out who your ideal client is,  what the biggest challenges are and the solution that you offer. Then build your content strategy on an ongoing basis around that.


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What are the three primary things that we need to focus on to move our network marketing business forward?


I am Jackie Ulmer owner of and founder of the teaching you the skills to pay the bills in network marketing.


I want to talk to you about those three most important things that we do to be successful and move our network marketing business forward. It’s not setting goals, although those are important. It’s not watching a bunch of Facebook live videos, although those can be valuable.


The three primary things that we do in our network marketing business, or as a life coach, and many different types of businesses are”


We meet people


We share with them what it is that we do


We listen and learn from them and then if it’s right, because we have a solution to fill a challenge that they have, we make an offer.


The challenge so many people have is that they get distracted and they go in the sales mode instead of just very naturally, organically sharing benefits and see if there is a fit.


I have sold products and services in over 40 countries without ever leaving my home and use social media and the tools of the Internet, and I didn’t do it by just blasting people with a sales pitch.


If you’ll get very focused and very committed and set a goal; set an intention to meet a certain number of people each day, online or offline; engage in conversation to learn more about them and then to share with them what it is that you do, you will thrive.


You want to communicate with them in a way that automatically reveals to them how and why do you have the solution to the challenge that they have.


Then you’re going to have a lot higher chance of actually sponsoring them into your business or selling them your product or service.


It’s a beautiful way to grow a Network Marketing business.


The business question that everybody has on their mind in the beginning, if they’re looking for a business or even looking for a product, what they want to know is “what’s in it for me?”


And should they choose to join your business, they want to know what’s going to be expected of them to sell and build,


When you go into sales mode; when you start posting nothing but sales videos and sales promotional type things on your Facebook pages or on Instagram, or all you’re doing is saying “join my team”, they are thinking to themselves, even if it’s subconsciously “That’s what they’re going to teach me to do should I join them in the business.”


And most people like to stay pretty low-key on social media, you may know this yourself, and chances are you feel the same way.


Master the skills to learn very naturally, organically who your ideal client is; know how to speak their language and your network marketing business will thrive.


Please like and subscribe to my channel.


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Ever wondered how some people get referrals in network marketing?


I am Jackie Ulmer owner of and founder of the teaching you the skills to pay the bills in network marketing.


Let’s talk about how to build a referral base of people who may not use your network marketing  products and services; may not be on your team; but who could become one of those great referral ambassadors for you.


Not everyone’s going to say yes your network marketing business. Or products. What they might say yes to is becoming one of your best brand ambassadors or referral partners for your network marketing  products and business. As you begin doing those three things that we do in network marketing:


Meet people.

Share with them what you do.

Then make an offer.


As you work to build a network marketing referral base, you want to develop the skill set and the language to know the right people to talk to to ask them who they might know who would be perfect for your product and ultimately who they might know would be perfect for your business opportunity.


We have two opportunities in network marketing - products and the business. Keep them separate to begin with.


Let’s say for instance you’re in health and wellness. Who do you know in Health and Wellness who might be a great referral for you? Somebody like a chiropractor; holistic health providers;  massage therapists.


Think of those you know who sell life insurance or health insurance.


It’s been said, for instance, that CBD oil can help with anxiety. It’s also been said that it can help with issues around stopping smoking. So if you are with a CBD company, speaking with someone who sells health insurance and sharing what you do could be helpful. They may want to refer some of their clients who smoke, to you, because once they quit smoking, they can often get a discount on or a lower cost for their health insurance.


If you sell great skin care you might find that aestheticians, hairstylists and salon owners could become great referral partners for you.


They may not want to market the products themselves for a number reasons. But they might be willing to give you a great referral, especially if you’re a client of theirs, too


I like to do business with people who do business with me as well. Well mutually beneficial for both of us.


I have great products; everything from follow-up systems to my group and one to one coaching. I want to buy from those people who invested in me I want to return the investment of them


As you’re building your business don’t forget to ask for referrals. Make a list of those people who might be the most logical people to refer your products and business to.


If you want to learn more about my coaching and success training for your network marketing business:


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I am Jackie Ulmer owner of and founder of the teaching you the skills to pay the bills in network marketing.


Today we’re going to deep dive into the topic “how to build a thriving successful network marketing and MLM business during times of crisis.” As I’m filming this, we are five months into the coronavirus, COVID-19, the pandemic of 2020.

Here is what I have done in past “tough times” to build my network marketing business.

I started my Network Marketing MLM business in 1994. I was a floundering representative for my company; couldn’t get out of my own way; or get over my own fears and inhibitions about what people might think about me in network marketing.

I was stubborn and persistent. In October 1999, I went to an Internet marketing seminar; took my MLM business online and have built using the internet for nearly 21 years. It changed everything.

2 years later, 9/11/01 came along and devastated our economy; changed up a lot of things. My husband is an airline pilot; took a serious 25% pay cut. We had just moved from Arizona to California; more than doubled our house payment; quadrupled our real estate taxes and basically doubled every possible bill that you can possibly think of.

I was working my business but honestly it was more of a hobby business at that point. I was a stay home mom building my MLM online. I had a system in place and I had some growth and some things were going on but I wasn’t making the type of income that I really needed to assist and sustain us with this 25% pay cut.

I still remember the day my husband and I sat out on our patio up in the beautiful mountains of Lake Arrowhead California…trying to figure out next steps.

We wrote out a budget (never were any good at sticking to it.) He looked at me and said “the way I see it we have three choices. I can’t fly anymore than I’m already flying. So the options are we can either sell the house and downsize; you can get a job; which neither of us wanted me to do as we wanted me to be there with the kids. Or, you can work your business and increase the income there.”

I had some decisions to make well. I absolutely loved my house and did not want to sell it. I did not want to go back to work. So the only remaining choice that I had was to really dig in to my business.

The same thing that’s happening right now - people are looking and are more receptive to network marketing and homebased business options. Probably more than ever before. We need to develop a success routine and the skills to get the business out there and attract people who are looking. Keyword searches are surging in Google right now around home based business, network marketing, work from home - so your goal is to get yourself out there.


I decided to get so committed you wouldn’t even recognize me. I put my blinders on; I put my ear muffs on and I made a decision to put my head down, my nose to the grind stone and work hard for the next year. I wasn’t going to look up or take a breath for an entire year. I wrote out my single daily actions; I wrote out a weekly action plan of what I was going to do. I was already online. Facebook didn’t exist; or any social media. I was writing articles; getting out in discussion forums and meeting people via the Internet.


I blocked time on my calendar to write one or two articles every single week and submit them to article sites. I added them to my website. Some of those articles still generate hits, leads and sales to my website now.


We still do the same things today. We shoot a video; share the concepts of success. We are in Facebook Groups. LinkedIn and Instagram. We get that content out there in the exact same way that I was doing it back in 2003 when I really dug in and decided to be the hero  of my family through my network marketing business.


So that’s what I did and I also engaged in active prospecting. I went back to every person I’ve ever talked to about a business and just said “hey I know it wasn’t right for you at the time but I’d love to share some things that have changed, some different concepts, if you might be open to it.” Still a large number of people said no but some of those people said “yes, I’ll take a look and from that some of those joined me in the business.”


I have a free gift for you if you go to


That’s my series of one-liners and quick little paragraphs that you can use to text; Facebook messenger; email; or you can call somebody and ask. It gives you some scripting of what to say that generates interest and especially how to go back to those people you have spoken with in the past and ways to open the conversation with people you have not yet spoken with yet.


Network Marketing thrives during down times because people are open and looking; people are hurting; people are sad; people are scared and desperate. People are looking for a solution; looking for you to be their hero. I went from making a couple thousand dollars a month to over $200,000 a year, just by literally doing the same things that I have done in the past but getting very intentional, very focused and having that action calendar.


That’s what I would encourage you to do for sure if you’d like to learn more about putting this together and having somebody help you somebody who is built that multi million dollar business I would love to be your coach and mentor you can join my private Facebook group by going to

 it’ll take you right into the Facebook group.

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What are the facts that you should know if you’ve launched or are thinking of launching a business in the Network Marketing Profession.


I was recently in a Facebook group filled with women looking for a way to work from home; to be there with their children; to stave off some health concerns.


And, over and over again, many of these women would say - I DON’T WANT TO DO AN MLM OR NETWORK MARKETING STYLE OF BUSINESS MODEL.


Why? I wondered. I get it. I also thought. And, then had to ask -



Is network marketing a bad business model? Is there something inherently wrong in the structure and operation of MLM?


Or, is it something someone is doing that creates that thought?


If you’ve already launched a network marketing business, you may be having some doubts or some second thoughts. You may be hearing opinions of other people or reading some different things on the Internet that have you thinking is:


Is network marketing a Bad Business Model? Is MLM a Pyramid?


What would make something, including MLM really and truly a pyramid scheme; what things do I need to be aware of before I start in a business in the Network Marketing Profession.


I’m Jackie Ulmer, with over 26 years in the network marketing profession, and I understand these questions. I struggled with skepticism about network marketing and MLM in the very beginning; about the business model in general.


Not because I was educated about network marketing, but because I had heard some “things” that other people said that led me down that path of thinking that there was something wrong with the system of network marketing.


In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Network marketing in and of itself is a beautiful business model and it can provide amazing things for you; provide an amazing income opportunity; that desired time freedom along with that financial freedom. There are tremendous growth and leadership opportunities.


The type of opportunities that many people don’t have access to in corporate America or the traditional working environment.


The challenge becomes that some of those in network marketing who lead us down the path of thinking it’s easier than it is. We hear “oh it’s so easy; we’re all going to get rich and “get” people into the business; we’re going to “convince” a few people to do this.


We hear a lot of things like that and those are the things inherently that ARE bad about some of the people who work in Network Marketing and MLM.


Nobody wants to be “gotten” into any kind of deal. Nobody wants to be convinced to do something.


I coach my clients on paying attention to what they say; what they hear people say; and using solid success language to create interest that doesn’t feel scammy or spammy.

We cover this in depth in the Street Smart Wealth Academy; you can go to to learn more.


We cover this in depth. We identify your ideal client; what it is that they’re absolutely looking for; what’s the greatest challenge or obstacle that they have and what is the solution that you offer.


We develop that in a way that we can position ourselves with good, interesting success language that creates an interest for those people who might be looking for what it is that you offer.


Remember in network marketing, we have two different offerings -We have our product or service; our program or offer that we sell;  and then, of course, we have the business opportunity itself.

Try not to mix these two things too much, in the beginning. Stay with the customer side, and talk about the product if that’s the path that you’re starting down. You’ll always have the opportunity to share the business side of it when the timing is right and presents itself.


Another thing I want to caution you about is language around  overcoming objections. Nobody wants to think that their objections are being “overcome.”


Instead, you want to be a good listener; listen to people objectively; listen to what that objection really is, and recognize it as an opportunity to serve and sell. So don’t run from objections. Don’t let objections be upsetting to you and don’t let it make you



The biggest thing for you to do is work hard to develop the business skills you need so that you can meet more people; build rapport with them and find out more about them. Listen intently and speak intuitively so that you can share with them what it is that you do and what the solution is that you provide to the challenge or the obstacle that they have.

Know how to position yourself out there with social media. It is such a great tool to do this because people are posting all the time about their problems or challenges; getting laid off from a job; taking a pay cut; being on unemployment - different things with the pandemic.


Listen and then develop that success language to position yourself and your offer to be something that really, truly creates that win-win.


When you operate your business that way, you very quickly see that nothing is inherently wrong or bad about Network Marketing or MLM.


In fact, it does become much easier; much more streamlined; much more elegant to build a business when you operate in this way.

Again, I am Jackie Ulmer; you can find me over at  to learn more about my coaching and how I can assist you in growing the dream business you desire. We are in a crazy, amazing time to build a successful business. I say crazy because in this Corona Virus COVID19 Pandemic, there is some bad stuff. And, there is also amazing opportunity when done right.


Join me on Facebook in our private group -


And, grab my social selling guide -

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When we start marketing online, and putting our business out there so that those who are interested and looking for a Network Marketing business can find us, it’s tempting to wonder how fast it will happen, and how we can generate massive numbers of leads, just like the hype, smoke and mirrors promises. It can seem overwhelming, right?


How do I find dozens of people online for my Network Marketing business and how do I avoid overwhelm?


2 parts to the question, attracting prospects and avoiding overwhelm.


Let’s start with attracting prospects.



It starts with your system, and the content you create that attracts and engages others.


It’s not about hype and blatant advertising, although we are tempted to do that.


I learned this from my experiences early on when participating on discussion boards, groups and forums online before social media sites.


I had a plan:


Engage and attract.


Bring back to my website or blog.


Capture their name, email, and sometimes other details such as phone and address.


Contact them personally as soon as possible, even though my auto responder was delivering information instantly.


Follow up, follow up, follow up.


Do this over and over again until success shows up.


And, it did.


Now, about avoiding overwhelm.



This typically happens when we are chasing bright shiny objects online.


I have avoided overwhelm because I have followed a specific system and daily method of operation, for nearly 15 years.



Blog and create content.


Market that content.


Show up online where my target audience hangs out.


Offer support, coaching, ideas, tips and build rapport.


Work with the once who come back to my site and “opt-in”


Do this over and over again.


Try it and see what begins to show up.


Show notes

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In this episode, Kim and I talked to Jackie Ulmer of business skills and sales strategist for network marketers. Jackie has been in the network Marketing profession since 1994, and she shares why now, more than any other time in history, is the perfect time to be involved with network Marketing.


So Jackie Ulmer is a business skills and sales strategist, specializing and assisting network marketers in mastering their marketing... What to say? Follow-up time, productivity management, and of course, mindset.


She launched her first network marketing business in 1994, took her business online in 1999, And quickly catapulted to million dollar earners status.


Yes, that is possible with network marketing, she is sold products and services in over 40 countries using exact strategies, she teaches, she now coaches others and how to build a widely successful business and duplicate, and we're gonna give you some information at the end how to connect with her, but you can also go to Street Smart wealth dot com to learn more about Jackie.


Jackie Ulmer shares: “Thank you both, it's so thrilling to be here, and I just wanna add on to what you said, not only is it possible, it's probable to become a million dollar earner if you're coachable. And you just simply follow the system, we're gonna talk about some of those.


Yep, I love that. And we always start with how you got to where you are, but I wanna sort of start in the middle and go back because you started your first network marketing business in 1994, and it just a... When you were at... And so in 1994, network marketing had sort of a different view point. What was it like building a business in 1994 and then... We'll go back and figure out how you got there.


Absolutely. Well, let me just start by saying I was one of the biggest naysayers.


I thought network marketing was one of those things that you did when you couldn't get a real job, get... Who know? As they say now. Right.


So yeah, it was very different. The Internet didn't exist. There was a lot of negativity associated with it, more than anything around the techniques that many people used to build the network marketing business that involved a lot of secrecy and hiding what it was, and I don't really know why that happened. I don't know who's idea that ever was... It's unfortunate because today, even still, we do have to work sometimes to overcome that, but somebody opens her mind up to educating themselves on what network marketing really is, how the business model works, why it works, and then how to do it. As I've heard before then, you crawl over glass to the residual income, which is what network marketing offers.




So let's go back a little bit before network marketing, we know you had regular jobs and we're in the corporate lifestyle, so share a little bit about what you did in the corporate world and how you transitioned in 1994 to that first company.


Yeah, absolutely. So I'm one of those rare people probably who absolutely loved what I did, I never was one who was disgruntled with my job, I was in airline Sales and Marketing, and I always say I party for a living, I don't know, I can really get a better top in that, I got to fly around the world in first class on an expense account, why I... And dining corporate travelers and travel agents and really going them over to booking our airline... I have one carnal Roble in the airline in Titus, try and that was do day pilots, and I dated one and 31 plus years later, we're still married.


Like many couples do, we decided to start a family, and I was traveling around the world, and he was traveling around the world, and one of us wanted to be home and that was me, so I actually, in 92, the child was born... Who's serving in the US Marine Corps right now.


And I made the decision to stay home and like so many people, it's hard to make it on an income, and so I was home, but we were kind of house for... It wasn't a whole lot left at the end of the month And I just have a business mindset, I have a marketing mindset, I've always been entrepreneurial...


I started selling Mistletoe door to door when I was 11 years old At Christmas time.  I just always had my finger in something, and so I was looking for a way to make money from home, going to the library, 'cause the internet didn't exist, and I... Interestingly, a few years prior to that, about probably about a year before my son was born, I was approached by someone in the airline industry, someone on a marketing opportunity, and I was literally... Talk to the hand. No things, not interested.


Not something I would do and I didn't even look at it. I knew the name of the company, but I didn't look at it. I just wouldn't even let Him show it to me... Well, ask for ward to a year and a half later, my son's born, I'm home, I'm looking for something, and we invite him over for Christmas dinner, and he pulls up in front of my house driving a BMW... I'm not a car person.


Still, it wasn't the BMW itself that impressed me, it was the fact that he had a new car, and I knew what he had been driving before, and I knew his debt, and I just knew his story, and I was kind of like the... What's with the car? What's going on?


And he said, Oh yeah, my network marketing business, it's doing really well, and I'm only working part-time at the airline now, and... Well, I sat him down right next to me at Christmas dinner and partly let him eat 'cause I kept seeing, so... What is it again?


What would I do and what that looks like, and how much money could I make and how much time I have to spend? And you know that I was saying in pretty soon, my husband, then I'm gonna tell my husband and we were like, your worst nightmare, and of course, this was pre internet, so we invited him to come back over the next night and bring everything. He dumped a load of every piece of content, really sure all the com-plan worked. It was a telecom company. Practically how deep the cables were buried... It was crazy.


We were like your analytical nightmare, but we got started, and I'd love to tell you we had a fast start, we didn't, but we just kept at it and we were very determined and pretty soon we were his number one leg and growing and growing and growing, and then 1999, I found the internet and took my business online, so that's kind of my start.


Kim asks: That’s awesome. And what were some of your early experiences? What are the things that surprise you because you went from NASA to studying and learning the business model, but you can't learn everything, like I always say that in this business, you really have to start to learn, so what were some of your early experiences that sort of took you by surprise, like, Oh, now I'm getting it.


Jackie Ulmer shares: Yeah, you don't have to start to learn, and what you learn over time is that there's really very little you need to know, really it truly... It's a people business. You can communicate with people. You can do this business. We get wrapped up in fear of happy to know the answer to every single thing and formality of it is that fear almost never comes to pass, they almost never ask that question, and there's no question that somebody can ask you the Incan find the answer to, but probably the most surprising thing for me at that point was a...


I was home going to the park, going to play group, doing all this stuff with my kid, and I thought, Oh my gosh, I have found the golden ticket, I have the golden ticket. This is gonna be so easy for me, 'cause I'm just gonna go tell all my play group moms what I'm doing and how we're gonna get rich at all other stuff, and it's gonna be so easy.


And I remember the first, I think, I don't even know how I introduced to some hokey thing that I said, a play group, but I remember one of the mom saying to me, why would I want a job? I'm home.


Now, I don't know, I don't wanna go back to work. And that was like, Oh, I wanted to say it, aren't you bored a little bit like manage all... But see, there's a whole another world out there too, so that was shock number one is that I didn't have the super easy, nice with all my play group and stay home moms, and just because they were home didn't mean that they were like me, business-oriented, still, wanting to be home, I never wanted to go back to work. I never wanted to go back to the traditional job, but I wanted my own money and I wanted to make a difference and I wanted to make a lot of men, and back then I was afraid to say that today, especially to women, I'm like, You know what, there's another wrong With enjoying making money, there's nothing wrong with being ambitious, it's a real strong character trait, especially in women.


Completely agree.


Shari asks: So you touched real briefly on a fear... Can we go back this a little bit because it is scary, and a lot of people have a lot of fears when they start a network marketing business, What fears did you have and what did you encounter with maybe other people spears as well...


Jackie Ulmer answers: One of my number one fear, of course, was the stigma of network marketing, because I have that... So just because I shifted and saw the vision it chose to get in the profession, sadly, did not immediately change my thinking and change my mindset, so... And my number one fear was I push... Now, I have to tell people, I'm in one of those... You know what, I bet I had to open that door at some point, so that was fear number one, and then fear number two was really struggling with what to say in a way that didn't sound salesy, 'cause you know, you've probably heard, Well, I don't wanna sell all my family of friends, you know the whole sales kind of thing, so even though I was in sales and marketing in the airline in street, it was different. I never had to ask somebody buy a ticket or...


I never had to ask for the sale. You would, if you were a real estate agent or selling a water filter system or something like that, where... At some point, you have to actually ask for the sale.


So I didn't have strong selling skills in terms of that type thing, so I... That list, my number two fear was sounding stupid, feeling stupid, feeling sales-y, and anything I learned that it's not that hard to learn good language to share with people what you do and see who leans in.


Kim Says: I think for me, when I started, I was a huge nice... Say I said no to Sherry for month, and I didn't want to be one of those people too. I had the exact same thing, I was like, what are people gonna think? I went from this pretty high profile job on how a network marketing, and I had the... Getting over that, and one of the things that I just learned was more I started... The more I took action, the more I took activity, the more excited I got, but I also... You were... Talk about there is verbiage to use.


I'm gonna follow the system because there's a system that what every great company has the system, they do, so I'm gonna follow this and I started to build my belief once I started to see the system working. And like you said, I think it's how you approach it, but I think that's with any business, it's how you're presenting yourself, how you're approaching things, how you're talking to people, it's all about communication.


Absolutely, it's so true. And it's so funny, we talk about belief, and I don't wanna be cliche, 'cause many of the listeners have heard this, and I know both of you have, but it's like We have belief that if we go to college for four years or five and we pay a ton of money that at the end of it, we're gonna come out with a piece of paper that's gonna guarantee us a job, which it really does in curates is that piece of paper and a lot of debt doesn't necessarily guarantee us a job or whatever, and then we join or launch and network marketing business, and when we don't make a million dollars at the end of the first month, we say, Oh, this doesn't work, but... So it's kind of like, what if we committed to the learning process that it takes knowing that we will get paid on the job, if you will, as we're learning, if we just get out there and start taking action and learning and getting our training wills going and then taking the training, those off and writing the bite, you know, and figuring it out. And that's really the key to it.


So let's go back a little bit in 1994, 1999. you started two different network marketing companies and... Or no, the same company. You just went online. Okay, in company. Just to go online.


Yeah, and then as you started getting into your business and learning new strategies and really getting excited about all the marketing and that, being able to go online... Where did that shift happen? For you to take you from where you are then to where you are now. Really the expert in social media, as the expert in building online marketing, all those strategies that you learned when the internet was just coming out to now... Yeah, and it's kind of interesting, so to back that up, albeit, I was...


I was nearly six years, 'cause it was October of 99 when I took my business online, my biggest fear was I 20 dating myself there too, so I don't remember... Some of you may not. That was gonna wipe out everything, so I thought all this work I'd done on this Leste, that's gonna be gone tomorrow, but it didn't... And we're also here today, and now we're all online because we can't leave our homes or were... As we're recording this during the great pandemic of 2020.Yeah, so it was interesting to... So I had built online for nearly six years, I had overcome my doubt, I had a team of over 10000, so I had a business, and I had overcome the mindset shift that I really needed to...


I had long ago let go of the... What if it's in LA or... Is that a permit? I'd let go of all of that, so I came into building online with a solid set of business skills already, and I knew what it took to build a network marketing business to contact people to follow up, to be very systematic. I had learned all that I... That came with me when I went online.


So it's interesting. And this was before social media. Obviously, YouTube exist Facebook, Instagram, none of those existed, Blogging wasn't a thing, it was a bit of a different world, but still the vision that I caught was that it can put me out there and it could leverage my time, just like we're doing right now, the three of us are leveraging our time because the 30 minutes to an hour that we've been doing this and having this conversation, we spend one time, and it's gonna go out on the podcast, it's gonna go out on YouTube, I'm gonna push it out to my followers, you're gonna push it out to your followers, some of those followers are gonna push it out to other people, I taught the power of leverage, and that word is so powerful, we create leverage in network marketing, we build a team and we get paid, not only on our own efforts, but the efforts of others, and we create leverage to catapult that when we use the tools of digital marketing and social media and all the platforms that are out there to build ourselves, build our brand, build our presence out there, so that we attract those people who are right? For what we offer, so those two concepts of leverage were really big, so I just caught the power of creating content to put myself out there, I never sold my opportunity, I never mentioned the name of my company, I never talked about compensation plans, I never talked about any of that, I sold lifestyle, I sold vision. I sold my ability to be a more... Be at home, have a business ultimately out earn my pilot husband and still be at the PTA meeting, still be the room mom. Still be the hockey driving mom, the tennis driving mom, still be home every night to put dinner on the table, to go on vacation and have my business grow to be on the beach and have my business scope to be sleeping and how my business grow... So those things all came together in a very powerful way.


I wanna talk about leverage, 'cause this was the biggest thing for me to be able to clip my job, I knew that I wasn't going to be a rockstar and get residual income from royalties from my music. I knew that I probably wasn't gonna be a TV star and get paid on my reruns... Right. The cast of friends.


And so I was like, How am I going to earn an income when I'm not working, how am I gonna have that residual income? And another stream of income. How can I leverage my time? All these things were important to me. And then I think now, more than ever, as we are in this pandemic, if you're listening to it, then it's so important to have another stream of income, it's so important to have a plan B, and I think now more than ever, when people see that this business is a way to leverage time, it is a game changer for people and why? Now, I know that you've been seeing a lot of growth and network marketing to... You're an expert. So what have you seen? That this time, 20-20 is really the time for network marketing...


Oh, oh my gosh. Well, first, let me just say I went through 200 in t911, 2001 in a business and a recession, if you will, now, maybe it's the actor, Tim, but when people were freaked out, the economy tanked, people lost jobs, still part of the early industry with my husband, we all know what happened in the airline industry during that time, so that was... 911 would do that with... Through the recession of 0809. and let me just tell you, my business thrive during those times, my business absolutely thrive during these times because I had built that leverage and I had build the asset of having content out on the internet, so that by the time those things came on, people were going to the internet and searching. home-based business. What's a good home base as a, how can I work from home?


What are businesses I can run from home, all the different things that you can think of, all of those things really a pike... During times like these, and they're spiking again today with the pandemic because... And people are fearful for a lot of things, so I sat... They're fearful because they lost a job, they've lost income, they're worried about losing a job, we all know what's coming in September, it's no mystery that once the... The checks and balances in place for companies that took loans into all the different stuff that stimulus package, all of that. We know that they're layco.


I know in the airline industry, I know inside, just from what we're seeing, and I know it's coming, I know it's coming, and it's not just the early an industry, it's going to happen, and I don't need to be a Dom say at all.


It's like anything, you can look at that and put your head in the sand, or you can look at that and say, This is opportunity, and the beauty of our opportunity is that we offer a win, went... We offer a win for the person who's scared, who's fearful, so maybe doesn't wanna go back to work either because they're fearful of that health issues with cover 19 and some of that... We have people who have a compromised health, so they've got those issues too, there are so many things out there that need us to this point where you really have the opportunity to create such a win for the person who you're willing to share the gift of... What we offer in a network marketing, whether or not they take it, that's totally up to them, but you have an obligation to... If you have a network, more getting opportunity to share the benefits and share the potential with those people who are out there looking... So it is in A... And it's an opportunity on a world-wide basis, this is the first time we really ever had this 911 that was local in the US recession of 2008, 2009. yeah, there were some other economies that were affected, but I had a global business at that point, and I had people in other countries, we didn't even know what I was talking about, what I talked to, what was going on in your... The US with this particular thing. It is across the globe. So if you have a global opportunity, but a lot being get busy, seriously.


So can you just share a few of the tools that you have developed to help people with their network marketing businesses, someone taking a listen and they're like, Okay, maybe I'll take a look, I'm gonna put those doubts aside and just take a look.


What is the first thing that you would tell somebody to do, or what advice would you give them that they're thinking... Maybe they're in corporate, they're gonna keep their corporate job as long as they have it, but they really do want that plan B, so what kind of advice, what kind of plans do you provide for people?


Yeah, absolutely. So, of course is we hear, and I've heard in the past and starts with wide given not to be super cliche, and my dogs walking through not to be super cliche. But it does start with, why do you wanna do this? And is that why Bing and burning and enough to move you forward and then we have to...


I want it. It is.


How many people think that, Well, I can't do this because I have another job.


Almost everybody who makes a success in network marketing had a full-time job when they started their network marketing business, so they just learned to prioritize their time and make the time and make it matter that they had to put toward a business. So there's nothing unique about anybody who's working a job already and wondering if they have the ability to do it, it's just really committing to that, and then it's really finding that company starts with maybe making a list of what our values are, what matters to you, are you help an... Well, as oriented, are you natural product or in what are those things that really matter to you, who have you spoken with in the past, who share something with you that may be peer interest, but you weren't really sure, and then open up that conversation with them again, and more about what it really looks like, what it really takes, and what it's going to require a view to not only work the business, but to get paid in the business and understand that now, if they're already with the network marketing company, revisit what the systems and tools are that your company has in place for you, so then you can do just like what Kim said, Follow the cister, what's the system that's already in place? That's proven over and over again that the people at the top are using and that they used to get there, and then they want to share and teach you and help you master so that you can do that.


Now, that's timeless. Those few things that I've shared it there a time is nothing new that I came up with with, the only thing that I did, it was different than what a lot of people have done and do is leveraging the tools of the internet.


So like we're talking about, how can you begin to build your system to the content out on YouTube, how do you share out of Facebook in way that's not all about by my product, by my product, by my product, you're building a brand, you're building an asset, you're building a tribe in an audience of people who attract to you for some reason, and you're applying the person who you sign up with, your sponsor, the company, they can help walking through a lot of those tools and trainings and tips on really have to do that.


And then I have a mental... I have a... A little, I have to give you on some scripting success language as I like to call it, and I always say, Put this in your own words, you don't wanna read a script or Batam, but it's really designed for anybody who is currently working their network marketing business or anybody just getting started to teach you how to re-engage with people you've spoken with in the past, who said no, or maybe said nothing... We have a lot of those. They never really answered. So we assumed it was a no.


We are now open and looking, they may have forgotten that you have had a conversation with them, but now is a great time to re-engage them and to re-engage them in a way that feels very often it... It's very upfront why reaching back out to them and is not off-putting because it kind of uses a third party approach and it feels comfortable to you, the person sharing it, 'cause you don't feel like you're getting into sales mode or anything like that, it also... How to engage those people, how to open that conversation with people who you haven't had the opportunity to share with what you're doing again, in a way that addresses what's going on in the current environment, addresses the fact that they may be one of those people who's been affected, but surely, they know some people who have been affected, so that's really what it's designed to do, is teach some skills, some basic skills to begin to open that conversation and then let it evolve to the system that the company offers to share exactly what it is.


And how it all works.


I love that because I think there are so many misconceptions about the industry, and there's people... It just... In every industry, there's people who do a great job and people who don't do a great job, and one of the things when I the was looking at this and when I was starting, I really didn't believe that I could make a good income, and I know that there's a lot of people who are in corporate that they feel tracked with those gold in the handouts because they're making a good living.


What are some of the things that you would say to those people, just to open their eyes that this might be a viable vehicle or a pathway for them, because I think that is a big thing. For people to take that leap of faith. It was for me, just, I don't think I can make the same kind of income I could make here. What kind of things would you share with somebody who might not see this as the way out for a way to build an asset?


Well, first of all, open your mind up to be willing to educate yourself, which is what I do in all the many years ago, educate yourself on what you think network marketing is, what you think the income potential is, and what it truly is, and I mean be on The High and the y stuff that you may see out on the internet, find the real true stories that are on the internet. I know both of you have great stories and you have great other resources of other people with great stories that you can share those testimonials, you can share those stories, and the beauty of the internet today, you can actually find those people, they're not just a made-up name and I made up face and made up story, there are real live, breathing human beans every day that have left not only corporate jobs, but six and seven-figure corporate jobs to focus on the time and financial freedom that they can get with network marketing. Is she, like you said, and I like you both to be... Corporate America most often keeps us in hand cast, you may earn a great salary, I just... We actually just had a couple over for dinner last night, and they were talking about their daughter who earns 250 year, has a great hard to all these works that she has, but she has a house, two twin boys, who she never sees... She hardly ever sees it, she travels a lot, so she then got the Great House, they've got all the toys, they have, all of that, but she doesn't own her life, she doesn't own the time freedom, and I don't say that to beat anybody else who chooses that, as their course, that's rabbits. Life is about choice and those kind of freedoms, but I fear that person who's looking at that and saying, Yeah, this is great, but I have... There's some freedoms that I'm missing out on, know that it is possible to have both of them.


Nobody's gonna tell you that it's gonna happen overnight.


If somebody told you that they kind of sold you a billing data, that's really, truly... Because we know that in any situation, most of us don't get to a six-figure corporate job over it either, there's certainly those exceptions, but for the most part, it's about doing the steps that take you up there.


The beauty of network marketing is it is such a simple business, not always easy, 'cause our mind gets in the way... Our thoughts get in the way. But it's very simple.


The roach is success.


I always say this is sexy, the road to success, not so much, but it's chamberin and repeat shampoo, Reno, repeat. That's what we do, we have a system in place.


All of the system commit to it consistently over time and build that leverage tool.




So one of the questions that we always like to ask is, because of Network Marketing, how has your life changed?


Oh my gosh, it's funny, when I started in the network marketing really and truly it was about my money, I'll just be on a students about the money, I wanted more money for my family, I wanted the achievement of more money from home.


I see, one of the reasons that I truly that I made at network marketing is because I wanted to be part of the 1 half of 1% that hit a certain income level instead of in the bigger number or hard... I don't wanted to be one of those, I was just really determined, and so I was stubborn and committed to doing that, but when it was done, the greatest thing for me was the achievement of it, of knowing that it's something that I did.


I did all my own, I had to fall off the bike and skin my knees and give back up and cry a little bit, get back on the bike and keep pedaling and it's peaks and valleys. But success in anything is peaks and valleys, I don't care what your career is, I really don't mean I talk about me from the airline industry, went the tail... And my husband retires in August, and we are so grateful. He is getting out.


But you talk about piso valleys and ups and downs unintended in the early industry, it's been fabulous in so many ways, it alone is provided a great lifestyle for us, but it also has been filled with a lot of fearful times and worries about this and really get for one, with a company. Stay in business now. What next to those type things.


So the greatest thing is it changed my life, it changed my family's life, it really allowed me to have it all... I still say I have a pinch new business, it really allowed me to have it all, and it mostly allowed me to have it all at the same time, and you can't say that about very many things, and I know my children today at 20, almost 28, 25, they're grateful for it. They talk about it all the time, how grateful they are that I was willing to do what it took because they didn't did it when they were little, and sometimes, especially as moms, we struggle with that thinking, Oh, I feel guilty when I'm working my business and not with my kids, and then I feel guilty when I'm not working my business and I am with my kids, it's like this constant whatever, when they're little, they may get frustrated that you... But when you do it and you provide a great lifestyle, and then you are there for them 100% of the time when they really truly need it, that's what they remember.


That's absolutely what they remember. So it's the experience of having done, I guess. The money is great. It's helping other people. It's really... No, I mean for me, my passion is still moms because I know what it meant for me to not have to put my kids in daycare, to not have to struggle with that, to not have to try to find somebody who can pick one of them up from school, if they got sick during the day, it's not having to choose between being the tennis mom, driver red back to listen to all the gossip and everything that was going on with the girls at that age, all that type stuff. So it's really the experiences and the life. So that have met more than anything in a world, and I think you said something super important that I don't think most people realize, and that is, this is a business and there're so few out there that you get to make a huge impact on your life, but you also get to make a huge impact on other peoples, like the ripple effect in this business is something that you can't even really comprehend until you start to build a business and see the culture and the community, and what your business can then do to help other people then start this amazing chain effect, like you said, rents, repeat, and I keep thinking, now we're all gonna be really dated, so half of our TIS is gonna know, but I keep thinking of that commercial and so on and so on, and... Right, and so to... And that truly, I think, is the power of building an asset, making an impact for your family, but truly being able to make an impact on so many other people that you committing to building a business, so... But I'm sure there's lots of people out there who are thinking you because you have changed their lives and had such an impact, so thank you for saying yes and taking a chance in doing this business and for now coaching so many other people so that they can have the same type of success.


I seriously got goosebumps when you shared that about the ability that you have to affect otherwise, and there's a great quote in that as we plant a tree that grows up and create shade for people will never know, and I love that cool. Because it sums up so well in what we do to a network marketing.


I love that too. And so how can people find you?


Yeah, absolutely. So my main website is  and if you go to


And you can get my success scripts during tough times, it's a little PDF that'll walk you through some scripts to say, make it a little list, brainstorm did you speak to before, what did they say, and give you some ideas for re-open that conversation. If you've had it and how to open that conversation for the first time, if you haven't... And I have a feeling that PDF is going to be opened and opened an open who's over and over because that is one of the abilities, it sounds... That's one of the most difficult things about network marketing, it's just knowing what to say, when to saying how to say it, and the fact that you have already done this work for people is gonna be a huge blessing to a lot of people who are listening or watching, and we will have that in our show notes for people to click on that link and to get connected to you as time.


So thank you, Jackie, we love you, we can't wait to non-social distance, see you, we can't wait to share all of this great information with our listeners, so thanks so much, thank you

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Network Marketing - thriving in Pandemic. A unique time world history, why now is the perfect time to build Network Marketing.

People are scared, jobless, lost wages, health issues, children home, need flexible solutions. Working from home seems obvious. Google Search for home based business are surging.

You need vision, content, marketing strategy and business skills to attract, sponsor people, create success..
Show notes -

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We are just beginning the second half of the year so many of us looked forward to - 2020. What happened? Well, we know what happened; the Pandemic; Riots; Chaos and we keep pushing forward. It is my hope that this finds you and yours healthy, happy and ready to thrive moving forward.

How to Make the next 6 months your best:

We have no control over much of what’s happened, we do have control over our thoughts, our mindset and the actions we take. My question has been “how will I choose to show up as a leader? How will I maintain my focus; my service to others and maintain my business through all of this, while assisting others in also growing and thriving in their business?”

How you choose to grow, recover and succeed is your responsibility. There is a very simple method to get out of stuck and into growth and success mode. Let’s create the circumstances that lead us to what we want in our lives.

Life is 50/50 - We can argue with reality and lose 100% of the time - Byron Katie.

So what is that simple method? No matter when you hear this, these 3 principles always HAVE AND AWAYS WILL be right on.

For complete show notes, go to

Subscribe, Rate &Review. It would mean a lot if you subscribe to the podcast and leave a 5 star rating &review. This shares the show with other people to listen and we grow as a community. The bigger we grow, the more impact we have on the world, and grow home business.

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Emotional and Business resilience is important to your overall success and peace of mind.


Life gives us lemons 50% of the time. Let’s make lemonade from them.


We count on that superstar in Network Marketing, and then they don’t join or quit. Someone laughs at our decision.


Real Estate can be the same - EVERYONE seems to have their Real Estate license.


We must learn to stand out, get noticed, get the sale.


First, we must learn to navigate life’s challenges.


This week has been a whirlwind.


My son and his wife welcomed their first child and our first grandchild into the world. So excite to meet this new little bundle.


Less than 24 hours later, a devastating tornado blew through Nashville, Tennessee, literally right next door to my daughter’s apartment.


She is fine, but the aftermath and going through something like that alone, in the darkness is rattling. And, the power is out all over the city.


Not to mention that she is not feeling well, and about to have her tonsils removed.


She took me on a FaceTime tour, and wow, what a mess.


And, once I realized she is fine, safe and good to go, we had to make decisions and deal with our thoughts, feelings and next steps.


Logic and being pragmatic is in order in a situation like this.


We MUST learn to master our thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions.


It’s the same in business.


Do we wallow, or do we keep going?


Hopefully the answer is obvious to you - we keep going.


We grow.


We master the lessons.


We turn the lemons into lemonade.


We experience Pain, which is a form of non acceptance; resistance.


What happened just IS - we can’t change it.


Traffic ; rain on an event; flight cancels, tornados  - we get frustrated but we don’t allow emotional pain to set in and we don’t resist it. It SUCKS but we spend very little time there.


Every ongoing negative emotion is self created.


Emotions that are negative - anger, frustration, rage, fear, sadness, hurt, shame, guilt, hate, loathing, embarrassment, worry. We are inclined to think there is a different reason for each but reality is - it’s all created by what’s going on inside of us - our thoughts and feelings around something that happened, a circumstance, fact, event, experience.


Feeling bad is a choice.


Pain is inevitable; suffering and ongoing pain is optional.


Life and business will have its ups and downs. No doubt.


We need ton feel the pain and emotions of negative things.


We allow ourselves to process that pain.


And, then we simply must move forward.


Don’t freak out.


Ask - where do I want to go from here, and in what time frame?


How can I accept the reality of my situation?


How can I move forward, and grow?


Focus always on your 3 Cs -








Full show notes -

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer
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Everything is figure-outable - Marie Forleo


We can spend way too much time getting stuck in thinking we need more knowledge; more answers; more time….


Let’s start with what you know NOW…


What do you know already about your business?


We’ve covered clarity on:






What you truly sell


Next, we move to commitment.


We get stuck thinking we “need” to know more in order to even get started, much less to be successful.


But really, we don’t.


We are stuck in fear, procrastination and other emotions and thoughts that are coming up for us.


Right now; what are the fears that hold you back in your business?


Are you afraid someone will ask a question you don’t have the answer to?


How is this holding you back now? Are you in the ditch of your business?


Is it true that you must have the answer to everything?


Do you know how and where to find the answer?


IF, and when you need it?


Are you committed to finding that answer?


We just have thoughts. All day, every day.


Our thoughts derail us a great deal of the time. 90% of our thoughts are repetitive and your Reptile brain is just trying to keep you safe, secure, and out of pain.


When I took my business online in 1999, I had huge fear, not the least was that Y2K and the change of the millennium was going to take out everything.


Ha! Funny now.


I just knew, though, if anyone had done it; was doing it; I could too.


And, I was highly committed to figuring it out.


I figured out marketing funnels; and content to create; what type and where.


And, I was committed to doing whatever it takes, so I got into action every day.


So, ask yourself -


Do I know where to find help?


How committed am I?


Do I want help?


Let’s talk.


EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer
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What does commitment mean?


What is your #1 Goal this year?


Is your goal possible?


Do you believe it is probable for you?


If yes or no, your thought must be -


I will figure this out.


THIS is commitment.


I’m willing…I am committed to do whatever it takes to achieve my goal.


How does that thought feel?


What action has to happen for you to get those results? To get that goal?


Look around you. This is what you are currently committed to in your life; business; income; fitness; health; relationships.


Social Proof surrounds you.


Roger Bannister and the 4 minute mile.


Decide what you want.


Decide to commit.


Decide your values.


My 5 F words








Yoda and Luke Skywalker - There is no try; there is either do or do not.


Can you be “kinda” committed to faith; or your family….




Get Clear. Find Clarity on each of these.


Get out your calendar and get your values on there; get the actions on there that take you to your goals.


Track your actions.


Hold yourself accountable.


Reward yourself.


EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer
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Have you taken the time to identify, get clear and define the systems that make you successful in your business?


How are you doing with being consistent?


And, what do you do to stay accountable?


Systems are what create a breakthrough around a lot of ways for you in your business.


A system gives you a roadmap to follow, so you know every step of the way where you are; and where each person is; and what the next step is.


McDonald’s is a great example of a company that strives on systems.


In the video and the audio, I share my story of using what I learned about systems to create my own success as a high school student working at McDonald’s in the 80s, and how I won the Saturday lunch sales contest almost every week.


What are your business systems?


Get clarity on this so you have a more simple system.


What are you selling?


Then, define those systems and for me, 3 primary things are part of my systems:


Meeting People - this is ALWAYS step one. Who and how many people am I adding to my database on a daily basis?


Marketing - online and offline. I have it laid out for my offline, which is BNI (Business Network International); and other networking events.


Online, I am going through my friends and contacts daily on Social Media and connecting with people regularly



Follow up - this is the funnel, again online and offline. Have this planned out, for each person who you encounter. Are you just collecting business cards and facebook friends, or are you truly engaging? Do you have a follow up plan defined?


Consistency, of course, is the next key thing. Having these beautiful, defined systems in place is one thing.


What’s on your calendar and how does it look? Is it full; is it complete?


We can only measure what we track, so how do you do with tracking?


Again, the calendar never lies!


Then, I can look back and rate my consistency. Then, I know what to improve on. And, change, possibly.


Monday’s are my “Marketing Monday” and I block it in my calendar for content creation.


Accountability - I have a 3 person mastermind group that has become priceless to me. I never want to be the one who shows up with zero done, tracked and accountable for.


Accountability and showing up helped me pull together all of the moving pieces of my business, and allow me to see it through someone else’s eyes.


I can’t recommend this enough.


Knowing I have to show up makes me accountable to myself first to be prepared and accomplished.


If you want assistance, book a call at 

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer
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Often, we don’t understand what it is we truly sell.


On the last episode, we talked about clarity behind your values and priorities. That’s at show


What you sell is NOT your company, or your product name; or even type of product.


We sell solutions, experiences a result.


It’s ultimately the “Transformation” that you client is going to experience through your product, service or offer.


So, we start with what the challenge is that they have. What do they need a solution for?


You’ve probably heard, no one goes to the hardware store to buy a drill; They go to buy a hole in wall.


Who is your ideal client? Have you written out the avatar for up to 3 unique profiles? Some of the traits may be the same, but hav ing 3 allows you to speak to a broader audience.


What are their main challenges, obstacles, problems?


Make a list.


Then, what is the solution of transformation that you provide.


What other potential solutions have they tried?


It’s important to know this going in, as it helps you create your content strategy and your positioning around their needs and frustrations.


You can then position your offer around how and why you will be different.


Focusing on my Network Marketing clients and audience, let’s talk about a few:


Skincare - most women have spent a couple hundred dollars on a skincare line that consists of 7-10 steps and products. Sounds great in the store, but not so great in the real life day to day world.


Who has time ion the morning? Who has time at night?


Knowing this, how would you figure out your ideal client and what their biggest challenges are; and finally how you would position your offer.


Let’s talk about SendOutCards, as I have a lot of clients with this company.


It’s not a “Greeting card and gift service” as many will tell me.


It’s a client retention system that allows the business owner to stay top of mind and in touch with their clients and potential clients.


Finally, let’s talk about weight loss for Network Marketing.


Diets don’t work, we know that.


You must get into the mindset of why people overeat; and what’s going on to lead to being overweight.


Learn to sell the value in working with you.


As far as Real Estate, people don’t buy a home; they buy a lifestyle; an experience; and safety, security; good schools and more.


Coaching is growing tremendously, and people are seeking it. Best to niche down so your offer is clear. You don’t want to be talking about relationships and dating if you specialize in weight loss.




Do a Thought Download on the challenges your ideal client has. Write for 5 minutes about everything that comes to mind; no worries about spelling or grammar. Get detailed, as this will help you develop the offer.


Then, you can write out the solution and transformation you offer.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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I run my life and my decisions around a few key concept. One of those is the 3 Cs for Success, which are Clarity, Commitment and Consistency. Today, let’s cover Clarity on Your Values and Priorities.


My focus word for 2020 is accomplished, and I’ll cover how these all fit together.


The definition of clarity is the quality of the “state” of being clear. Having a clear understanding of what and why.


And, ideally, so others are clear as well.


Do you have clarity around your life goals and priorities?


When these are clear for you, it creates more joy and simplicity in your life.


I base my values and proprieties around my 5 Favorite F Words. My value and marketing “buckets” come from this.


I started with my WHY in each area, and also incorporated my focus word into each one.


My key phrase ion journaling and doing my Thought Download on this is -


Focus on what matters most.


What is my focus point on -




Family and Friends








What do I need to do each day,  week, month and year to end up feeling accomplished, which is my focus word.


So, for me with Faith, my focus point is - Be Strong. I use my thought download to check in on how I am doing with my strength in faith.


I use my thought download and ask lots of questions around faith. I ask questions, listen for answers, journal about it, meditate on it, and use audio to reprogram my subconscious mind.


Family and Friends - be fully present when with someone. No phone, social media, texting, etc. Showing up first and best for those who matter to me. When I focus on quality time and being present, I check my primary focus for this area of my life.



Fun - this is easy. I seek fun and joy in everything I do. No matter what I am doing. I remind myself - What is happening to me, is happening for me. I refuse to stay stuck in old stories and programming and instead find the good in everything. Pulling from Hal Elrod’s “It Happened” concept. Life is 50/50. Bad stuff happens and we can’t control that. We do control our reactions and actions.


Beyond that, what is on my calendar that is fun this next year? Nashville, Ventura, Cabo San Lucas, Lake Arrowhead, Croatia and more!


Fitness - longevity and peak performance are at the top of my focus list for fitness. Fueling with good food, movement and sculpting and toning; being the best that I can be,.


And, my first Grandchild will be born this March and I have a goal to not only live to 100+ but to see two generations of “great” grandkids.


If I am intentional with my action steps, I can connect the dots going forward.


Finances - this is a big part of my focus this year as I spent most of 2019 focused and cleaning top areas of my life that needed it. Now, I can keep mastering the practice of what I have in place in those 4 areas, and can dial in on my goals in my business.


My goal is to enroll 250 people into transforming their lives and businesses through my coaching. And, to pay off my house. And, to show up my best, giving value and coaching the heck out of people!


Now, each day, I can do my thought downloads, and journal by asking good questions and measuring up my day and life around being accomplished around my focus priorities.


My goal with fun is to say yes to opportunities for fun and travel, get it on the calendar and figure it out later!


So, that is how to gain clarity on your values and priorities; and use your focus word to measure and track your actions, and what is working or not working.


Figure out your values and priorities FIRST. Write those down. Create your focus point in each one; and then determine how your focus word can work with you and your goals.


Be intentional.


Develop the Vision, Commitment, Focus and Consistency to see the job through.

Full show notes -

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Welcome to one of the most powerful shows of the year, where we close out the year, and in this case, the decade as well, and prepare to really rock the new year and decade coming.

Show note are at 

On the last show, we discussed choosing your focus word - 

I've learned how to bring each year together to make them build on each other.

Focus word from prior years -


2018 - Systemize - this was all about getting systems in place so my business flows smoothly and I know what step to be taking with each person I meet; who enters my marketing funnel; and who I am building a relationship with.

2019 - Mastering Practice - what are the key few things that must be practiced consistently to move me forward in all areas of my life?

2020 - Accomplished - my plan is to start each day planning what is required daily for me to check the accomplished box on where my focus us for that day at the end of the day.


I spent the year 2018 getting the right systems in place for my business. In 2019, I developed my plan for Mastering the Practice of the few areas of commitment and consistency that needed to be done to master the practice of success in each of my value areas; my content areas; and my priority areas, which are what I call my 5 Favorite F Words, which are -



Family and Friends





So, I went back through my calendar planners for the last decade, and see how each year unfolded.


As I have shared, life is 50/50.


50% positive and flowing; and 50% frustration and unhappiness.


Looking back on my decade, and each year, I can pick out the solid years and the years of frustration and struggle and see what worked and what didn’t.


The overwhelming theme in the years of frustration are those years that lacked clarity, commitment and consistency, which are the keys to moving a business forward.


And, my marketing fell way short!


I’ve been conflicted on what it is exactly I want to focus on in my business.


Am I still building a Network Marketing business?


Am I more focused on coaching?

Business or Confidence and life coach?



Marketing is where I really dropped the ball, and my conflicted state of business is a big reason why.


Again, remembering that life is 50/50. and knowing this going in allows you to stay in control and self coach yourself to any success.


I don’t believe there is such a thing as luck, or coincidence.


Every year offers us lessons and growth.


5 Minute Rule -


It happened.


I can’t change it.


I have 5 minutes to whine, cry, weep and vent and then reach for that next area of stretch and growth that we can gain from it.


As Byron Katie says - you can argue with the past, and you’ll lose 100% of the time.


We can’t control most things. People, or circumstances.


We can control our ultimate reaction to is.


Questions for closing out the year and decade -


Who do I want to become?


Who am I now?


What is not matching with who I am now and who I want to become?


What actions do I need to change to become that person? Achieve that goal?

Do I believe it’s possible for me to become that person? Achieve that goal?


Do I believe it’s probable?


Am I willing to commit to the actions, thoughts and feelings needed to become that person and achieve that goal?


Who do I serve?


How do I serve them?


How do I handle mistakes I have made?


How do I learn from those mistakes?


What steps do I need to be taking today to become that person and achieve those goals?


How do I decide what to say yes to?


What to say no to?


What are my priorities in each area of my life?


What’s the number one priority in each of these areas?


This next month, and throughout the year, I will be focusing a lot on my 3 Cs -






Stay tuned for more of that!


Thanks for listening.

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