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Did you catch last week’s experience, as I interviewed the Consistency Chain Authors? Boy, if you haven’t be sure to listen in and take notes, and then consider where you are in the mix of consistency.



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While I am considered a 20%er today, reading he book; interviewing the authors and re-listening to the podcast, as well as sharing it with my own team and clients has really caused me to do some deep reflection on consistency, and where I have succeeded and fallen short in my business.


My reflection has led me back to the realization and confirmation that what it takes to be successful is just committing to the act of being consistent.


So when I say “YOU” in this experience, know that I am talking about myself, too.


It’s not massive action; the perfect script or the “right” people that make a business successful.


It’s YOU and me; and the action steps that we take day in and day out.


If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you may be familiar with my Favorite F words branding.


This came from attending a Brendon Burchard Expert's Academy Event.


I use these F words to measure things that matter in my life -


F Word Friday


Faith, Family and Friends, Fitness, Finance, FUN


Fun is truly my top value. If it’s not fun, I’m not doing it.


So, when I started reflecting on my consistency, I used these words to rate myself.


Fun - yes, plenty, especially this summer as I shared at the beginning.


Faith - yes, I feel I have been pretty consistent there too.


Fitness - I have had some goals, and one is 10,000 steps as a daily average for the year. I’m currently at 8800, so I am picking my pace up to finish strong. That’s about 4 miles a day. I’ve been on the Plant Paradox/Paleo/Keto type of food regimen for a while, and I could use more focus and discipline.


Family and Friends - check check


Which brings me to finance and while it’s not bad, I look at my goals and my vision for my business and realize I am not really where I want to be, and I now know the reason WHY -


CONSISTENCY - the last 5 years has had me a bit all over the map in terms of true focus.


Multi passionate Entrepreneur


Coaching, Social Media Training and Workshops  Direct Sales


Which website - my brand


Speaking training Masterminds


I have had so many people ask - What is it you do, exactly? And I always laugh, and struggle a little to tell them


At the end of the day - I am a business and Social Media Coach, Trainer, Mentor and Strategist. But, which word is the best?


Have you come up with your own title? Do you have your elevator pitch or infomercial down?


More on that in a future podcast.


So, let’s get into consistency. and, what that looks like for success.


I’ve said before - Success is Sexy; the steps to get there are often not.


You have to get really clear about what your business is; what you offer, and the steps you must take to get it out there and make sales or close deals.


People have often expressed a desire to come spend a day with me. And I always assure them they would be bored.


And, yet, for some, the lightbulb moment would occur when they realize there is nothing special of fancy about what I do.


With Social Media, it has all been about consistency -


First the site/blog; a weekly article; posting in forums; commenting and answering questions. Being real, authentic and showing interest and caring.


Get your own agenda out of the way.


Become a story teller. I’ll be sharing a lot more on this in a coming podcast.


When my business thrives, I can look back in my calendar and in my Social Media activity and see one common thread - consistency.


When my business has floundered, I can look back in my calendar and in my social media activity and see one common thread - lack of consistency.


For most of us, in our solopreneur business, we need to be doing a few things ongoing -


Finding people to add to our database. This means more than just plopping in names. It means meeting, engaging, building rapport and the start of a relationship; connecting on Social Media and expanding the relationship.


Learning as much as I can about them; learning how I might be supportive and then opening the door to share my business and product offerings.


Not just for them, but also for anyone they may feel comfortable referring my way.


IT’s about building that really solid Top 100 COI. It’s follow up; and follow through; adding value in person, through direct mail; through Social Media and in ways that matter to them and make them feel special; appreciated; like more than a number.


So I’ve come up with my own acronym for how I run my business and what’s important in it -


BAMF - check the urban dictionary for another definition. I might start using the hashtag, just saying





Follow Up


So, each day and each week I have to look at what I’m doing in each of these areas to be successful.


What areas have you defined for your business?


Here are some steps to take to be more consistent -


Get clear. Get focused. And, by that, I mean even on TODAY.


Today. Write down something you can do each day to move your business forward. Just one thing. And, make a commitment to do it TODAY


It’s about letting go of tomorrow and focusing ONLY on today and the top priority for you today, in your business.


IT’s about building that consistency chain and being committed to not breaking it.


Get a calendar and each day that you take that one action, write it on the calendar and begin to build that consistency chain for yourself.


A few things - my Private Facebook Group to grow a Referral Based Business


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I would love to explore a coaching partnership with you, if you are struggling. Let’s schedule a 20 minute discovery call to see if we might be a fit.


I love taking those with goals like mine from struggle to six figures, easily, and with joy in building something they love and that resonates with who they are and their values.

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