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Hey, it’s Jackie Ulmer and welcome this Q and A edition of the Street Smart Wealth, Profit in Your PJs Podcast, where I answer your burning questions and get you on your way to the Network Marketing Hall of Fame. 


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Today’s question is…. from Kelli who writes in - How do I get more bookings? Also, how do I get more people to take a look at my business or products?


So, those of you in Network Marketing, keep listening. I have some ideas for YOU, too.





This is a great question for both party plan and traditional Network Marketing. Whether you call them home parties, shows, in homes, Private Business Receptions, workshops or something else, this way of building a business has been highly effective for YEARS!


Party plan companies know that bookings are part of the plan, but many network marketing companies are revitalizing this with wrap parties, juice tastings, shake parties, greeting card workshops and so on, just to give some ideas.


So, there are essentially 3 ways to get bookings:


1. Start with your list and pick up the phone.

2. Book parties from parties - IDEAL

3. Get creative and get out there



Most of us start with method 1 as we launch our business, and then the idea is to expand and grow from that.


Success in booking parties really starts with your own mindset around it, so do a check in. How do YOU feel about your parties and the overall experience?


Are you going into it thinking about what you will GET?


Or, are you looking at the value you can provide to your party hosts and the guests?


I recommend REALLY spending some time on the second one - begin to look at creating extreme value so that it really is a win win.


The reality is - when you call people, here is what you are asking them to do -


Take time out of their already crazy life, call all of their friends, clean their house, spend money and prepare refreshments so you can make some money.



That may be a little extreme, but think about it - really.


Right now, if you are having challenges booking parties and getting others involved, that is where you are focused - in negativity. 


So, first let’s start with how you are introducing the party experience when you first call people. What are you saying? What compelling language do you use that let’s them know right up front that there is a win-win in this?


The main reason people book is because it was fun; and they want a fun time for their friends. They are more concerned about their friends experience than their own experience. "Your friends are going to love it!" Let's make it a fun, girl's night out. Get your booking talk in order. Don’t let it be about your products or how great they are.


That can be a side benefit.


Here is what YOU and your special guests are going to experience when we are together….



Second, take a look at your party experience, as you have it developed now. Go through each piece of it. What is compelling



Here's the reality that you must know about home parties, or any kind of in home business experience – It simply must be about the experience the guests have, not your products or business. That experience at the current party is what will make others want to repeat the same thing at their own home, with their own friends.



Your #1 priority is to connect with each person as much as possible and provide a fun, high energy and yet relaxing experience. If not, there is no way anyone will want to repeat the experience, especially if it was not so stellar with their friends.



Here are some ideas -


Make the first 15 minutes about purely connecting with the guests.


Be part of the crowd yourself, not in sales mode. Ask lots of questions of others. Sincere, genuine questions - not about how they might use your products or benefit from the business, 



The more you can connect with your guests during this time, the easier it will be to book more parties and sponsor more people. 



Coming back to what makes your party experience special -


Ask yourself - what sets me and my party experience apart from others who do the same thing. What makes my party experience special? And what would make someone want to book a party with me? Here are a few ideas:


◦You’re fun to be around. You keep it light and upbeat!

◦Free & reduced product

◦Fun night out with friends

◦To help the current hostess achieve her goals

◦Theme parties - which are fun


Now, for you network marketers, there is a lesson in here for you, too. Think about your mindset, your language and how the experience is for your guest…whether on the phone, taking them through an overview, or meeting one on one, or an in home presentation. What are you doing to create an experience?


Your number one goal is just to GET them to the presentation where the tools take over and do the rest. What can you do to increase your odds of getting them there? Theme parties are a great way. People want to have fun. Don’t deceive them into thinking it’s just a Hawaiian Luau or something like that. Make sure they know it’s about business with a fun twist.


If your company incentive trip this year is to Hawaii, you can create the theme around that and let people know you have set a goal to win it. Or, maybe it’s Mexico, Europe or whatever. Get creative with it and get people involved and excited, too! Invite them to set a goal to come, too!


So, there are some ideas. I hope this has been helpful.



Good luck in your business


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