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SSW065 How to Be Everywhere on Social Media

Be Everywhere Online


Welcome to the Street Smart Wealth Podcast, show #65, and on today’s show, we will cover…..


How to APPEAR to be everywhere out on Social Media. Creating a buzz around you and your business!


Welcome to the show, to both new listeners and long time listeners. I am grateful to spend some time with you today.


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I have been asked over and over again how much time I spend out online marketing my business, engaging with friends, fans and followers and just having fun.


The answer is - not as much as you might think, it just seems that way. And, it’s designed to seem that way.


I accidentally stumbled onto how powerful it was to build a name and presence for myself, and create a lot of links that pointed people to my blog, and my business.


One day, I just popped my name into Yahoo, Google wasn't the big player yet, and I found over 100,000 links and references to me. This was about 2001 and I was shocked. I had been online about 18 months, and had no idea this was happening.


I was just busy going about my day, and my business and my passion about reaching and connecting with people online.


And, that’s how green I was, I had not idea and no premeditated thought about this happening.


Once I saw it I got the power of be everywhere.


Think of this -


How many prospects are in your house that you haven’t talked to? Probably none, right?


So, if you want to find 3 people today to talk to about your business, what must you do? Get out, go to Starbucks, a networking event, or anywhere to connect with people, right?



A big mistake many first time bloggers make is thinking - if I build it, they will come. Not true. Not for quite a while, anyway.


They spend lots of time creating content and yet no one shows up, and they wonder why.


Takes a long time for Search Engines to find you. Videos can make it happen faster.


But, it’s a slow grow if you are relying on Search Engines. I didn’t have that kind of time or knowledge. so…


No time for SEO, or Search Engines Optimization so I focused on getting out and marketing myself, meeting others and giving them chance to know me and become interested.


So, your own marketing efforts are how to start the process of being everywhere!



Here was my strategy back in early 2000 and is still the same, mostly today.


Write one new article a week.

Share on article sites, my blog and email to my list.

Post article with bio box out o discussion forums and areas where allowed.

Send it to other site authors who accepted submissions


Spend 30 minutes a week on SEO, one page at a time.


The rest of the time, I was on forums and discussion groups where my target audience was, engaging, asking questions, answering questions and getting to know people out there. I was building a name, a presence and what would later come to be known as a brand for me!


I was becoming the E F Hutton in my niche and people were becoming interested and clicking back to my site, joining my newsletter and many, joining my business.



BINGO! It was WORKING, like a charm!


As I did this, all of the answers and comments and article sharing I did created back links to my site, and put it into the Search Engines. I had no clue that was happening! SCORE! Bonus!



So, Think outside of the Blog and BE everywhere. You are the one in charge of driving traffic to your content and your blog.




Become a multi media machine - become the go to person in your niche. You want people to say - wow, I kept running into your name every where I went, so I decided I better pay attention. Remember E F Hutton - when E F Hutton talks, people listen - old commercial from the 80s.



Today, here are my top lead sources, and it’s really not unlike my early days. I do the same, it’s just the platforms have changed. -


Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and iTunes - yep, the iTunes one might surprise you!

Here is what I hear - I was looking for MLM training, I found you on iTunes looking for audio training content. Now, I'm a blog subscriber.


At the end of the show, I’m going to give you a checklist for your blog to make sure it is enticing and user friendly.


Let me share how these social media sources have built a “be everywhere platform” for me.


Facebook - It’s a natural fit for me. I enjoy spending time there and interacting, way beyond just business. I post my content there, which is all generic, I post also on my business page -


I built out a profile to give people links and info about me, and my goal is for them to click there once they become intrigued and want to know more.


I share inspiring text images, engage with others and share photos and things going on. I share lifestyle photos, fun stuff, vacations, family times, funny things and so on.


I get in the newsfeed, I have my friends in lists so I am check in with more people than just what FB shows me. I am involved in groups and pages.


I show up consistently and check in 3-4 times a day, in short bursts. I use a kitchen timer to stay on task.


Over time, more and more people like, comment and share my stuff, and it puts me out into a bigger audience.


Now, let’s talk about  Youtube - amazingly good. 3 billion video views a day, #2 SE, who owns it, Google? People have launched successful careers and businesses through Youtube alone. Create videos to answer questions, even more personal and you can send to the person and make yourself memorable. That leaves you with content to share with others who ask the same.


You can do screen shot videos too. There are free services, Jing for one. Paid, better alternatives - Mac Screenflow, PC - Camtasia Studio


Find top videos that are related, and look at keywords, copy, look at description - copy concept.


People will find you through related videos…at the end. Use tags to make this happen more naturally.


With YT, I share my videos on my Blog, embedding them; I post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on. And, if the content is evergreen, meaning not date specific, I post it over and over again, spaced out over time, catching a new audience each time. And, those who have seen it before seldom remember.


People go to youtube searching for education and information, how tos. It’s a powerful place to be found band double dip. To be found in YT and Google.


Don’t forget, all of this training and more is accessible at



Now, let’s talk about Twitter, kind of a newcomer for me!


I didn’t get it, til I got it.

Didn’t have time.

Didn’t see the value.

Was used to Facebook and I could see this was WAY different thanFB.

I sought out influential leaders, not in Network Marketing but more SM marketing.

I began to research, watch and model. 

I started marketing my content there, especially my podcast, on a much bigger scale and BOOM!


It exploded my blog traffic, retweets and opt ins!

I use Google Analytics so I can see where traffic comes from.


It got so awesome, I hired and trained my daughter to become my SM Marketing assistant for Twitter updates, content and my Facebook page. I don’t outsource interaction, but content marketing is fine.


I did a podcast on Twitter for biz and it can be found at


IF you want to learn from me, follow me on Twitter - @jackieulmer 


So, moving on to Podcasts - wow!


Found these completely by accident.


Had heard the term and knew nothing about what they were, or how they worked, other than they were somehow linked in iTunes and you could listen.


Home Business Radio Network - awake one night and played with APP - remember, I am not a techie.


It opened up a whole new WORLD. I started listening to one other, which led me to another, and then another. Mostly Internet Marketing, not Network Marketing.


One day I said - why don’t I ditch my weekly generic call, which ties me to a schedule and start doing a podcast, which ties me to iTunes and takes me WAY out there!


So, this podcast launched in Fed 2013 and I MADE a DECISION and a COMMITMENT to be consistent for one year and then evaluate. Well, the rest is history.


Today, I have a 5 day a week show, with M-W and Friday, the Q and A show, devoted to your questions.


iTunes - podcast, expanded my reach into international markets. In fact, please comment in show notes if you found me and/or are intl. Can listen anywhere - mobile devices - smart phones, gym, driving, walking, sleeping…there is a connection made with the voice that doesn't happen with the written blog.


Being in someone’s head and ears takes things to a new level. Since you are listening, you can probably relate.


I did not need fancy equipment. I use my Mac with a decent microphone and all of the editing software is included. And, using and uploading to iTunes is free. I do pay $20 a month for storage and stats then I don't use my hosting bandwidth. It's easy and well worth it.


My plan it to create a course to train network marketers specifically on how to do a podcast but here is the key - you must commit. You’ll look like an idiot if you “pod fade!” 


I also create a blog post for my podcasts and then share it on social media. So, I am "everywhere" with my podcast because it is on iTunes, in google player, Stitcher and, now all of the popular smartphone apps for listening this way. When I google my podcast name, I am blown away at the links.


Interviews are a great way to fill your podcast.


Be intentional and on point - don't waste people's time.


So, the key is create content and then market that content through social media, develop a group of raving fans by going value and making them feel special, letting them know they are special, and they will help you “be everywhere!”


Social Media - share content and drive back to your blog. Youtube to blog, and share post. podcasts to blog, and share blog. Re post content. Keep track of highly trafficked posts.


Engage with others. It won't work otherwise. Be a real person and a real friend.

Groups and pages


Build an Email List - critical. Think about this - when do you check your email for the first time in the day? Build a relationship with that list. Offer value over and over and sell on occasion.


Content Pyramid - Blog, Social Media, Podcast - the blog is at the top, and the bottom two corners are anchors to drive traffic to my blog.



Blog - here are the critical items you need.



You have about 7 seconds to impress people when they first arrive. If they know you ahead, that time goes up. But, it’s still a short amount of time!


Make sure you have an Opt in form on every page.


Well laid out, not confusing - a confused mind says no!


Make sure you have a clear path to what you want people to do. Here are mine at - sign up for my newsletter. START Here.  First impressions. Share ability! Use social links.



Okay, so there you have my “be everywhere” strategy from early 2000, and still what I do today. It has not changed that much and I often chuckled. As much as things change, online, things stay the same. Marketing, connecting and valuing people NEVER changes!



Here are your 5 Action Items for today -


Take a look at your blog and get it in order if it’s lame.


Make sure you have lead capture on there, above all.


Layout a weekly strategy for creating content. Remember, the work you do ONCE pays for you over and over.


Keep a text note file of your content, blog posts and the links. This makes it much easier to share it over and over again, very simply and set up tools to help with this.






Show notes


Want to learn more about taking these tips to the max? 


This online coaching program lays it all out in one simple place, and delivers the content to you as you need it, as you can digest it to set you up for online Network Marketing success. 


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I truly appreciate it and you!


I'll see you on next week's podcast


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