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QA014 What Am I Doing Wrong

Hey, it’s Jackie Ulmer and welcome this Q and A edition of the Street Smart Wealth, Profit in Your PJs Podcast, where I answer your burning questions and get you on your way to the Network Marketing Hall of Fame. 


This is Episode 14.




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Today’s question is….


It seems to be working for everyone else, but not me, so what am I doing wrong?


ANSWER - I caught up with my good friend, Jules Price at the ANMP event and asked to share her thoughts on this questions, based on her success and experiences in the profession of Network Marketing.


Reframe the questions you ask yourself. Instead of asking - what’s wrong with me; what am I doing wrong; why isn’t it working for me - change that to -


What should I be doing? What can I be doing differently? What are others who are having success doing that I can model and emulate?



What does their daily Network Marketing business plan look like that has allowed them to achieve the success they are having?


Ask yourself - Am I doing the right actions?


Activity Level


Ability to Overcome Obstacles


Activity Level - Focus on the income producing activities and tracking. Am I spending more time thinking about my business or in learning mode, vs learning by doing.


Activity is easy to do and easy not to do.  The two main income producing activities are introducing the business and following up!


Sharpen your skills regularly. 



Mindset is what stops most people.  They limit their beliefs in their own abilities; their company; the profession of Network Marketing. If your mindset is negative, you are much less likely to do the activities that will bring you income.


Don’t forget you have the ability to grow your business every day. Keep your mindset positive by reading, listening, serious personal development on yourself. Can you picture it? Can you see it? Or secretly, do you doubt that any of this is in your future?


In network marketing, we can hear two now and then believe that network marketing is not for us.


Mindset will help get your where you want to go!


Overcoming Obstacles - don’t let your dreams be smaller than the obstacle that stands in front of you. See past any obstacle in front of you.


Keep your GPS on course. Nobody has a smooth path; we all have challenges and obstacles that threaten to derail us. Those who choose to not allow it to stop them see the success they want.


Have the hunger, desire and vision to overcome those obstacles and keep moving forward.


Disappointments happen. Great people don’t join us; or they quit and go to another company. It’s all how you rationalize and frame it that makes the difference.


No one has the power to stop you unless you allow them to.




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Until next time - remember this - Hesitation Never Cashed a Check!



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