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The 4 Biggest Business Challenges Most Solopreneurs Have

You're listening to the Street Smart Wealth Experience, show 308 and in today's show, I'm sharing what I learned from my recent survey, where I asked you what your biggest struggles are in Business. I learned a lot and THANK you! 

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The 4 Biggest Business Challenges Most Solopreneurs Have  


On my blog, I asked a few questions to learn more about what your biggest struggles are in your business.

The questions I asked were - What is your #1 Business Challenge Finding People to talk to Knowing What to Say Without Feeling Salesy Developing an Ongoing Business Plan Social Media and Marketing Other


And, if you answered Business Plan or Social Media, I asked you to take it a little further and let me know more specifically what it was. And, the same if you selected Other. Do you know who your Ideal Client is? Would you be interested in Business Development Training? What type of business do you have?


Listen to the show for the top picks and some takeaways!


Take the survey -  


I've launched my program to teach these strategies.  


Show notes  


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