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Description -  Simple Habits to Become the Success You Desire - that’s really all it is. Learned skills and consistency. Getting Clear on Where You Want to Go and Focus; Manage Your Energy and Health; Manage Your Productivity; Learn Storytelling and Influence; Review Your “I Want to Have” List Daily

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As we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the US, I wish you a feeling of abundance and gratitude, wherever you may be. I’ve recorded an experience to take you through an exercise to move you into abundance. Now is a good time to begin thinking about what you want; Where you are headed; How you feel about where you are headed.

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The holidays can certainly be challenging; add a business in the mix and it can be drama filled. I’m sharing some tools to assist you including - Getting Prepared and Ready to Position Yourself; Knowing Your Triggers and avoiding being triggered ; What to do if you came on too strong at first about your business;  People Pleasing and Other People’s opinions; and The Smackdown, for those who just won’t let up!

How we show up in any situation is our choice. You can hope for others to be different. But the only thing we truly control is ourselves and our reactions.

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We all have a philosophy about money. Most of it is flawed. Most of us have made money our whole lives based around this philosophy, and it’s kept many people stuck and broke.

We live with a money agenda that says - we are paid based on the time we invest, produce, commit; or work…

We always stay limited because we can only produce 24 hours in a day. Listen in to explore a new philosophy that might serve you better if you are struggling with no enough money.

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Social Media is an ongoing dilemma for many, trying to figure out what gets engagement, what creates interest and buyers. No one goes online to “get sold” but people will buy.

Think about your own habits on Social Media - what do you like, share and comment on? When do you buy? And, finally, how do you keep it simple, effective and get a Return on Investment? Listen in for answers and ideas.

Side note - my life was forever changed in a good way when I went online in 1999.

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What’s Your Holiday Plan for Your Business



When I first started my business, since I was the boss, I typically took off during the holidays. BIG MISTAKE!


I missed out on huge business potential.


In today’s show, I’m going to share what happened the year I decided to push hard and stay consistent with my business activities! I qualified for an all expense paid trip; promoted; and created momentum that took me well into the next year.


But, not a lot happened during the holidays…


Listen to the show for what that means!


Find me at

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