Peak Performance Habits - Jackie Ulmer
Time Management Strategies   Time…   Moat of us just never have enough of it; and we are always looking for more of it.   We say things like – Time heals all wounds…and other mantras regarding time.   And, yet, we all have the same 24 hours in the day.   In this podcast, [...]
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7 Habits For Happiness in Life and Business   Isn’t life and business funny? For me, I pursued what I “defined” as “success” in my business for a long time, and while I did achieve it, looking back now, I realize that I was not pursuing “happiness” in my life and business for quite some [...]
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The ABCs of Home Business Success   Regardless of what type of business you are building - Network Marketing Direct Sales Party Plan Online Business Coaching Business   and so on, there are some key elements that will take you to the top, if you just follow them.   In this podcast, I cover the [...]
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Objections – How to Handle Them in Your Business   Oh, objections – this can derail a new team partner faster than anything, if he/she doesn’t have the key skills to use good success language to defuse the objection. The key to success in dealing with objections is good language and posture. The key to [...]
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How to Email Effectively   Or, better titled – Bad Emails I have received and why they don’t work! In this podcast, I am going to share some real life examples of emails I have received, prospecting me for various things. And, I highlight what is wrong with them. This is not meant to offend [...]
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