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QA013 Answering Your Prospects Objection - I'm Not Good At Sales

Welcome to episode 13. Today, we are going to cover that common objection, what to say when your prospect says -


I’m not good at sales.


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Today’s question is….


How do I overcome the  objection when my prospect says -


I’m not good at sales?




Objections - I love I didn't in the beginning!


The key to success in dealing with objections in your network marketing business is good language and posture. The key to objections is NOT to let it rattle your cage, but rather keep your posture and put it back to them. Nicely but firmly. Before you spend a lot of time here, make sure you have a viable prospect not just someone hassling you!


Many network marketing objections are JUST to pull your strings and if you get defensive, you’ve lost them anyway. And, you’ll always be defending. If you NEVER try to sell on an objection, you’ll be amazed how many you will sponsor.


Instead of being quick to fire back with an answer, think about the words you use and how to say them in a way that makes them think about their own objection, and about how you answer it. Use a take away in every situation. This keeps you abundant and confident. And, if will quickly show what is a question that can be solved and what is their way of saying NO without saying NO.



This objection most often results because you have gone into network marketing sales mode, and let your mouth become the tool, instead of using good success language to contact and invite and then using the tools. A good question to ask back is - what was it I said or did that made you think you would be selling?


And, then, listen.


And, you always want to give them an out, to make it easy on you both -



Let me ask you a question. Do you REALLY think this is about sales or are you just saying that because you are afraid to tell me no? Because it’s okay to tell me no. It’s not a big deal to me. I wanted to offer you something that I is changing my life. And, it may not be right for you and that’s cool! So, which is it?



Another way to address this is - Terrific. I am not looking for sales people. I'm not a sales person either. I'm in the business of sharing with others about our amazing product and the possibility of becoming a turn key entrepreneur with a global business. We are looking for motivated, self driven people, who when they see something, they can't wait to share it. We are looking for people who enjoy helping others. I can see you have your doubts and I want to reassure you that if I didn't think you would be great for this and could be successful, we wouldn't be talking.


Some things for you to think about -


How do you know if you are selling? If you are pitching the business before you know a LOT of why’s, you are selling. You are a problem solver. Even with leads. Remember to ask Why, Why, WHY, at every turn!



And, finally remember that not everyone is going to be right for your network marketing business. That’s okay, Know how to say no first! It will relieve your prospect and empower you. That’s a win-win.


And, you can always come back to them as your success grows and they see it on you and in what you do. You would be surprised how that can change someone!



RECAP - Always first make sure you have a viable network marketing prospect and the objection  is not just their nice of a polite way to say no!



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Go create some activity and luck in your business!


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Until next time - remember this - Hesitation Never Cashed a Check!


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