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QA027 How Do I Build My Network Marketing Business With Little or No Budget

Hi, it’s Jackie Ulmer and welcome to show 27 in the Q and A edition of the Street Smart Wealth, Profit in Your PJs Podcast


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Today’s question is -  How do I market my Network Marketing business when I don’t have any money, or a very small budget?



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Today’s question is…. How do I market my Network Marketing business when I don’t have any money, or a very small budget?





The beauty for most of us is that we have products that we can retail for profit, and then reinvest that back into your business, for marketing!


Determine the profit you gain from the retail of your product. Develop your product story and the testimonials of others and then say -


I wonder if you would do me a favor. Try my product for a month. I think you will really benefit from it and continue to use it. And, if not, I won’t ever bother you again. I need some product testimonials to move me forward in my business and I would love for you to be one. Will you help me out?


Know how to place an order for them then, or sell them product you carry on hand.


Many solid distributors have come from original customers and product users.


Great segue into the business, also!


Look for free ways to market -


Warm List


Social Media and content


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Good luck in your business


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