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Welcome to the Street Smart Wealth Experience, show # 338, Today, let’s get to the real truth behind  Why You Aren’t Selling More in Your Network Marketing Business

I’m Jackie Ulmer and I coach Network Marketers and entrepreneurs on how to make more money, faster and not annoy their family and friends.

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How is your summer, or winter wrapping up? I am thrilled to be out of Scottsdale for most of August, vacationing in California, Missouri and spending lots of time on a boat, with my favorite people, my family and close friends.

The best thing is that I did not have to ask any one for time off, or get the amount of time approved.

My business and income has not skipped a beat because so much of my business is automated.

Over 25 years ago, I launched my first network marketing business with the desire to create time and lifestyle freedom.

I struggled TERRIBLY in the beginning.

Can you relate? Are you in the struggle?

I hated selling, because I did not understand what selling really is.

Most people aren’t selling because they have an obstacle to selling. Even as you are hearing this, you probably have some negative thoughts and feelings coming up.

Why is that? I want you to really think about that for a minute and come up with your answer around why you feel this negativity.

We do we often lead with so much resistance to sales? This is why we aren’t selling more in Network Marketing. 

And, as you listen, be thinking about how many people you are actually sharing your offer with versus just thinking about it in your head and making stuff up. 

You know what I mean right? We make that list; we look around the room; we get out on facebook and we talk ourselves out of talking to anyone because of our fear of “selling.”

We have major head drama going on.

We’ll cover:

The “Selling” Elephant in the Room
Head Drama Around Sales
Selling is Coaching
Challenges and Solutions
Successful Selling Language
Follow Up

The Selling Elephant in the Room

This is your biggest obstacle and quite frankly, it’s the way you think about and process your thoughts around selling. And, the way you think about the person you are wanting to sell to.

In network marketing, we sell two things - products/services and our opportunity.

And, most of us don’t come from a sales background. 

We have fear around the word sales - probably why you are listening now.

Pushy, Aggressive, Manipulative, “Getting” People to do something they don’t want to do.

When you think of sales people, what image do you see?

And, does it scare you to think of becoming that person?

That is some major -

Head Drama.

So, here is a tip - DON’T. Just don’t become that person, because you don’t have to. And, you shouldn’t.

It won’t serve you or your clients. 

We buy from people we like; we believe and we trust. Focus on becoming that person in each scenario.

The way to move from a fear of sales is only done by changing your thoughts and feelings around sales.

Remember the coaching model - CTFAR

Circumstance - Thoughts - Feelings - Actions - Results 

The circumstance is this - you MUST sell to achieve what you want.

So, let’s unpack your thoughts, feelings, actions and results around sales.

You may have the thought - selling is slimy, manipulative, scary, coercion. What comes up for you?

Let’s change that thought and see what happens. We must create some income producing BELIEFS around sales, yourself and what you are selling.

Selling is Coaching

Sales is the highest paid profession. Have you ever driven around high dollar neighborhoods and wondered what the people do for a living who live there? Very often, many of them are in sales.

Imagine how different things would be for you if you began to see selling as just a simple coaching process; because that is exactly what it is.

So, let’s change how you see sales.

And, change is hard. It’s hard to even change our perceptions about something - like selling.

You have to work hard to change your belief system. 

When you think of simply coaching someone through the decision and sales process, doesn’t that FEEL a whole lot better?

Your goal is to coach someone to the solution, outcome and transformation they are looking for.

This starts with you asking questions to dive into what their desire actually is.

Understanding why they will buy is more important than you understanding “how to sell.”

Challenges and Solutions

What is the challenge your potential client has? What is the outcome they desire? What are the objections they have?

This is where the question piece become so important. On both offers - product and opportunity. 

What are the most common challenges your potential clients have and what is the most common desired outcome? 

Do you offer the solution or desired outcome? Have you had a personal experience with this?

Who do you know in your company, maybe even you, who has had a life changing experience with either the product/service or the opportunity?

What do you know about their journey? 

As we look at sales as coaching, you can ask questions and coach them through the process of sharing their desired outcome or transformation with you.

Then, you can calmly and with no hype, share stories of transformation that match The transformation they are looking for.

How would you feel if you helped coach them to the transformation they want?

An important thing to remember is to not confuse your desired outcome with theirs. Or try to project it onto them.

Especially the opportunity piece.

Successful Selling Language

Most network marketers totally blow the communication piece of selling their offer.

In anything we do, we are actually offering transformation.

Transformation of some kind. Product, service, opportunity.

Is it weight loss? Maybe but so much more. How will they FEEL losing the weight? What all will change?

Back to the desired outcome - what does it take to achieve the outcome desired with either of your offers?

Let’s take the opportunity - imagine getting someone started on the path to life transformation. What if they could leave their job? Fund retirement? Pay off debt? 

What might that feel like? For them or you?

What might they learn along the journey to success?

It’s going to take some trial and error. A willingness to be uncomfortable as you develop this part of your business.

However, when you always approach everything with a giver’s mentality - how can I provide the most value to this person - 

Follow Up

Give them the space to figure out what’s possible for them; and make sure you are asking them to join you; to start the transformation they want.

You can’t save another person or want it more for them than they want themselves.

Some will say yes right away and most will not. With effective follow up, you will convert more and more to a yes.

Know the sales stats - 85% of all sales happen between the 5th and 12th exposure. Are you willing to check in that many times, to offer them the transformation they are seeking?

Imagine how many more people you will coach to success and how that will affect your own success.

Always be using good success language and be painting word pictures and the vision of what is possible if they simply step into it and commit.

Remember this - you will attract people from the mindset where you are. Who you attract comes from your thoughts and beliefs.

I encourage you to begin recording yourself when you talk to people. Or, record yourself as you THINK you will talk to people and what you will say. Listen, write it down, script it out and review it.

Evaluate it from the perspective of your potential client. How does it sound? does it fit any of the sales language that scares you? Hypey, Salesy? Manipulative? Believable or unbelievable? 

Also, evaluate the questions you get; and the reaction from others. What objections and questions do they have.

How can you incorporate this into your success language and offer it as you are having your conversations?

If you are struggling with getting where you want to go, let’s have a conversation to see where you are; where you want to be, what’s working and what’s not working and talk about a plan to get you out of stuck, if that’s where you are spinning your wheels.

Get it booked today.

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