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SSW062 Association of Network Marketing Professionals Event Recap

Welcome to the Street Smart Wealth Podcast, and on today’s show, we have a recap of the tips, secrets, take aways and how to’s from the speakers and attendees of the recent The Association of Network Marketing Professionals event was fabulous.


There’s no way to really recap all that was learned, shared and experienced there, as you know, so if you were not there, please make sure you block time, May 14-17th, 2015 and BE THERE!


We had over 800 people in attendance at , with 6 continents, 63 countries and almost every Network Marketing company you can imagine!


Listen in as we hear from:


Dr. Marie Benoit

WAHM Louann Cormier

Former Financial Planner Kathy Robbins

WAHM Julie Hansberry

New Network Marketer Joseph Harris

Former Attorney Pamela Barnum

WAHM Kathy Kendrick

Attorney Scott Burnett

MLM Corporate VP Steve Schulz

WAHM Jasmine Flores

Nigerian Attorney Osita Nzomiwu

WAHM Michele Rhodes


Some of the tips include -


How to Close Your Prospects and Overcome Objections


Network Marketing as a Career


How to Train, Teach and coach your team


The changing demographics of the world and how Network Marketing fits into it


Never Quit


How to Launch a New Team Partner


Why generic Network Marketing events are important


Defining Moments at events


How to attend events as a WAHM - ask your family for help!


Why do people quit so soon? They need education!



5 Action Steps:


Get Clear on Your Why

Determine How to Coach and Lead Your Network Marketing Team

Set Your Business up right Legally

Have a Defining Moment

Try every method at least 10 times!


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