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QA024 Gen Y Go to College or Start Home Business

Hi, it’s Jackie Ulmer and welcome to show 24  in the Q and A edition of the Street Smart Wealth, Profit in Your PJs Podcast


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Today’s question is  more of an interview. I met the most charming gal at the recent ANMP event in Dallas. She’s 17, and facing tough decisions about today’s challenging issues of College, lack of jobs and how they feel about Network Marketing as a career choice. This is a great interview for Gen Y and parents of Gen Y and beyond!




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Today’s question is…. I’m 17, maybe 22 - what about college and going to school? There aren’t many jobs; should I amass a bunch of debt or look at Network Marketing?





Let’s hear from Charlotte Thompson, from the Chicago area. She’s bold, brilliant and has her head squarely on her shoulders. She has some great insights for all of us!




College is so expensive, should I go at all?


Is it worth it? They come out, in debt, move in with parents and their debt just follows them.


Or, should I take a GAP year and get started in a Network Marketing business? There are many people who have not gone to college who have been so successful.


In network marketing, if you can talk to people, and learn how to talk to people, you can be so successful.


I have grown up with Network Marketing and I love it, it’s just finding the right time?


Can someone this young stay focused? Well, there is no other option.


It’s sink or swim. Work hard, or it’s just not going to happen!


Questions I asked Charlotte:


How would you see yourself starting your business? Approach those your age, or those your parents age?


What about start up costs and the money to get started? Especially for “kids” your age?


What would you study if you went to college?


Do you see yourself as someone who would fit into the corporate mold, 8-5, behind a desk?


A message you want to deliver to the Baby Boomer generation, pushing our kids hard for college and such?


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Good luck in your business


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Until next time - remember this - Hesitation Never Cashed a Check!


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