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You’re Listening to the Street Smart Wealth Podcast, show 213 and as part of my month long series in giving you tools and ideas to prepare you for an awesome next year, or next quarter, depending on when you are listening in, today we are going to talk about the difference between mastery and overload in your business. This is critical because a confused mind says no, and will cause more people to quit!


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Mastery Vs Overload in Your Home Business


Mastery is a critical component to success in your business, wouldn’t you say? And, sometimes when we start a new business, in order to get more out of life, we can fall into overwhelm and feel like we are spinning our wheels.


So, let’s talk about how we make things simple.


Think about this - how many books have you read or are you reading as part of your direct sales journey?


And, how much of what you learned have you taken action on? Or mastered?


How many videos are you watching, blogs are you reading, podcasts are you listening to or courses are you buying?


I met a man once at an online marketing seminar who had charged over $10,000 and still had not even created a blog.


Let’s make it easy for you. What is ONE skill you most want to master NOW, and first?


Take that one skill and challenge yourself to work on it before moving on to anything else, and then find someone else to teach it to.


MASTERY is key to success in anything. Are you skilled at contacting, inviting and presenting yet? Have you made your list and worked through it? Have you developed your success language?


Do you have a daily and weekly action plan developed yet for your business?


Or, are you guilty of hopping from one thing to the next.


Social Media can wreak havoc on the mastering anything. We see and hear of something and are on to the next big social media tool.


Why? What is the magic sauce you think you see with that platform? What is it about that one platform that’s going to make a difference, if you haven’t mastered the skills needed to connect with others.


If someone approaches you about your business, do you have a system in place to take them through to share the business?


Are you prepared to ask them to join you and then get them started?


There is a statistic out there that most people spend 98% studying and only 2% taking action. Don’t let that be you.


I’ve mentioned we are going to do a book of the month on this show for the coming year. I promise I have chosen 12 books that if you just stick with these 12 books, you can take yourself and your business all the way to the top


I’ll be sharing that list on an upcoming show. 


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