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Hi, it’s Jackie Ulmer and welcome to show 40  in the Q and A edition of the Street Smart Wealth, Profit in Your PJs Podcast


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Along with the amazing resources the Internet brought us in terms of expanding our reach and sponsoring people we have never even met face to face, it also create a situation called “Sponsor Shopping”, something that seldom occurred before the internet.



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Today’s question is….


How to a make my Network Marketing prospects from the Internet interested in joining me and not someone else?



Thanks Amir Izaq Hakkim, for another great question that I am sure many have.







Do a personal inventory.


What is your benefit statement.


Be prepared to let them know what they can expect from you, should they join you.


Ask them - what’s important to you in your Network Marketing sponsor?


Provide good follow up - share Don’t story with Darren.


Be consistent online, so you stay top of mind.


And, at the end of the day, you’ll win some and lose some. I have. IT’s okay, let it go. Don’t be afraid to ask what you might have done better, or different. 


You’ll find the right ones for you!



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Good luck in your business


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