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We can spend way too much time getting stuck in thinking we need more knowledge; more answers; more time….


Let’s start with what you know NOW…


What do you know already about your business?


We’ve covered clarity on:






What you truly sell


Next, we move to commitment.


We get stuck thinking we “need” to know more in order to even get started, much less to be successful.


But really, we don’t.


We are stuck in fear, procrastination and other emotions and thoughts that are coming up for us.


Right now; what are the fears that hold you back in your business?


Are you afraid someone will ask a question you don’t have the answer to?


How is this holding you back now? Are you in the ditch of your business?


Is it true that you must have the answer to everything?


Do you know how and where to find the answer?


IF, and when you need it?


Are you committed to finding that answer?


We just have thoughts. All day, every day.


Our thoughts derail us a great deal of the time. 90% of our thoughts are repetitive and your Reptile brain is just trying to keep you safe, secure, and out of pain.


When I took my business online in 1999, I had huge fear, not the least was that Y2K and the change of the millennium was going to take out everything.


Ha! Funny now.


I just knew, though, if anyone had done it; was doing it; I could too.


And, I was highly committed to figuring it out.


I figured out marketing funnels; and content to create; what type and where.


And, I was committed to doing whatever it takes, so I got into action every day.


So, ask yourself -


Do I know where to find help?


How committed am I?


Do I want help?


Let’s talk.


EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer
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What does commitment mean?


What is your #1 Goal this year?


Is your goal possible?


Do you believe it is probable for you?


If yes or no, your thought must be -


I will figure this out.


THIS is commitment.


I’m willing…I am committed to do whatever it takes to achieve my goal.


How does that thought feel?


What action has to happen for you to get those results? To get that goal?


Look around you. This is what you are currently committed to in your life; business; income; fitness; health; relationships.


Social Proof surrounds you.


Roger Bannister and the 4 minute mile.


Decide what you want.


Decide to commit.


Decide your values.


My 5 F words








Yoda and Luke Skywalker - There is no try; there is either do or do not.


Can you be “kinda” committed to faith; or your family….




Get Clear. Find Clarity on each of these.


Get out your calendar and get your values on there; get the actions on there that take you to your goals.


Track your actions.


Hold yourself accountable.


Reward yourself.


EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer
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Have you taken the time to identify, get clear and define the systems that make you successful in your business?


How are you doing with being consistent?


And, what do you do to stay accountable?


Systems are what create a breakthrough around a lot of ways for you in your business.


A system gives you a roadmap to follow, so you know every step of the way where you are; and where each person is; and what the next step is.


McDonald’s is a great example of a company that strives on systems.


In the video and the audio, I share my story of using what I learned about systems to create my own success as a high school student working at McDonald’s in the 80s, and how I won the Saturday lunch sales contest almost every week.


What are your business systems?


Get clarity on this so you have a more simple system.


What are you selling?


Then, define those systems and for me, 3 primary things are part of my systems:


Meeting People - this is ALWAYS step one. Who and how many people am I adding to my database on a daily basis?


Marketing - online and offline. I have it laid out for my offline, which is BNI (Business Network International); and other networking events.


Online, I am going through my friends and contacts daily on Social Media and connecting with people regularly



Follow up - this is the funnel, again online and offline. Have this planned out, for each person who you encounter. Are you just collecting business cards and facebook friends, or are you truly engaging? Do you have a follow up plan defined?


Consistency, of course, is the next key thing. Having these beautiful, defined systems in place is one thing.


What’s on your calendar and how does it look? Is it full; is it complete?


We can only measure what we track, so how do you do with tracking?


Again, the calendar never lies!


Then, I can look back and rate my consistency. Then, I know what to improve on. And, change, possibly.


Monday’s are my “Marketing Monday” and I block it in my calendar for content creation.


Accountability - I have a 3 person mastermind group that has become priceless to me. I never want to be the one who shows up with zero done, tracked and accountable for.


Accountability and showing up helped me pull together all of the moving pieces of my business, and allow me to see it through someone else’s eyes.


I can’t recommend this enough.


Knowing I have to show up makes me accountable to myself first to be prepared and accomplished.


If you want assistance, book a call at 

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer
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Often, we don’t understand what it is we truly sell.


On the last episode, we talked about clarity behind your values and priorities. That’s at show


What you sell is NOT your company, or your product name; or even type of product.


We sell solutions, experiences a result.


It’s ultimately the “Transformation” that you client is going to experience through your product, service or offer.


So, we start with what the challenge is that they have. What do they need a solution for?


You’ve probably heard, no one goes to the hardware store to buy a drill; They go to buy a hole in wall.


Who is your ideal client? Have you written out the avatar for up to 3 unique profiles? Some of the traits may be the same, but hav ing 3 allows you to speak to a broader audience.


What are their main challenges, obstacles, problems?


Make a list.


Then, what is the solution of transformation that you provide.


What other potential solutions have they tried?


It’s important to know this going in, as it helps you create your content strategy and your positioning around their needs and frustrations.


You can then position your offer around how and why you will be different.


Focusing on my Network Marketing clients and audience, let’s talk about a few:


Skincare - most women have spent a couple hundred dollars on a skincare line that consists of 7-10 steps and products. Sounds great in the store, but not so great in the real life day to day world.


Who has time ion the morning? Who has time at night?


Knowing this, how would you figure out your ideal client and what their biggest challenges are; and finally how you would position your offer.


Let’s talk about SendOutCards, as I have a lot of clients with this company.


It’s not a “Greeting card and gift service” as many will tell me.


It’s a client retention system that allows the business owner to stay top of mind and in touch with their clients and potential clients.


Finally, let’s talk about weight loss for Network Marketing.


Diets don’t work, we know that.


You must get into the mindset of why people overeat; and what’s going on to lead to being overweight.


Learn to sell the value in working with you.


As far as Real Estate, people don’t buy a home; they buy a lifestyle; an experience; and safety, security; good schools and more.


Coaching is growing tremendously, and people are seeking it. Best to niche down so your offer is clear. You don’t want to be talking about relationships and dating if you specialize in weight loss.




Do a Thought Download on the challenges your ideal client has. Write for 5 minutes about everything that comes to mind; no worries about spelling or grammar. Get detailed, as this will help you develop the offer.


Then, you can write out the solution and transformation you offer.

EXPECT Success!

Jackie Ulmer

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