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QA028 My Kids Are My Priority SO How Do I Make Time For My Business

Hi, it’s Jackie Ulmer and welcome to show 28  in the Q and A edition of the Street Smart Wealth, Profit in Your PJs Podcast


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Today’s question is - I really want to work my Network Marketing business but my kids are my priority, so what do I do?



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With all due respect, this is an excuse for something else, not a valid reason for not working a Network Marketing business.


My kids were my why and my #1 priority as well, and that is exactly WHY I worked my business.


Oh, I know, I used them as an excuse, too, until one day, I met one of my mentors at an event, and had a serendipitous chance to have breakfast with her alone at a B and B. I shared my challenges and she laughed at me.


As a single mom of 3 small children and a six figure divorce debt looming, she worked her business to support herself, her children and pay off her debt.


Here is what she reminded me -


Work your business FOR your children.


Work your business FOR you, so you have something later.


Get them involved.


Dream build and set goals with them.


Teach them entrepreneurial skills.


Take them with you to events when age appropriate.


Make it a family business.


Use a calendar.


Put their time first and then communicate your business times.


Share what must be done before you can do other things.


You’ll feel better about yourself, your business and life in general.


My kids only remember the good, now. Not times on the phone or any of that.


You can do it, but you have to want to!


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Good luck in your business



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