Peak Performance Habits - Jackie Ulmer

Are Fear, Procrastination and Excuses Stopping You in Business?

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

The Excuses We Make 
Get Clear on Your Philosophy
Getting Intentional With Your Calendar
The Power in Consistency

Philosophy, the key ingredient to success.

We have philosophies, about everything in life.

Some serve us. Some don't. In areas of struggle, pay attention, get clear on what your philosophies are.

Simple actions make all the difference. They are easy to do, easier not to do. Understand the timeline of success - simple actions, compounded over time create the success you desire.

Success starts with small steps and getting those small steps on your calendar go much further to making sure they are completed.

What’s on the calendar gets done. A favorite mantra of mine.

In order for things to change, YOU have to change. And, be the catalyst for your own change.

Start now. Today. Don’t wait.

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Success and Self Confidence

Most people think that success comes from having self confidence.

But, it’s a funny thing. In most interviews I listen to of successful entrepreneurs. they all say the same thing - they struggled terribly with lack of self confidence.

You may know exactly what I am talking about.

I think back on my own journey and struggles with not feeling good enough.

It’s funny though. I have always spoken the words - I am self confident.

Looking back, I’m not sure that this was true. I just used different words. Because I know for sure that “self worth” or being good enough was an ongoing struggle.

You may have some things going on in your life that are creating the feeling of lack of confidence in you; feeling of unworthiness; of just not being good enough.

Over the years, I developed a little trick for dealing with those negative feelings. 

I’m sharing it with you, in case it helps you as well.

Instead of pushing so hard to “get rid of the feelings”; try this. Just sit with the feeling for a minute. Be willing to experience what that feeling “feels” like now. In this moment. When it is not really happening.

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What new rules you may be saying - I have the goods for you! If you’ve ever felt like you are on the hamster wheel, this show is for you….. as we cover How to Succeed on Social Media With the New Rules!

You’ve probably heard you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.


So, how are you doing with that? How is your tribe?


And, what do I mean when I say the new rules in social media?


Things have changed, wouldn’t you agree? We are overloaded with marketing messages, politics and a lot of anger and bitterness.


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


Social Media, Then and Now


How to Book Yourself Solid


The Dream 100 Challenge


4 Key Principles for Creating a Stream of Leads and Clients


Many people are opting out of facebook as it has more and more security issues and negativity.


People are - surprise - going back to investing in quality time, unplugged, with people who truly MATTER.


Remember when social media was so filled with big houses, fancy cars and a bunch of stuff that made some look and feel successful?


But many have realized that buying things they didn’t need, to impress people they didn’t even like, was a crazy waste of time.


Time is our most precious commodity and that thing we can’t get back.


Personally, I am committed to creating transformation for those who truly want it.


Why? Because I have experienced that in my own life, especially when I stumbled on the internet and COMMITTED to doing the work to be successful.


Notice I said - doing the work.


No one did it for me.


My first Dream 100 group has launched and you are still invited to be a founder. And, learn How to Succeed on Social Media With the New Rules.


Vanity metrics are over and I am committed to working in small group workshops to move those forward who REALLY want to MOVE forward.


At some point, online, everything became about how big and how many you had in every sense of the word. Vanity metrics is that way of measuring perceived success based on # of followers, connections, friends, likes, shares, comments, email list size and so on.


Talk about a sense of “Social Shame” if you can’t keep up, right?


Have you ever shared something on social media and it’s like CRICKETS?


We all have. It happens. It’s no big deal. However, today,  unlike when I started online in 1999, there is so much more noise online.


Back then, we didn’t have Social Media, and we sure didn’t have all of the advertising and marketing messages bombarding us.


How do you get noticed? How are you going to stand out?


The days of “Spray and Pray” are OVER, sista! (Or, brotha!)


That does not by any means mean that social media is dead for building a business.


That just means you need a newer, better, more authentic and relationship oriented way to succeed online.


A few years back I read Michael Port’s book - Book Yourself Solid


His subtitle is - The fastest, easiest and most reliable system for getting more clients than you can handle even if you have marketing and selling.


And, who doesn’t hate marketing and selling? Right?


That is EXACTLY what I am doing with the Dream100 challenge - teaching you how to get in front of and gain the influence of those who are your tribe,  and the people who can use and care about your message.


You must build a foundation.


And we don’t do that by blasting people all day long on Social Media.


We must build trust and credibility. Same thing.


And, we must employ solid self promotion strategies that work and aren’t all about you, your product, service or business.


Here are the core principles to building your foundation -


Choose your ideal clients so you work with the right people, have more fun, make more money, help more people and enjoy your work.


Understand why people buy what you are selling!


Develop your own personal brand online and offline, so there is no mistaking who you are and what you stand for.


Position yourself correctly by knowing how to talk about your offer in a way that makes sense and is NOT confusing!


I want you to hear that again - the foundation -


Choose your ideal clients so you work with the right people, have more fun, make more money, help more people and enjoy your work.


Understand why people buy what you are selling!


Develop your own personal brand online and offline, so there is no mistaking who you are and what you stand for.


Position yourself correctly by knowing how to talk about your offer in a way that makes sense and is NOT confusing!


My question for you - have you mastered these in your business yet?


Success as a solopreneur comes down to a FEW SIMPLE things -


Developing the business skills. These are all learned and I stated them above. Rewind this a bit and listen again.



If you don’t have these figured out, and you are tired of the struggle of going it alone and trying to figure it out, I have a special invitation for you to join me in the Dream 100 Social Media Challenge. I’m still not sure about calling it a challenge, because I’m a little worn out on challenges, you?


Have you ever started a 30 day challenge and not finished? I sure have. So, I don’t really want to go there! And, yet, I created most of it before I really thought that part through, so I’m open to your thoughts.


But, for now, we are carrying on calling it a challenge!


People are in pain and struggling for more in their lives, their relationships and their businesses. And, they are certainly struggling with Social Media as a tool to assist them in business.


Do you feel this way? Do you know how to find your tribe? Create your tribe and rock out your tribe?


Freedom is one of those things that many people crave…


The income, the true ability to have choices, sometimes for the first time ever.


It’s been my passion to mentor, coach and advise hundreds of men and women to grow the confidence… the energy…. and the INFLUENCE to create real change in their lives and the lives of others.


To own “your own little corner of the internet!”


I get that you probably have fear…. even resistance….

about up leveling your efforts to “put yourself out there”…


and, possibly, to have the success you crave.


It’s common to think that “failure” is the fear.


But, I believe it is often “success” that we fear.


Are we worthy? Do we deserve it? How will we handle it?


Let me just assure you - THIS IS YOUR TIME.


Social Media changed everything.  For me, and for you


Yes, no doubt, at first it was fun and engaging. Amusing…



But, now, as we’ve grown wiser, we have gone back to craving real human connection.


And, at the same time, we are ever glued to our phones and “devices!” Right? You know I’m right!


What if you knew how to match the power of Social Currency;  how to build influence; and get in front of your ideal client, without being spammy; annoying your friends or turning off the very people who ARE your ideal client?


What if you could do this from home, at times when YOU are available?


Building a “Side Hustle” can be challenging.


Building a business full time and connecting with the right people is also challenging.


Come along with me as I pull back the curtain and walk you through one of the most powerful ways to grow a business…








Without spamming your wall…


Without spamming anyone else’s wall…


Without constantly pitching your “deal”….


Without pitching ANYTHING…..



As you know, I don’t teach theory. Only those things I have done and am doing myself.


Again, we start with these key things -


Choose your ideal clients so you work with the right people, have more fun, make more money, help more people and enjoy your work.


Understand why people buy what you are selling!


Develop your own personal brand online and offline, so there is no mistaking who you are and what you stand for.


Position yourself correctly by knowing how to talk about your offer in a way that makes sense and is NOT confusing!


What happens if you don’t do this


Oh, so many choices to make each day…


What do we move forward with and what do we delay on…


Disregard…or delete…..


What happens if you don’t make the choice this time around to join me in the Dream100 Social Media Challenge?


Nothing. Really, NOTHING.


You will continue on, happy and healthy in my best wishes for you, and we will “still be friends”, ha!


You will hopefully go on to figure it out and have the wild success you crave!


I’ve said no before. I’ve left plenty of great offers on the table myself.


For many reasons.


Timing was off….


Too expensive…. (I’ve learned that is never the REAL issue, so I no longer use that reason myself)


Fear….  And, most specifically fear in two areas -


  1. Fear that I might lose some form of social status. And how would I feel if others saw that?


  1. I would fall short, fail, and just quit. And, ultimately, that would make me feel bad about myself. And, as you may understand, it’s tough enough out there and we have enough to beat ourselves up over. I didn’t need to add one more thing to my list of “Self Shaming.”


Here are some things for you to ponder, unless you’ve totally decided that you are not committing at this time. In that case, hit delete and get busy with something else!


If you are still reading and still considering, here is my commitment to you -


YOU can do this.


And, I will be there to encourage you, and share my own experiences on how to do it.


YOU can do this well.


And, you may not bolt out of the gate in the lead. This is a marathon, and I am there to be your coach to get you beyond the first couple of days, when it all seems easy.


YOU will become more clear on positioning your offer.


I will share with you now to develop your “Benefit Statement” or “Intro-Teaser - that way of introducing yourself, sharing who you serve and WHY in a way that is engaging.


YOU will become more clear on who your ideal client is and how to get in front of them.


I will share how this is done, via social media, without annoying anyone.


YOU will become much more comfortable not only on Social Media, but offline, too, conversing and sharing your business.


And, I will show you how the two intertwine so beautifully together and you’ll expand your center of influence more rapidly.


YOU will succeed in MANY ways, beyond just monetary.


I call my company Street Smart Wealth, and the wealth is about FAR more than money. It’s about having wealth in ALL areas of our lives. One thing I know, and have learned - when money is not such a daily grinding issue, it’s easier to find the fun, joy and wealth in other areas of our lives.


It has been my joy to mentor, coach, and consult other entrepreneurs to believe in themselves, first.


Then, to become that next level version of themselves, in all aspects of their lives - wife, husband, mother, father, sister, brother, friend and certainly as a business owner.


It’s about creating a transformation that allows you to tap more deeply into your gifts, talents, creativity and wisdom; and then to challenge yourself to think in a way you possibly have not before.


Are you coming? I hope so.


As I said, When I started online in 1999, there was so much less noise online.


We didn’t have Social Media, and we sure didn’t have all of the advertising and marketing messages bombarding us.


How do you get noticed? How are you going to stand out?


Is what you are currently doing online generating leads for you? Sales, Clients?


Is social media is dead for building a business? Holy Cow, no! If it’s not working for you, it means one thing.


You need a newer, better, more authentic and relationship oriented way to succeed online.


And, I have the answer.


Are you coming?


IF you know of someone who might benefit, please create some Social Currency and good karma and pass this along, and the link -


Using the Dream100 technique just this last WEEK, I closed over $7,000 in sales.


I hope you’ll join us!

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Let this settle in for a minute - if we don’t live up to the goal we’ve set, we are going to feel like a failure. And that feeling is a place we are not willing to go, Goals - Why We Don't Set Them or Get Them…

I’ve been there. And, I get you. I know the struggle. And, I know the pain.

I’ll never be written up in the network marketing hall of fame. I was not a fast starter. I struggled with my negative mlm blueprint. I worried way too much about the opinion’s of others.

And, now, nearly 25 years later, those opinions don’t matter. I kept my friends, or at least the ones that mattered. And, I built a successful business.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

Questions worth asking and answering

Success is in the pursuit of the goal

There is Struggle in Every Journey

Average is for sissies!


Goals - Why We Don't Set Them or Get Them…



What is the life you dream of living? What are you doing to pursue it? What are your challenges and obstacles? How will you know when you've achieved it? What have you learned about yourself?

Success is not just in the achievement of the goal; it’s in the pursuit of the goal. That is where growth occurs. And, growth is ALWAYS success.

Courage is not about the absence of fear. It’s about pushing through the fear.

How do you want to be a difference maker? Set a goal. 1 day, 90 days - and make them intentional goals.

I have missed my goals more than 80% of the time. At least the deadline that I had set to the goal.

I have a goal to walk 10,000 steps daily. My daily AVERAGE that is. Some days, I fall short, and at the end of the year, my App will show 10,000 for the daily average.

By the way - Average is for Sissies!

That’s a quote by my coach…my mentor,

Who are you being? How do you see yourself? How does that create your identity for yourself?

Tony Robbins says-

“The strongest force in the whole human personality is this need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves”


Perfection is dangerous. But a strong vision is needed. Let go of labels that don’t serve you and create the ones that do!


Questions to move from Average


What do I complain about most often and repeatedly?

What do I dream about doing but don’t accomplish?

What have I been putting off and worrying about?

What ticks men off?

What situations, people and conversations am I avoiding?

Where am I putting up with pain and denying myself the pleasure of having what I really want?

What really matters?

Where am I losing out on time or money?

Where is my reputation or relationships jeopardized?

Where have I thought or shown up as average?



Share your thoughts on this journey!


Looking for some help taking your business to the next level? My one on one and inner circle programs are LIVE! Are you looking for coaching to be successful in your Network Marketing business? Want to also learn how to generate your own leads online? My Inner Circle Coaching Program may be just what you need. Or, maybe it's one on one coaching. Learn more about both at



PS: If You Are Struggling to Sponsor, and Don’t have a Team, Haven’t Recruited Anyone (or less than 10 people), This is Where You Want to Start

And, if you are ready to fully develop your business action plan, both online and offline, join me "Behind the Scenes!"

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Social Media - it’s alluring, addicting, confusing and it's everywhere, right?


You might be asking yourself - how is it that some people are monetizing their time on social media?


They are generating leads, making sales and gathering new team members.


You can, too!

In 1999, I took my business online and have sold products and services in over 40 countries and built direct sales teams in the tens of thousands!

And for 12 years I never left my home to do a business overview in my network marketing business, and I was the number 1 income earner in that company with over 75% of the company in my downline.


How did I do it? Using the tools of the internet, Social media and search.


Success is Sexy, and yet the Journey and the process that we take to get there is not so sexy and you can probably relate to that.


It's hard at times and very challenging.


Let’s dig in - focus on only 1 or 2 platforms.


Facebook -



About Me


Content You Share



Content is ba HUGE part of what we do on Social Media.


Take the time to build out your brand and content strategy.


Think of what you share, regarding your business, offline.


Online is much the same.


You have a 30 seconds or minute commercial about your business.


You may do a ten minute overview; exchange a business card - that is content.


Mirror your online efforts to your offline.


Update your profile every 6 months, making sure you remove things that no longer fit and add what does.


I want to tell you that your first impression is your profile and the About Me section.


The About Me section is the second most visited page of any site including social media.


Friends - EXPAND this as quickly, and in the right way, adding friends who might potentially partner with you in some way.


Engage with others to get more engagement yourself. That’s how the Facebook Algorithm works.


Content -  video is hot, because it creates a 3D approach to who you are. It’s like two friends having coffee. Let video become your friend.


For a long time 60% of my leads came in to me through my YouTube channel, now my podcast is kind of taking over from that, so between the two they're really really powerful.


Post 4 times a day - 7 a.m. 11 a.m. 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. A 12-hour window there and you can see if you can begin to see over time what type of Engagement that you're getting. Track for 90 days.


Create your Center of Influence, 100-250 people.


Get in and be active in Facebook Groups.


Join me in mine - 


4 groups to focus on -


Business related; local; hobby or interest and your own that you start and run.


LinkedIn is a professional platform, and you can share a different type of content than you would on Facebook.


Not your dinner!


Showcase your skills and it's key in Search, google your name and it often shows your LinkedIn platform toward the top.


Make your profile very professional,


YouTube is big one of my favorite and is huge for search.


Big tool for branding yourself.


Social versus Search


Both important. Search is longevity and leverage.


Social is “right now” eyeballs.


Make part of your strategy Search related so people can find you WAY after you created the content.


This video leverages me because while it took 30 minutes to create and another 30 to edit and upload, it can work for me forever! People searching for social media tips can find this.


If I did this as a facebook live, it may last a day or two, but seldom does anyone go back 3 days or more on Social Media.

Content Strategy - take time with this -



Inspire or Empower



Your content is a work of art on Social Media. Use it to bring people back to your blog.


Use Calls to Action, such as visit your blog, like or share.


Your blog is your Hub of the universe that's the one piece that you own. Your social media marketing efforts are to bring them back to that!


You want to drive them back somewhere where you can capture them as a lead and have someone to follow up with; to build that relationship with; to add to your database and get into your center of influence.


Plan your strategy.


Brendon Burchard does lone blog post, one video and one podcast each week. Consistently. And, then promotes that content over and over again.


Plan yours and DO it!


Join me at for more!

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