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You’re Listening to the Street Smart Wealth Podcast, show 271.  How do you build relationships both online and offline, that lead to business and people wanting to join or buy, or refer you and your Network Marketing products and services? Let’s cover some ideas for that on today’s show. 

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Building Relationships Online and Offline for Direct Sales 

You’ll notice in the first part of this podcast, I shared some details about what is going on in my life. 


Move Business 

Share your life and details about you, first, and people will open up and share more of themselves, too. 

Influence is what you are looking to accomplish. 

Influence is developed when you get involved in conversations, and do more than just like something. Make comments that are thought provoking. Let them see you out there, and they will be more open to listening when they see you as more than your business and always hawking your business. 

Most of my business conversations take place behind the scenes, through Facebook Messenger, and not in the public domain. 

Remember is it SOCIAL Media - sports, lifestyle, healthy, fitness, cooking, decorating, fashion - share a variety of things that get people engaged. 

Don’t be divisive through things like politics or religion. It just can ruin everything. 

Know how to meet people out and about, and then take it back online through Facebook. Or another Social Platform. 

Be a solutions provider. Develop your elevator pitch that paints a picture of what you do, so they can quickly see if it’s something for them now, or someone they know. 

Health and Wellness companies need to be really careful to develop a unique selling proposition. No product claims. Never state that it cures something. 

Meet people offline and take it back online!!! I’m repeating this because it is key! for my complete plan on sponsoring through Social Media 

Not everyone will want to do business with you, but over time, many will. 

Try it and see what happens! 

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