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Last Monday, on my family’s last day at my sister in law’s Lake House, I got up early to get my walk in for the day.


I don't know the area well, so I just set out on the winding country road, to sneak in 2 miles before we headed home from vacation. I had walked the day before and was fine.


In the early morning though, it’s clear some people just let their dog’s out with no leash. This is a pet peeve of mine, and here is why -


About 3/4 of a mile in, I was deeply involved in listening to a podcast when I caught the movement of a dog rapidly making its way toward me. Barking, snapping and looking anything but friendly.


I was seriously fearful he was going to bite me. But I powered on and focused on not allowing him to smell my fear.


When he finally eased up and dropped back, I started pondering my move to get home. I was going to have to turn around and walk back by him.


Call my husband.


Look for an alternative route.


Suck it up and turn around.


I decided to push past my fear and focus on everything being fine.


As I came within 20 feet of the house, I heard the sound of a big truck coming up behind me.


Trash truck, stopped right in front of the house, separating me from the dog and his sight of me. As the trash guys duped trash from the surrounding houses, I hurried on past and got out of range of the dog.


For me, this was a great testament to fear and faith.


In my business, as in yours perhaps, I have had and overcome many fears along the way. And, I have learned that False Evidence Appearing Real is true,


The dog had not bitten me. And, why should I think he would bite me the second time?


Why not have faith that my prayer would be answered and God would see me through, just like he has before.


What is a big fear you face in your business?  Success; failure; what other people think; putting yourself out on Social Media; being vulnerable; talking to someone; wondering who will listen to you and what do you have to share?


How might you muster the faith to believe the path and answer will be shown to you?


The most powerful thing I ever did for my business when I was struggling to get from zero to hero as to hire a coach. Someone who has been where I was, and has gone to where I want to go.


I would love to explore a coaching partnership with you, if you are struggling. Let’s schedule a 20 minute discovery call to see if we might be a fit.


I love taking those with goals like mine from struggle to six figures, easily, and with joy in building something they love and that resonates with who they are and their values.

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