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SSW069 Getting Your Network Marketing Business Summer Ready

Your Listening to the Street Smart Wealth Podcast, show  #69, and on today’s show, we will cover…..


How to get your business ready for summer so there is no “summer lull!”




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Okay, let’s get to today’s show, which is how to avoid that Summer Business Slow down, or in other words, get ready NOW for summer!


And, my apologies for not getting this show out SOONER! Now that I am an empty nester, I forgot about this crucial time of year!


There are extra activities, kids home from school and vacations.


In fact, as you listen to this, I am in Rome, about to return from a 14 day vacation with my daughter, cruising the eastern mediterranean. A bucket list cruise for sure, thanks to my business.


And, I do remember the days of fretting over the upcoming summer and what would happen with my business…


My struggles with this:


Small Children, home from school

Hot Phoenix Summer

Lots of Excuses

I didn’t adequately prepare



Here are some tips for getting ready and we’ll cover that super important topic of how to prepare and work your business with kids, and then also when you go on vacation. Offline and online.






Calendar and make plans of things you want to do this summer, activities and vacation.


Zoo, water park, camping - don’t be afraid to add this in as a reward for help getting things done.


Use chore charts - get kids involved. They do love to help.


Plan meals together and give them each duties. Teach them to clean up and then you use that time for follow up calls.


Let go of perfectionism, if you struggle with that!


Babysitting coop - see show notes for details!


Meetings? Schedule babysitters ahead and be prepared. No last minute frenzy.


Bulk up on prospecting and follow up calls now.


Squeeze small blocks of time in later. 


Don’t be afraid to let people know you are home with the kids, and please excuse the background noise, that is one of the benefits of working from home! Sell what you can! Sell the benefits.


I used to use this as an excuse….


Lifestyle - talk to other moms and parents as you are out and about!


Vacations - plan ahead, again. Change your voice mail message to let people know when to expect to hear back from you. Sell the dream! You are on vacation!!!


Set away auto responders on your email and communicate with your team that you will be gone!


Also, postcards are a great thing to send to your hot prospects…a wish you were there…when you have a fabulous vacation! Plan ahead with addresses and stamps so you can buy, write, post and go!


Want to send postcards and cards with your family and vacation photos that you can upload while still on vacation and have them mailed out for you?





Set up blog posts NOW and set the date to post on specific days. If you do a blog post a week, you can work some double time now to get them done for summer.


Same with shooting videos, and really any type of content you create online. I do this with my podcasts, too.


You can also preschedule Tweets, LinkedIn Updates and your Facebook business page updates.


Use down times to jump on your mobile apps to keep connected (loosely) to Social media.


And, remember, you deserve some time off, too. Just because you work from home, and/or run your business online does NOT mean you can’t ever disconnect.


Remember, email is someone else’s agenda for YOU, as is any type of inbox. You control your time and your agenda!


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