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QA011 How Do I Approach Professionals About Network Marketing

Welcome to episode 11.


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Today’s question is….


How do I approach professionals about my Network Marketing business? People who are more successful than me?



ANSWER To answer today’s question, I interviewed two professionals who are proud, successful network marketers today and have escaped that corporate Rat Race. As Lisa Grossmann shared - even if you are winning at the Rat Race, you are still a RAT!


First, I have Pamela Barnum, a former attorney from Canada who is now retired, along with her husband, a former Police officer and they build their business full time, and enjoy their family.


So, an attorney, stressed out and rushing her child to daycare each day, was looking for more, even though she didn’t realize it.


And, Pamela was introduced through the product, first!


Share your products and share your opportunity. You just never know.


Then, we hear from Dr. Marie Benoit, with a PhD in Business Communications, who was never once contacted about Network Marketing, but rather she found it when looking for a solution.


She had used Mary Kay cosmetics for 30 years and so she was aware of Network Marketing but had never considered it for herself and had never been asked.


When she returned to teaching and counseling people in 2008 on their finances, she realized she needed a vehicle to present to people that would help solve their situation.


She found Dr Charles King and Tim Sales Brilliant Compensation video and was intrigued that a college professor, like she, was teaching and promoting this.


Listen to how she would approach people and how she handles


RECAP - bottom line, never prejudge. You just don’t know what lies in the heart of another!


Go create some activity and luck in your business!




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Until next time - remember this - Hesitation Never Cashed a Check!



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