Peak Performance Habits - Jackie Ulmer

The Harvest Can’t Be Prevented

Your Dream and Why, Your System and Tools, Daily and Ongoing Action Steps, Defining Moments.

A farmer knows if seeds are planted, tended to, watered and given TIME, the harvest ALWAYS comes.

He doesn’t stop watering, tending and pulling weeds just because he doesn’t see any shoots coming up right away. He continues because he trusts, he knows, he believes. 

Trust, know and believe in the process in your business, too.

Don’t forget the Dream 100 Challenge

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Creating a content plan for Social Media, as you build your brand and express messaging that resonates with you is as simple as determining your core values; putting a word or phrase to it and then develop your content around it.


In today’s show, I share how I have used my 5 Favorite “F” words to do this, and hoping to inspire some ideas for you.


Show notes -

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LinkedIn is probably The Most Under Utilized Platform Out There.
I’m interviewing Dennis Brown, a LinkedIn Specialist, who has built 3 multi-million dollar businesses during his 25 year career as an entrepreneur. He has generated over $20 million in new business from LinkedIn and social selling. 

In, we get very detailed on optimizing your LinkedIn profile, a key piece. We cover specific visuals to stand out; how to get into the search more easily.

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