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SSW064 Janine Avila Network Marketing Interview

 Network Marketing Success Story - Janine Avila, Real, Raw, Authentic

On this week’s show, I interview millionaire momma, Janine Avila. Janine has a great story, starting as the Tupperware lady, to corporate side of a network marketing company, and back to the field, where she has freedom and a MUCH higher income with no ceilings.


Janine is a good friend and we have shared the stage at several events and she is real, raw and authentic. She is the ultimate WAHM and MOMPreneur!


Janine started in Network Marketing out of almost desperation as A single mother of 7 growing children, 5 natural and 2 adopted, Janine searched for a way to create financial security for her growing family-without missing out on their lives.


As a result, Janine developed simple and effective systems for team building and time management which she credits with her meteoric rise to the top recruiter spot among more than 500,000 Tupperware managers around the world.


In her private life Janine has overcome seemingly impossible obstacles such as a stroke that robbed her of her ability to speak. In the coming months Janine worked tirelessly to teach herself to speak once again, with great success.


Her story is timeless, inspiring and a true - against all odds - success story!


I love this interview because she shares some awesome insights into how she got involved, why she got involved, how she launched her business and what made a difference for her in the early days. Good insight for all of us, so grab your favorite beverage, and a pen and paper.


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