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I think you are going to love today's episode as I interview 7 figure earner and network marketing success story, Margie Aliprandi. Margie has helped over 1000 people reach millionaire status, so get comfortable and ready to listen.


Margie is living proof that it pays to stay and be persistent. With over 26 years in the same company, she has weathered many storms, from product failures and mishaps, comp plan and company management changes, losing entire leadership legs in her group, and yet has gone on to be hugely successful.


Margie Aliprandi truly is a self-made multi-millionaire focused on lifting others to millionaire status.


She was one of my mentors early on, long before I ever met her, or shared a stage with her. Today, I am proud to call her not only my mentor, but a friend. I was thrilled to spend time with her in her home, as part of her book launch for How to Get Absolutely Anything You Want, and boy was it fun!


Show Notes -


The show has consistently been on the Business Marketing and Management What’s Hot list for the past few weeks and YAY - we are getting the word out big time about Network Marketing and what we offer those entrepreneurs who go online looking for a business.


Today’s shout out goes to fan Debbie Wood who writes - 

Amazing Information


Jackie is the master when it comes to anything online. I highly recommend this program if you want to really learn how to market yourself and your business online.


Thanks Debbie, and if you want a shout out on the show and your review on my FB page, go to or and leave a review!



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