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Failure tends to be one of those F words we avoid, we fear, we worry about. It’s a word, that usually has a thought or two with it. What comes to mind for you?

What if we just reframe how we feel and define failure?

How might you reframe the way you go into the experience as one of expectancy for success and a great learning, growing, expanding experience?

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"The true power and success in setting a goal is the transformation, growth and learning you accomplish on the way to achieving it." Jim Rohn

The challenge for most people and goal setting is this:

We have a Random thought of what we want. We set goals based on our current inspiration in that moment.  We are feeling inspired by this in the moment. Then we have no true plan of how to actually ACHIEVE the goal.

And, anytime you set a goal, be aware of what will most likely  challenge you and plan for it!

Let's break down goal setting and goal getting.

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Fears, we all have them. It’s not a reason not to do something. We must begin to accept that fear is a part of our lives.

Fear is either a story from the past or something that has not happened, and probably won’t, projected into the future. Mindset mastery is the key to success in life and business.

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Yes, new name, new content, and a LOT of the same concepts, with more ideas to make YOU a peak performer in all areas of your life, with a specific focus on Business, Relationships and Health/Wellness - all 3 cornerstones of life success.

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Thanks to over 3 decades in Aviation and as a Pilot Wife, I launched a new podcast:

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Self Image for Success

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