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What? Facebook is shutting down it's Friends Lists, or Feeds? Yep, that's the rumor. Mine are already gone on my iPhone but still are on my desktop site.

And, what's the reason?

Is it Ad Revenue Loss when Facebook can't show you ads based on their specific algorithm that's stored for you?

You know you've been pixeled and re-targeted very often, but when you mess with the feed they want to show you, you mess with their ability to generate revenues!

Do they want to return Facebook back to the days of "Puppy Dogs, Family and Friends" sharing feel good stuff?

Well, maybe, if they can get an ad in edgeways, they do!

Let's face it - Facebook knows more about us than possibly we know about ourselves. They are a stats and demographics generating MACHINE!

We've all turned quite a bit of info over to them over the years in terms of our likes, interests and who we engage with.

And, based on that, they have a profile on you. They return ads to you based on that "profile."

Yikes. And right now, while a lot of distrust is out there regarding Facebook and privacy issues, do we really want them having more?

Be smart on Social, Always!

Build your hub of the universe (blog and list) and never rely on a platform you don't own (remember MySpace) to be your business hub.

Build your Center of Influence and nurture and cultivate those relationships. Take it offline. Send personal cards and notes.

Use the local search bar to grow your friends to those you can meet locally and invite to workshops, networking events, coffee and so on.

Use video, take selfies and give people what they want to see in you! They will become interested when you do it right!

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