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QA007 How Do I Start Building My Network Marketing Business Online

Hey, it’s Jackie Ulmer and welcome this Q and A edition of the Street Smart Wealth, Profit in Your PJs Podcast, where I answer your burning questions and get you on your way to the Network Marketing Hall of Fame. 


Welcome to Q and A show QA007.





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Today’s question is….


The question today  is from John Goss, who wonders how to get out of struggling and get it online - where does he start, with limited funds?





Thanks for the feedback John. and GREAT question and one I had back in October, 1999 when I caught the vision of what the internet could provide for my business.


I remember struggling to get my business online, too, so you are on the right track! Yes, it can be very painful.


And, as confusing as it was then, it is more confusing now because there are so many people selling stuff, promising to be the end all, be all, right?


While I did invest in my education, because you can’t really learn it for free, just like going to med school, you can go overboard if you aren’t careful.


I took it step by step, bought one thing, studied, learned and took action, before moving on to the next. That way I did not have huge credit card debt and nothing to show for it.


I once met a guy at a seminar who had spent $10,000 learning the online process and he didn’t even have a blog up yet! Yikes.


Here are the primary components to an online marketing system -


First, know what you are selling - product, opportunity, yourself, or all three, in a compelling order.


Then, you need -


A blog or website that is your hub of the universe


A way to capture leads and build your list of hungry prospects


Marketing funnels - this is where Social Media comes in - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more


Content - this is what you market with, and interest people with, and bring them back to your site to engage in business.



Here is what I recommend -



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My backstage pass to learn everything there is about building a successful Network Marketing business, online and offline!


When you go "back stage", you'll have access to


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  • Laying Out Your Online Marketing Strategy
  • Your "Profit Plan" - How Will You Monetize (Make Money!)
  • Developing Your Brand and a Consistent Marketing Message 
  • Defining and FINDING Your Target Market, and Your Niche Within
  • Building a List, and Profitting From That List (That's where BIG Money is!)
  • Creating Content That Attracts YOUR Hungry Audience (How to "Get Found!)
  • Marketing Funnels 
  • Facebook Marketing - A-Z - Setting Up Your Power Profile, Marketing Through Your Timeline Without Losing Your Friends, and more
  • Twitter - Most People Don't "Get" Twitter - What You Need to Know to Make It Work For You
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube - Video Marketing is HOT - Cash In With Hidden Tricks Most Don't Know
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus
  • Audio and Podcasting (My #1 lead source right now!)
  • Creating New "Warm Market" Online
  • Build a Local Team With Social Media - Prospects in Your Own Backyard
  • Expert's Corner - Monthly Interviews With Top Producers
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Action Plans
  • The "Watercooler" - An Online Forum For Questions, Answers, Support and Cheerleading!
  • Weekly and Monthly Updates and Additions, Keeping YOU in the Know of New Trends and Changes!
  •  And MORE!!!

The content will be delivered to you on an ongoing basis, designed to  provide maximum "learning value" to you. The goal is to take you down a proven path, and not throw you into a freeway "cloverleaf" with way too many directions and options to choose from and no logical sense of how to put it together.


I'll be taking you through the exact process I used back in 1999 to launch a successful business that has sustained throughout all of the myriad of changes online!

Only, better, because I KNOW the mistakes I made and I'll be sharing those so you can avoid the pitfalls!

It's still the same principles I operate with today, and they flat out WORK.


No bright shiny object syndrome! Don’t keep buying “things” until you take the core steps that work.

As far as keywords and your question there -  

Do you know that in nearly 15 years of marketing online, I have NEVER focused on SEO or Google rankings. If it happened, great, but I was a mom, with 2 children, 7 and 5 and a husband gone half the week, so I had no time or brain power to learn and absorb SEO.


I focused on Social Media marketing, before it was even called that, with discussion groups and forums! I got out there and marketed my stuff. Over time, SEO rankings came, but I was earning a significant income by then based on what I did for myself.


You’ll learn that in


As a bonus, I have created an entire training section on Network Marketing Mastery, too, which includes -

  • Getting started 
  • First 30 Days
  • Understanding the Timeline of Success
  • How to Contact
  • How to Follow Up
  • Objections - this is HUGE
  • Launching a new team partner
  • The First Week With a New Team Partner
  • Setting up your success calendar
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Action Plans
  • Opening Contact scripts with handouts
  • Advanced Success Language
  • Building Depth
  • Leadership
  • The 2-5 Year Plan
  • Go Pro
  • Building to Events
  • Mindset Mastery
  • And, MORE!

These are important skill sets to have whether you are using the internet or offline methods. You must know how to effectively build your business beyond just sponsoring.


 Whatever you decide in terms of getting the training you need, here is where you want to focus -


Start with -


A blog or website that is your hub of the universe


Then, add  a way to capture leads and build your list of hungry prospects


Next, add Marketing funnels - this is where Social Media comes in - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.


Finally, you want to spend time each week creating content - this is what you market with, and interest people with, and bring them back to your site to engage in business.



Good luck!




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Until next time - remember this - Hesitation Never Cashed a Check!

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