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SSW070 Glenn W Turner Interview


Welcome to the Street Smart Wealth Podcast, show 70, and on today’s show, we will hear a very special interview with Glenn W Turner, who some might consider the GodFather of Network Marketing…..



Today, we have Glenn W Turner, who started in Network Marketing in the late 60s and you will be blown away by the income earnings that he shares from that time. High by today’s standards but even more powerful based on the times. His first 3 months are outstanding. My good friend , Donnie Walker, who I interviewed on show 60 is the one who introduced me to Glenn, and I just knew YOU needed to hear from him too.


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Donnie Walker introduces Glenn W Turner



Glenn: I belong to the greatest nation in the world - Determi-NATION.


I dropped out of school in 8th great, in South Carolina and started selling sewing machines door to door, until I was 32 years old. Met a 19 year old fellow who had made $16,000 in 30 days in 1966 and he recruited me. My dad and uncle put up $5000 for me to get started, and that’s what I did.



My second month I earned $28, 500, third month $80,000.


Back then, I bought a Cadillac Eldorado for $7,000.


Went into business for himself after 8 months with a company called Holiday Magic. 


First month - 


$67,000 in sales, second month earned $33,000 and by the third month I was at $342,000 and went up from there and by second year I was doing $33 million. And, then highest year was $150 million and that was when money was more!



Then, I opened a company called Koscot, a cosmetic company. From there I owned 78 corporations, owned 19 aircraft flying around the country and we put on presentations.



It was $5,000 to attend a seminar and it was motivational. Less than 1% complaints, but some of my competitors didn’t like it.


The president of my Board of Directors was 23 years old.


Everyone made money except this who sat around and complained about what was going on in the world.


Had one of the first black president’s of a major company.


7 women became millionaires in four years in my company and one was a black woman, a maid! Many became multi millionaires and hundreds became wealthy. Developed many preachers and priests.


Started Dare to be Great in 1969. About confidence, goal setting, attitude and how to become a public speaker.


Lived in the village of “Anything is Possible.”


Didn’t worry about those who said bad things about us - we had a choice, let it in or keep it out. I decided to keep it out.



Jackie: you have a huge passion about personal development and mindset. Were you raised this way or how did it develop?



Glenn : I love people and have no prejudice. Color, race, gender - it doesn’t matter to me.


Trying to get even with people who stick it to you is a waste of time. If you had their mod, dads, teachers and backgrounds, you’d be sticking it to you, too.


My website is - I sell positive mindset CDs.


I am 80 years young, don’t drink or smoke and my goal is to help more people before I die than any man who has ever lived outside of Jesus Christ.



Jackie: Sounds like you are well on your way. You ran into some legal challenges with Network Marketing. Tell us about that.



Glenn: There were no laws so the government accused me of making laws. Finally, I settles on a misdemeanor and after speaking in Arizona, to make a long story short, they indicted me on aiding and abetting running a pyramid scheme.


I didn’t take it seriously because I was running for United States Senate and almost got it. I had also run for Congress.


Spent 4 years and 8 months in the prison system, and it was the best time of my life. I became a driver, I finished my high school education and was paid 15 cents an hour by the prison. I became a janitor and was paid 25 cents and hour and the third year I headed up the library and was paid 35 cents.


The fourth year I became a state driver and was paid 60 cents an hour, so I tripled my income in 4 years.


Jackie: What did you do when you came out?



Glenn: I had a year probation, so I couldn’t do much of anything, but a lot of my friends helped me while I was in there. They would ask me if I was running a scam.


I started doing some public speaking for different companies. I got out in 1992 and never had any trouble then.



Jackie: What would you say the secret to your own personal success is?



Glenn: Never quit, no matter what. If your gonna quit cause it rains, you’re going to quit. If you are going to quit because your husband or wife doesn’t like it, something is always going to make you want to quit. Stickability - the ability to stick like a postage stamp until you reach your destination yet.



Jackie:  People struggle with fear, especially about Network Marketing, what do you have to say about that?


Glenn: If it was a woman and you were a man, what would you do? Would you have fear or keep at it until she says I’ll marry you. You have to have the same desire!



The body is more powerful than the mind but you have to get the mind in charge again.



Jackie: How did you go about starting your business?



Glenn: In Holiday Magic, when I got within 3 foot of anyone, I was excited. You wouldn’t be on this earth if someone didn’t get excited. When you are excited, people want to know what you are excited about; they want to be excited, too. They want to be happy like you. If you aren’t happy, you gotta pretend you are happy until you get happy!


Donnie: You crack me up, Glenn.



Glenn:  Well, it’s true and Donnie you are one of the most fascinating young men.


Donnie: I first met Glenn he was speaking in Florida and I had no idea who he was. He had one liner after one liner. I had heard of him but never met him and when I heard, I thought “wow, you gotta be kidding!” We were instantly drawn to each other.



Jackie: What were some of your takeaways Donnie?



Donnie: His tenacity and desire, he’s been knocked down so many times and most people would have quit. But, his desire to go, keep it up…that’s what draws me to Glenn Turner. I had a grandfather figure who was like that. I get that old knowledge and that experience. It’s inspiring, when you call him he is never down, always upbeat and never down. We face a lot of adversity in this world but not with Glenn. I want to learn more about how that works.



Glenn: Confidence is a bull fighter who goes into the bull ring with mustard already on his sword. Life is too short to be unhappy. Happiness comes from within and not without. Nobody can make you happy but yourself. God Almighty but you on this earth to be a special king or queen of the earth.



Jackie: Did you have that confidence when you were little?



Glenn: People laughed at the way I talked because I was born with a hairlip. So, I told jokes, sang songs through my nose and people would laugh at me and I pretended they were laughing with me. When I got grown, I wanted people to love me.


I never had a pair of shoes until I was 9. We were poor with an outhouse. I had 4 brothers and a sister, and I was the oldest. But I was blessed.


I had a handicap but I got it out of my mind and out on the lip where it belongs. Everyone has a handicap, some of us are too fat, too skinny, too black, too white, too Greek, too Jewish. We gotta hang up our hangup.



Jackie: Any advice for someone getting started today, knowing your struggles and yet great successes?



Glenn: In order to be a success don’t give up first. You gotta lay out a goal, make so may calls a day, use the phone. Although I like things in person. It’s so easy to be a multi millionaire. There is no shortage of money, some people just hold onto it.



People are worried about the economy, and Obama, George Bush, Bill Clinton. IF you don’t like them, vote them out!



Donnie: Glenn is having an 80th birthday party in August, the week of the 19th.



Glenn: It’s on my website and my Facebook page.


Donnie: He’s hitting 80 years old, and he’s one of the oldest networkers out there!



Glenn: I’ll still be doing this when I’m 169.



Donnie: He already has a network built in the big world.



Glenn: Be sure and look me up when you come to Orlando, Donnie has my number.


Jackie: I’ll make sure all of that is in the show notes, any final thoughts?


Glenn: Everyone wants to be somebody, help them, don’t hang em!





Here are a few other things you need to know about Glenn W Turner.


In that first company, Holiday Magic, Zig Ziglar was also a distributor but Glenn was outselling Zig so he didn’t go to Zig’s training classes. He was already making $30,000 monthly. According to Glenn, Zig told him he probably wouldn’t make it!


Glenn’s philosophy is to help someone get their money back and then it’s up to them. 30% will make it.


Whatever you put in your mind is what comes out. It’s like learning a language.  If your parents speak to you in Russian, you speak Russian. What you feed your head is what comes out.


Good stuff to keep in mind. So, some action steps for YOU!




Do a mindset check up. What are you complaining about?


Have you quit before you’ve really started?


Layout some goals and commit to your daily actions!



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