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Hi, it’s Jackie Ulmer and welcome to show 36  in the Q and A edition of the Street Smart Wealth, Profit in Your PJs Podcast


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Today’s question is -  I need a mentor, you say you can show me, teach me, train me….



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Today’s question is….


Thanks to Mike for today’s question -


I need a mentor, you say you can show me, teach me, train me….




Now, the interesting thing about this question is that I reached out to Mike and called him, but I never heard back. So, Mike, if you hear this, I’m ready to work with you, if you are serious and ready.


Here is the thing to note for anyone looking for a mentor and making a DECISION to take action.



There is a difference between wishing, hoping, wanting, needing and so on….


The difference is called making a decision and then a commitment. It’s letting go of any and all excuses holding you back. These include -


No time.


No money.


Don’t know enough people.


Don’t know how to start.


Don’t know how to use the Internet.



And so on. Name your favorite excuse here.



I can show, train, teach, coach and share everything I possibly know and have done, but I can not do it for another person.


We are all personally tasked with the responsibility of clearing through the clutter and obstacles in our way, or that we perceive to be in our way.


All it takes to get from Point A to Point Z in ANYTHING is the ability and willingness to overcome a set of challenges and obstacles. It’s learning to reframe the way we see things, the questions we ask ourselves and the words we speak to and about ourselves.


Before seeking a mentor, make sure you are really ready to commit and make a decision. There is ALWAYS someone out there who is ready and willing to commit to your success IF and WHEN you are also equally, if not more committed.


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Good luck in your business


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Until next time - remember this - Hesitation Never Cashed a Check!



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