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QA015 Why Do People Quit Network Marketing So Quickly?


Hey, it’s Jackie Ulmer and welcome this Q and A edition of the Street Smart Wealth, Profit in Your PJs Podcast, where I answer your burning questions and get you on your way to the Network Marketing Hall of Fame. 


This is show QA015 and today’s question…today’s MILLION dollar question is - why do people quit Network Marketing.  




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Today’s question is….


Asked by Ricky by Email, and he asks - Why do people quit Network Marketing so quickly?




ANSWER - well, that’s the million dollar question of the day, really?



A few reasons -


They don’t know what to do, or aren’t trained properly.


They are afraid of sounding, looking, feeling foolish.


They can’t get past their own selves and their preconceived ideas of what other people think or will say.


They think they are buying a lottery ticket!


And, sometimes, they find it easier to sign up than tell you no. This has really happened to me and others.



So, first, They don’t know what to do, or aren’t trained properly.


What you can do as a sponsor is make sure you have a system for getting a new person started. Make sure they know how to make their list, some good success language to call those people, and have and understand the third party tools to present the business.


Help them set up their calendar and make sure they understand the income producing activities that will create income for them.


Check in regularly for the first few weeks and then gradually leave that up to them.


Here is what Osita from Nigeria had to say about education 



Pipe in Nigeria



Second reason - they are afraid of sounding, looking, feeling foolish. Again, with good training and even role playing what they are going to say to people, you can move them past this.


Make sure they know how to contact and invite and how to overcome the basic objections. REALLY train them that it is okay to say - I don’t know the answer to that question because I have never been asked it before. But, I know where to find the answer. Let’s call my team sponsor and business coach and get that answered for you right now.


This way, they feel empowered, the question gets answered and you model for the prospect that there is plenty of help, support and answers available.




Third, they can’t get past their own selves and their preconceived ideas of what other people think or will say.


Here is the thing. People don’t think about you all that much! I recently interviewed Mark Yarnell and he summed it up best -


Mark Yarnell:  You’re trading impression management for the right to provide your family with a lifestyle they deserve.  What I mean by that’s really simple to explain. 



I talk to people all the time whose lives don’t work.  They’re putting in 60 hour weeks at a job they hate with a boss or a board of directors that they think are stupid.  They’re stressed out.  Their kids are on drugs.  They haven’t been on a meaningful vacation in ten years.  They haven’t had sex with their wife for five.  And so they’re sitting there, their life doesn’t work.  


And I come into their life and I start talking to them about how they can turn that around and get off the 40 year plan, which I’ll be apt to explain to you if you want to know, but I say, “I can get you off the 40 year plan and put you on a four year plan.  Your life’s not working.  I can show you how to do it.”  “Well, what is it?”  


And then I tell them a little bit about it and it’s amazing the number of people whose lives are horrible, by their own admission, their own description, who will not do what I’m doing because they want to be able to manage the impressions that other people have of them in the community.  Heck with their family. Heck with the vacations.  Heck with the fun, the joy, the quality of life that we can all have.  No, no, no, no, no.  They’d rather stay in a salaried position they hate as long as all their friends think they’re a big professional business person or doctor or dentist or whatever.



So the big sacrifice people have got to be willing to make is they’ve gotta stop playing childish, teenager, arrested development games of personality and impression management and start focusing on what will provide their family the best standard of living.  Because one thing I’ve learned, the money you make the more stature you’ve got in the community.  But a lot of people don’t want to do our industry just because they’re so afraid what people think of ‘em.  Oh my god, this is one of those pyramid deals.  Duh, yeah it’s a pyramid. Everything’s a pyramid.  Flip over a dollar bill, there’s a pyramid on the back of it.  Every structure is shaped like a pyramid.  



You don’t mean Ponzi scheme do you?  Those are illegal.  Most people in a professional position, now I don’t care what it is, are unwilling to sacrifice pretense for productivity.  And so they stay in a meaningless dead-end life because they’re so afraid what other, they want to manage everybody’s impression of them.  


Well I got news for those people.  When people put their head down on their pillow at night, they’re only thinking of numero uno and it ain’t you.  You may be the subject at a church function or a cocktail party ‘cause they don’t have anything better to talk about.  “Did you hear about Yarnell?  He’s in one of those pyramids.”  But the truth is, they don’t really care about you.  They get to choose to make any impression, form any impression they want about you.  So, since you can’t really manage people’s impressions anyway, it seems like kind of a stupid way to go about life, especially if your life stinks.



So my goal is to find people who finally had enough impressing people with all their fancy debt and their Beamers and their Mercedes and their hot tubs and their airplanes.  Their lives don’t work.  They haven’t been to a kid’s recital or soccer game in ever, their spouse is about ready to leave ‘em.  Their life stinks and I’m looking for those people who say, “Okay.  I played by all the rules and everybody’s impressed that I am a dentist or I’m president of the bank or I’m a doctor or I run this little corporation, but I’m tired of that.  I don’t care what people think of me.  I’m gonna rise to my full potential and I’m gonna explore every option out there.”  


Those are the people I’m looking for who will sacrifice their absurd obsession on impressing others for the money and time freedom that their family deserves.  That make sense?



Fourth, they think they are buying a lottery ticket! Some people just don’t see the “work” in network marketing. There isn’t much you can do about this. Make sure you get them trained properly and are there to support them. Beyond that, it is up to them!



And, sometimes, they find it easier to sign up than tell you no. This has really happened to me and others. Again, what can you do here? Go find someone who has the hunger, desire and willingness to make it happen.


So, there you have some reasons why people quit so quickly.


Just make sure you aren’t one of them!


Good luck out there!



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Until next time - remember this - Hesitation Never Cashed a Check!



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