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You’re Listening to the Street Smart Wealth Podcast, show 305. Today, we are going to talk about Actions, and taking the right actions for success in your business, and so our Mantra this week is - My actions create my prosperity.  

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The Right Actions For Success 

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, ACTION is a required part of the success equation. 

Your actions will determine your level of success, day in and day out. 

Using this week’s Mantra - My Actions Create my Prosperity - begin to get clear on what those action steps will be. 

Success is built around leads and referrals, that convert to actual prospects, who we then guide down the path to educating them about us, our business, our services and what doing business together will mean. 

How do we begin the process to get those leads? 

I have a coaching client who I am working through this process right now. 

She’s fairly new with her company and has a desire to go quickly, and she works a full time job. 

So, we have laid out a business action plan of what she will do each day.  

We have written out her scripts and success language, so she knows what to say each step of the way, including how she will answer the most common questions and objections. 

And, we developed a rewards and accountability system for herself, as well as her family, so she is motivated to stay on track and accountability to those who she is building her business for. 

Because she has limited time, we looked for small pockets of time throughout her day and week and planned exact steps so that at the end of the day, she feels accomplished and knows she has given her best to her business. 

Before we worked through all of this, she was feeling stuck, and not at all in action because she was having a challenge finding blocks of time to work her business. 

So, it was an all or nothing approach. If she had a busy day, and didn’t have an hour at night to work on her business, she was defaulting to doing nothing. 

Now, she is on a system for success and knows what to do throughout her day. At this point, her true commitment is kicking in because she no longer has any question about what to do to work the business. 

The only question becomes whether she will take the action; whether she will make excuses or make progress in her business. 

A business never just builds itself. And, even with online tools, systems and attraction marketing, there are still required things that must be done. 

What are the right actions for success in your business? 

I have another client, who is in real estate. She’s been active for about 2 years, and, like many of my clients, she is a mom of busy, active children. 

Join the club! We all are busy. That’s my least favorite thing to ever hear from someone. 

I’m busy. I’ve been busy, 

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. And, where we spend our time is what our priority is. 

Sometimes that’s tough to hear, for me, too. 

So, back to my Real Estate agent client. 

We are laying out her social media plan, and working to develop her top 250 list. Those who will use, refer and promote her. 

We all have one of those. Or, we require to if we really want to be successful. 

We have put together a 52 week strategy for her, online and offline, and she is busy and in action. 

She meets 2 people per week for coffee or lunch, just to catch up and reconnect. They go into a database so she can track and keep track of this list and where she is along the way. 

This is not a connection per meetup to specifically talk about business, but as often happens, business and careers come up. 

We’ve developed success language so she is clear on what to say to get her business out there, without being or feeling like she is selling. 

She has a clear, defined follow up plan so she stays top of mind, and her social media marketing plan assists with this as well. 

So, what will it take for you to define the right actions for success in your own business? I’m glad you asked…. 

Steps to define your action plan. Write this down. 

What is required for success? 

What time do you have? 

Where are you currently struggling? 

What will it take to move beyond that? 

Now, act as if you have put the struggle behind you. Write out that action plan based on the first two questions. 

And, if you desire assistance, let’s talk about some coaching to set up your plan, including success language, social media and follow up. 

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