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QA006 How Do I Sponsor People On Facebook

Hey, it’s Jackie Ulmer and welcome this Q and A edition of the Street Smart Wealth, Profit in Your PJs Podcast, where I answer your burning questions and get you on your way to the Network Marketing Hall of Fame. 


Welcome to Episode QA006.





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Today’s question is….


How do I GET PEOPLE on Facebook?






Good question because everyone wants to know how to use that phenomenal tool called the internet to find people who are already looking for a business? Right?


And they are out there, to the tune of over 3 million people a day who go to google and start searching. That doesn’t even include Facebook!


Here is the thing to remember about Facebook and Google and how they are different.


Google is a search engine; a place people go specifically with the intent of finding something, something they are looking for.


They sit down, they type in a word, or most often, a keyword phrase such as - how do I start a business from home.


Facebook is a social site where people go to hangout, to party, to reconnect, to catch up, to kill time, and so on.


How many people a day do you think go to Facebook and type in - how do I start a business from home?


Probably very few to none!


Does that mean people on Facebook aren’t looking? Well, many of them ARE, so the key is to become attractive in their eyes. and create enough curiosity to have them click to know more.


So, it starts with creating an attractive, power profile. This is your prime real estate on Faceook. Your headshot, profile picture, your cover photo, your ABOUT  section, work and education, basic info and contact info. Keep in mind that the groups you belong to, movies you’ve watched, places you’ve been and so on are also visible.


Use that space to make yourself compelling.


Then, use your status updates and how you engage with others the same way.


Practice FORM on Facebook - Family, Occupation, Recreation and Money - what do you see other’s sharing about their lives, jobs, and where they might want to make changes? When you see something, reach out and engage, but do so over time. Don’t spam with a link, engage with a question.


“Hi Susan. I recently saw your status update about being downsized from your job and wanted to reach out. I work with several people who went through the same thing, and decided to head down the entrepreneurial path instead of looking for a job, and it has worked out well for them. They can work from home, or anywhere and no more glass ceilings. I don’t know if it would be right for you, but you should probably decide that for yourself. Would that be something you might be interested in hearing more about?


Do the same for cities and areas where you want to expand your business or where your company might be having an event, and reach out.


But, ask engaging questions and NEVER just spam them with a link or information until they specifically say yes to learning more. Then, and ONLY then do you play your cards.


More information on this can be found at



Don’t forget about groups and pages, which are a great way to expand yourself out of your friend’s list and gain exposure from a whole new audience.


Also, eliminate the phrase - get people - from your vocabulary and even your thoughts. We aren’t out to “get anyone” but rather to create a win win with those we encounter.


Whatever you do, don’t post your opportunity link, or calls on your profile, hoping that you’ll catch a few people interested. You might, but the chances that you will repel others is much greater. 


Remember that you are coaching people every step of the way on how they will build a business. And, some who say no now will be interested later. But if you have turned them off NOW, and they have blocked you from their newsfeed, you’ll never have the chance to capture them when their life situation changes and they become interested.


If they see you doing something that doesn’t appeal to them, they may think that will be required of them to be successful. And, for now, they won’t be interested.


Just like you wouldn’t walk into a party with a megaphone shouting out to everyone about your business, don’t do it on social media. It brings down the integrity of not only you, your company, but also out entire profession.


Facebook is a fantastic sponsoring pool, when done right!


Good luck out there



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Until next time - remember this - Hesitation Never Cashed a Check!


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