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You’re Listening to the Street Smart Wealth Podcast, show 306. We’re diving in deep today on Social Media, and specifically the how and why to use Social Media. Every week, I get emails from the community asking - how do I create an audience and engagement on Social Media, when I am just getting started. 

Is it still possible? Still works? 

Yes, Grasshopper, it is possible and it does work! 

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How and Why to Use Social Media 

Let’s cover some key points on how and why to use social media and what it takes, to make it REALLY work for you. 

We’ll start with the HOW to use Social Media. 

Step 1 - Create GREAT content. Doesn’t matter what the content. Image quotes; blog posts; videos; asking questions - make it great, engaging and something your audience really gets value of some kind from. Even jokes! Think of who your “One Person” is? Who is your target audience and what appeals to that person? Start there. 

My Story. WAHM, Direct Sales, Real Estate. 

Step 2 - Build Your Fan Base or Community. This takes time, intention and focus. And, it takes consistency. Make it a two way street and be engaged with others in your similar community. 

Step 3 - Become known as that person who is “everywhere.” Yes, be everywhere. Now, I know I coach on picking one, maybe two social platforms to master, and then moving to others, and there is a lot you can do on more than two to get started and begin building community. 

Instagram for instance. If you are already posting image quotes on Facebook, also post them on Instagram and spend a quick sec on some keywords you’ll use on Instagram. 

If you are doing Facebook live or other video, add it to a YouTube channel as well, with some good keywords. 

Step 4 - Help Your Stuff Get Shared - this is also called going viral, or rather it’s the first step in the process. How do you get your stuff shared? Start by sharing the content of others in your niche, who will take notice and may share yours in return. Develop a few key loyal tribe members and ask them to share, and reciprocate. 

Step 5 - Track and document what works. Pay close attention to what gets shared and what goes unnoticed and pay attention and work to repeat what works. It takes some time, and you will see a pattern. 

Okay, so let’s talk about the WHY to use Social Media. 

Honestly there is no greater tool to leverage your time, geographic reach and efforts than Social Media. 

It’s been nearly 18 years that I have been online, generating leads and income daily. 

It allowed me to toss my advertising and paid leads list; stop hanging out in coffee shops waiting to be no-showed by my prospect; stop spending hours at weekly meetings; and, it allowed me to have my business out in front of big numbers of people without even needing to be physically present. 

It doesn’t matter if the kids are home sick, or you just broke out in hives. You can take daily action in your business using social media. IT is a no excuses approach! 

So, how do you make Social Media work for you? 

 I’m glad you asked…. 


First step, take an inventory of your social media presence and look at it objectively, from the eyes of a prospect. 

What works and what doesn’t? Can someone easily tell what you do? Are you over salesy? Would they possibly run? 

Layout a marketing plan for social media. What platforms, what content, what days. 

You likely won’t get it right the first time. It takes some tweaking . And, you will find your path. 

If I were starting today, here is what I would do. 

I would reach out to all of my current social media contacts, and I would go to every networking event that I could find. I would meet, provide value and connect on Social Media. I would work my butt of getting engaged and beginning to know these people. BUILD Relationships. 

And, if you desire assistance, let’s talk about some coaching to set up your plan, including success language, social media and follow up. 

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Show notes 

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