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SSW063 How Events Grow Your Business

In today’s show, I welcome a panel of 6 experts, 5, 6 and 7 figure income earners in our profession who are going to share their insights and perspective on events and how important they are to your business! Events are what drive success and growth in your Network Marketing business. Learn what the experts know, why you should go and how to get your team there!


Tom Chenault

Ann Feinstein

Julie Hansberry

David Frey

Lynn Huber

Art Burleigh


We are honored to have these amazing leaders here to share some insights as to how events have helped them professionally as they grow their teams, and personally, as well.


Network Marketing Events are the backbone of our profession and while we know the business is built in homes, small meetings, on personal and Skype calls all across the globe, we also know that belief is built and lives are changed at events.


Events provide Social Proof.


So, I have asked each of our guest to share a little of the following with you:


Their length of time in the Network Marketing profession.


When they attended their first event and what got them there.


What they experienced at that first event.


How they promote events among their team.


What all they have learned and experienced in the years that have followed.


And, you’ll notice attendance at different types of events.




Schedule 3 events this year on your calendar and make sure one is generic. Maybe it’s the Mastermind Event in November; Eric Worre’s Recruiting Mastery in December, or the MLM Cruise. Details in the show notes. And, of course, your company convention.


Then, every week up to the event, promote this to your team and encourage them to get there. LEADERS attend events.


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