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My favorite F words is something I LOVE and have FUN with and find Fabulous. It’s fantastic when I can find the fun in all of life. And, when I relax into fun, I let go of Fear and that is pure freedom.


So, we will explore some of my favorite F words, on Friday’s, one of my favorite days of the week, and see if we might find some features about it that fit with you!


Today’s F word is my #1 value word - FUN!


If it’s not fun, I’m not doing it.


But, I didn't start out that way in my business.


Have fun in the journey! What the WHAT, seriously. I'll have fun when I’m making money.


I began to get it though. Relax, let go of the tight grip, have fun along the way. Enjoy the process, enjoy the people - ALL of them.


Enjoy your growth; your success and your “failures” reframe failure. Find the fun even in the failures. Build a story worth re-living, loving and sharing.


Give your business the fun factor test - Share the fun on Social Media. That gets way more engagement than your “poor me” give me sympathy posts.

Have fun offline - enjoy meeting new people and FINDING out the facts about them. Find them on Facebook and other social media sites and forge a more powerful connection.


Fit them into your daily plan and truly focus on caring for them.


Fantastic fortunes will be-fall you i so many ways. Finances, another favorite F word, will follow you along the path.


I’m Jackie Ulmer, wishing you a fun, fabulous, Friday or whatever day it is you find this - know that it was meant to find you right now. The future is full, friendly and fanatical about you!


EXPECT Success!


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