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Hey, it’s Jackie Ulmer and welcome this Q and A edition of the Street Smart Wealth, Profit in Your PJs Podcast, where I answer your burning questions and get you on your way to the Network Marketing Hall of Fame. 


This is Episode QA016




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Today’s question is….


Two parts - one is - how do I work with my spouse as a couple, and the second is - how do I get my spouse involved working with me; how do I get he/she to “see” what I see.


ANSWER - I caught up with Biz Coach Leslie Hocker, who works with her husband Ron Forrester, in the business and asked her to share some wisdom, since they not only met through Network Marketing, but also work together.


My own experience is that my husband and I started working our business together when we began, back in January 1994, but the reality is - I wanted him to do it all. I wanted to cash the big checks, but I didn’t really want to have to DO the work. I was happy to stand beside hime on stage, looking adoringly at him as we carted off that gangster check!


I didn’t want to get out of my comfort zone; I didn’t want to make my warm market list and call people; and I didn’t want to let people know I was in network marketing.


Well, about 3 years into our business, he had had enough. He believed in Network Marketing, but was tired of the travel and the much of it. He agreed to support me 100% to keep going, but he was done.


Boy, I was mad, because that meant I was going to have to do it! Yikes!


Well, long story short, I got over myself and managed to build that successful business and create that successful income. I had to dig down deep, but I did it.


Ok, let’s hear from Leslie Hocker:


Most couples don’t come to work together by meeting through Network Marketing, so her situation is a little different.


Women, if you want your husband to see what you are doing as valuable and to get it, use third party tools. Get them on the phone with someone successful, get them to watch a video or to an events.


And, this is the same for men. So, get them to see a bigger picture. Treat them just like a Network Marketing prospect.


It’s natural to judge the person who is introducing us; and so you want them to see that the business is bigger than you.


Get your spouse to a Network Marketing event, and create multiple exposures and then allow them to see it for themselves.


Be patient. Get other people to tell them their story.


We have a tendency to say - you need to do this with me.


Let them come to you through the same process.


Communication at the very beginning is a key part. 


If your mouth is moving, you should be pointing to a tool!


Best advice - don’t try to coach your spouse!



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